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  1. Yes bro but my case is handling lowyer of usa. I m in india my wife is usa citizen she is also here with me. Lawyer get an email that they want pcc from Egypt where I lived only 5 month 15 days. should I tell my mother in law call to nvc center or I should tell to lawyer.I m confused
  2. hi vj community I m with 2nd steep of nvc online.nvc mailed me back they need pcc from Egypt and uae.I visit egypt in 03/11/2008 till 18/03/2009 like (5 month 15 days)and uae like 8 year. my question is that I was there in egypt an entry visa but I over staied there how I can get pcc from there I should go egypt embassy I need help with yours veiws thanks Ravi kumar
  3. hi vj community I m on 2 nd steep with nvs online.NVC mailed me back need pcc from Egypt and uae I being in egypt from 3/11/2008 till 18/03/2009 like (5.month 18 days) and uae like 8 year. my question is that I was in egypt for entery visa like 30 days but I over staied there. what I should do how I can get my pcc from there now. just i need help if anyone know. thank Ravi kumar
  4. hello stay strong I found many case get approved after 350 days and they got notification like ahead 10 days mean 360 days including me bless you all pray for get as soon as possible
  5. hello vj family happy to tell you I got approval yesterday night.Lawyer call to my wife that we are approved pd was 23 July 2018 and approval date 11 july 2019.Just pray for you all to get approve as soon as who is queπŸ™πŸ™
  6. saci singh I pray for you to get your approval as soon as possible hope tommorrow or day after tomorrow πŸ™πŸ™ you will post good news about ur case approval
  7. congratulations 🎊 dear please right the story what they ask πŸ™ thanks
  8. k 3 visa just better for a fiance he and she can go there for 90 day and have to get merry there. then they can apply for green card congratulations 🎊
  9. don't go for k3 visa bcs you already near to get approval πŸ™πŸ™
  10. hello first control your sound ok . my wife already called two time in usics just they saying they have alot of application ahead us and they reviewing even they send mail two time wait for 60 days then u can call for update. we don't have option without pray or wait for our turn😑
  11. then what to do dear we do not have other option accept paitance 😒. I wish all mate get approval as soon as possible
  12. Please complete your timeline and contribute to the community. This gives us all a bigger picture of processing times.

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