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  1. Yeah, I understand that. It prints out the confirmation number for my old DS-160 application that got rejected years ago. I'm using the same account I used back then.
  2. Hello, guys. I applied for a B2 visa a few years ago and got rejected. Now I have my interview for a CR-1 visa next month in Cairo, Egypt. When I tried to go online to register for the IV address for the passport pickup, it prints out the DS-160 confirmation number on the bottom of the letter. Even though I type in my case number and priority date, it still prints out the DS-160 on the confirmation page. Shouldn't it say DS-260 or is that okay?
  3. Congratulations! Hope everything goes well for all of us. We're counting on you to get back to us after your interview for most recent updates on the embassy. Good luck.
  4. If you mean the ones you upload to the CEAC, then no. You don't have to get them authenticated or notarized.
  5. This is the one we uploaded eventually and got accepted. It looks exactly the same as the new marriage certificate. You will need to issue it at the Civil Status Record Office (Segal El Madani, Abbasiya Square)
  6. About 2 ~ 3 more months, apparently. Good luck.
  7. She won't be here at the time of the interview. I'm just asking if it's worth it if she'd actually come.
  8. So, does it really help if my spouse join me at the interview? If so, are there any steps I should take for her to attend with me? Or does she just show up with me on the day of the interview?
  9. Thanks, Khallaf. Let's hope for the best! Haha. It's very frustrating for sure. Stay strong.
  10. Hi! Our CR-1 application got documentary qualified on Sept. 24th. We are wondering how long does it usually take until we get our interview email or date in Egypt? If anyone went through this recently can you please tell me how long you waited for the interview after you got DQ? Thanks.
  11. An employee. Our lawyer actually said that it's just a generic message they send out, but we're just worried. I'm sure everyone here knows how tense this whole process is so we were wondering if anyone went through the same situation.
  12. She actually makes about 8 grand over the guideline. This is why we think it's extremely weird.
  13. It's okay. We now have to wait until someone helps both of us. Haha.
  14. Thank you! Now I just need to sort this sponsor thing out. Yes, she does make more than the minimum requirements.
  15. Hi, We're petitioning for a CR-1 visa and we uploaded everything to the CEAC, but they replied with accepting all documents exepct the birth certificate and it said "Please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines" What I uploaded was a PDF file with both the original Arabic one that I got from the Civil office and a translated copy from the Ministry of Health and Population. Is there another version I should get? Also, it said that the sponsor (who's also the petitioner) does not meet the minimum income requirement to be a sponsor, even though she does. So what's going on with that as well? Thank you,
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