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  1. Hey everyone so i am currently going through I-751 ROC process and will eventually apply for N400. I need to renew my foreign passport that has been expired for quite sometime. One of the requirements for renewing my foreign passport is enlisting in the army. If i do that, is that going to effect any processes i am currently going through with USCIS?
  2. I can understand that point of view. However you could always explain why you guys returned at a different date. That's just me though. You can send pictures, but what are you planning on sending now? Our letters of affidavit came from my mother in law and one of her uncles. Pretty much the letter began with how we came to know each other, talked about me and my wife's relationship and how it grew and continues to grow. Also talked about how we socialized and spent time together.
  3. Hi everyone, hope all is well. Thinking about next year, are you guys planning on filing N400 as soon as the window opens? I have read mixed reviews, however I'm still leaning towards filing when my window opens.
  4. I submitted 2 letters of affidavit, and full tax returns (1040) with W2's. Any joint credit cards we had and pretty much anything that's shows co-mingled living and finances we sent. Essentially, everything but the kitchen sink. See if you can round up more strong evidence and submit some recent stuff too.
  5. What's your service center and when did you file?
  6. @kandikandi I understand how you feel. I've been on other immigration forums for other purposes, and you will always get a few who are like that. That's just how some people are. We are all here to share information and root one another for their cases, but at the end of the day you have to do what's best for your own case. People will share how they feel and how you should feel. When i reach a certain checkpoint in my process and that i should of received something by now i do everything i can to figure out why i haven't received something because at the end of the day i can say i did everything i could, instead of regretting days later if i should of done something.
  7. Just throwing in my 2 cents about calling for biometrics. While it did make me feel a little better calling USCIS and talking about my biometrics they told me wait 30 days after receiving NOA. When i called them on 6/28 and asked if there was a biometrics appointment scheduled for me they told me that they as of that time could not see anything scheduled for myself. The following day (6/29) i received my biometrics in the mail and the notice date was created on 6/21. So even having the notice created 1 week after i called, USCIS customer service could not "see" a biometrics appointment scheduled for me. So my guess is that even when a bio appointment is scheduled for yourself, customer service reps can't see in their systems. Whether or not people say its a waste of time calling and just wait for it to show up, i believe you should use every service provided to you (Calling, service request) to your advantage. Its there for a reason. We all go through the same initial process, but every case is different and processing time will be different for everyone.
  8. Sometimes it will show up when you least expect it. That's what happened to me anyways.
  9. Both old and new website updated for me after a couple days. Maybe after a week it will update.
  10. Hi I'm not sure on the 2 NOAs you received...must of been sent twice by accident. Sometimes the online case status does that (glitchy). As long as you have the NOA it should update online at some point. If you are worried about the online case status issue you can call again or you can create an account online and check your case that way.
  11. Nice! What was your NOA Date? I see we are from the same state as well!
  12. Biometrics completed today. When does it typically update on the case status?
  13. There is a TSC spreadsheet a couple of posts back. It appears that TSC filers (most) have not received biometrics appointment yet. Some service center are faster/slower than others.
  14. Yes I've called before but it didn't help much because when I called they said they didn't see a biometrics appointment scheduled. However that same week I received my appointment notice with a notice date of the week prior. I called 6/28 and the notice was dated 6/21. You can keep trying though.what service center are you?
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