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  1. Ok I am observing on this website is a lot of ego. Some people might have had their immigration experience years ago and it doesn’t apply today. There are those like me who are actually in it and finish right now and are sharing the actual experience, regardless of what others might want to clip links, especially to another private website, instead of actually know what goes on during the past months during expedite interviews during lockdown. Just because listed on the state department website doesn’t mean the consul won’t ask for something they deem relevant. Go ahead and argue with the consulate see how that story ends. How do I know this? I am sharing through my own experience and others I know personally: not only my being asked for my own Advisory on Marriage as a US Citizen there are many of my wife’s friends that have just gone through the interview process in the past 4 weeks and were asked for this very document for their US citizen husbands, which like me never had residence in PH. Maybe some others have not been asked for it. This will be my last post to Visa Journey. I WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE TO AVOID THIS WEBSITE. Misleading and telling people that people have waited many months to years, costing thousands of dollars, not to mention difficulty traveling to Manila during ECQ & GCQ, medical exams, waiting for more than a month for their interview to end up getting a 221g all over an $8 document throwing you back in cue as expedites are now back logging is irresponsible. But what do I know? Go ahead and roll the dice… Tell them Hank told you don’t need this.
  2. Welcome and Congratulations! I replied to your DM message. 👍
  3. My wife also has her interview next week. We have networked with several people in the past couple weeks having their interview at MNL during the lockdown. @bmatWell, there is alot of info left out in your question about your wife's interview. So if you are just asking specifically if she needs to show your CENOMAR certificate for you, the answer is yes which is really an Advisory on Marriage now that you are married. Both of you should have your ADVISORY on MARRIAGE certificate. Doesn't matter if you never lived in PH. you can order it online at PSA and have it sent directly to the Embassy if you like. PSA will have a check box before you pay for it that will fill in the Embassy address, but you have to fill in your case number. In person your wife will have to go to PSA and wait in line for a day and have to go back 3 days later to pick it up. BTW, CENOMAR or ADVISORY is only valid for 6 months. If you would like a checklist for the interview i can send you one in a message.
  4. From what i understand, even by some chance an expedite in your case happens, NVC is not going to fast track you past getting DQ. Have you been DQ? and seem like most embassies are prioritizing IR and CR who are already married. there are only about 100,000 other people across the world waiting for an embassy interview. And now there is a 6+ month backlog growing.
  5. Yes you are required now to already have the visa to take the CFO class. My wife will take it in about two weeks from now, just before she leaves PH. They are doing the classes online from what I understand. If you haven't completed the embassy stage and had your interview, taking the CFO is the least of your worries. The back log is growing.
  6. @Hawaii1 NVC responded in about 7 days after submission. Then about 3 days later MNL embassy approved us. You will need to complete your medical at SLEC before you can schedule your appointment. You can schedule your medical online in advance, but they also take walk ins for expedited. Depending where you are located, traveling to Manila is probably the most difficult part, if you are not on Luzon or in NCR.🙂
  7. @tino_04It seems others who have expedited cases in Manila have received the same standard email. I have seen this on VJ and other social media. Btw, what was the reason for your expedite may I ask? And congratulations on your expedite Yay!🎉
  8. @TJL Oh wow. This is good info. I have been asking about recent interviews in Manila, whether or not I should attend once they reschedule my wife's interview. I know its like a DMV window system there. Other embassies actually request the citizen spouse sometimes. Glad you guys are Approved! thanks for sharing this info.
  9. @rosie0422 Yeah originally their date was July 3. Thanks for the update, Now I am waiting on Duterte's decision tonight to lessen the GCQ. Ughh. let's see....
  10. @Jpoy I got my wife an ITIN here in the states while she is still in PH. I looked up the IRS ITIN Acceptance Agent (accountant) and made an appointment in my state. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/acceptance-agent-program 1) fill out the W-7 and have you and your wife sign it 😉. 2) you have to have your wife's passport in hand. My wife mailed hers to me. 3) the agent/accountant will want to video chat with your wife; as we did this on Whatsapp. 4) you can't file for an ITIN if you are not filing your taxes for that year thru an agent/accountant. So be prepared to file your taxes for that year. And be aware you will be filing by PAPER and it will take a looooong time. I filed our joint tax return in first week of February 2020, and it has not been processed yet. So if you are expecting a refund, plan on it taking 9 months to process your return. this doesnt mean you have to wait on it to file it with NVC on CEAC. just upload your filled out return by your accountant. 5) the agent charges a fee, I think I paid $75. We received her ITIN 5 weeks later. 👍 The only other way without the agent is to send your W-7 and her passport into the IRIS and pray it gets approved and pray again her passport is actually returned after 16 weeks processing. You wont be able to apply for the ITIN until next year because you and your wife were married this year 2020, since you cant put her on a return for 2019. for an ITIN she has to be your spouse, not girlfriend. But i would do it ASAP in January or Feb of 2021. I had to wait for the same reason last year.
  11. @chris413 As I mentioned about the Non stop with PAL, @flicks1998 I agree for this reason, because most of the international connecting flights happen in China, Korea, or Taiwan. They are having their own issues and quarantine requirements. Its not like Pre-Covid you would just changes flights with a four or five hour layover. Very good possibility you be stuck there. PAL has a limited flight schedule, which you can check on there announcements page online. Even if you have to fly into LAX and get a domestic flight to the east coast. I know the Chinese and other airlines are a lot cheaper than PAL, as they have doubled the price to the USA. For me, now way would I risk it.
  12. She will probably have much more difficulty leaving PH like you said, then entering the USA, unless you are living in Manila and leaving from NAIA flying non stop to USA. Travel restrictions between LGU's are crazy restrictive, confusing, and change by the day. Typical clearances will require chest X-ray, medical exam, and medical clearance from the barangay just to leave (Joint Task Force Covid Shield - travel authority document). But other LGU's may require more where she is entering. I don't know the requirement for entering the NCR Manila, or if there is a quarantine requirement as well. And now Cebu went back to ECQ form GCQ so flying out of Cebu is yuk. Hope she finds her way to you with her existing visa. we are all waiting...😔
  13. @caviarlifestyle @Milmauka Some hope is on the horizon as Duterte announced yesterday moving to GCQ starting June 1st, and PAL has followed the same for June 1. But no information on lifting the 14 day quarantine yet. Hoping after June 11 the Bureau of Quarantine will do so. Because it is very confusing even between provinces right now. Even Filipino citizens are being 14 day Quarantine just going to the neighboring province. Media is now posting that Manila Embassy could be opening as soon as possible after June 11. https://www.rappler.com/nation/262240-united-states-embassy-cancels-immigrant-non-immigrant-visa-interviews-until-june-11-2020
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