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  1. Hello Visajourney members, I have registered for passport delivery and printed the confirmation letter which also says that bring it to the interview, thing I don’t understand is that why does it have Ds 160 confirmation number? Although the visa is immigrant. The DS 160 confirmation number is the one from the ni-visa I had applied in 2016.I logged in with the old username that I had used before , I selected 1.New Application/Schedule Appointment 2.IV Address Registration 3.Filled in the Immigrant Case number and stuff( pickup location) and then after confirmation page is showing the ds 160 con number. Shouldn’t it be showing DS 260 number??
  2. Hi Visajourney members! I wanted to know that if the sponsor has filed Tax extension 2018 with IRS then is the receipt(that extension was accepted) enough for the interview Or do I need a copy of the form as well? Thanks in advance.
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