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  1. Does what Trump said change anything about those coming with a K1 visa?
  2. Thanks. Who has to apply for that? Me or my fiance?
  3. Great, thanks very much! Btw, do you know if I send my documents online?
  4. Hello guys, Hope everyone is safe and sound! My fiance arrived in the US on October 26th, and we were married on December 8th (within the 90 days). We still haven't applied for the AOS. From what I've been reading, it's still okay to apply now? Do I need to add any additional documents? Also, has anyone recently applied and could send over the checklist of what is needed? It would be much appreciated!
  5. Received the email stating that my case is on it's way to the embassy. Does the DHL hack still work? Should I put in EXP 23 JUL 2019A?
  6. Hi all! After waiting 90 days, NVC got our case from USCIS on July 2nd. I was wondering how long does it typically take for them to forward the case to the embassy? Thanks!
  7. It took us 90 days for the NVC to get the case. I would recommend asking them when they physically sent the package to NVC after the 6 week mark has passed.
  8. I seem to be in the same boat as you. NVC received my case from USCIS last Monday, but I still haven't received an email from NVC with the DOS number. Do I need that in order to apply for the DS-160?
  9. Hi, If self-employed, should I bring bank statements instead of pay stubs? Thanks.
  10. Hello! Should I include the last 3 federal tax returns or just the last one? The USCIS website states that the last one is enough but I have been reading on this forum that it's good to have the last 3 years worth of tax returns.
  11. Hi, Finally after 90 days of waiting, NVC received the case from USCIS. What is the next step from here? The local Embassy contacts my fiance?
  12. I have applied myself without any attorneys and was wondering if getting an attorney involved would speed up the process...
  13. Hi, It's 2019 and I am in a similar situation. No one seems to know. Did you find a solution?
  14. I am in the situation. It's been almost 3 months, and no one seems to know. I keep getting the same standard emails from NVC, and USCIS is not providing a solution. Do you guys have any updates regarding your case?
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