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  1. Lol I can’t believe how much everyone is still posting about this. They have problems, received a ton of advice about it, I think they’re good.
  2. Yes, you just need to leave the SSN spot for spouse blank if you’re filing married separately. If you look at the tax forms, it actually says to only put spouse’s SSN/ITIN if you’re filing married jointly (If you file married separately, it says to leave blank)
  3. You’re welcome! Yeah you definitely have the right for your spouse to adjust status once in the US, as long as you didn’t plan on it ahead of time. So as long as your intent was for him to go back home, you can certainly change your mind after he arrives .. It happens all the time. Just be truthful the the border and yourselves, as having the intention to do this ahead of time is what would be considered fraud. Definitely also be prepared mentally for the possibility that CBP can turn him away at PoE, even if he’s only coming for a short trip. As others have said, be sure he brings proof of ties to his home country. Hopefully he has lots of visits under his belt and no immigration issues and gets a nice officer so everything works out ok 😊
  4. I don’t know if this helps..but, we filed married/separately, that way my husband didn’t have to get an ITIN/SSN. Also, for US taxes, you don’t have to report the foreign spouses income if you’re filing separately. You can also go back and amend your tax returns up to 3 years afterwards I believe, so you should be able to go back and make any corrections. I have heard stories before of issues when someone applied for spousal visa with missing tax returns —this is just some thing I’ve seen when watching Jim Hacking videos. So I don’t have first hand knowledge if that would actually be an issue, and if so if it’s minor or major.
  5. Get away from this toxic behavior. You will likely never be happy with this person. I would suggest you get ahead of this all and start recording her when she threatens you. Call the police on her and file a protective order against her next time she physical hurts you or threatens you, that way you have some control over the situation. And some evidence that you’re not the instigator. She also sounds like the type who will probably start hitting herself and saying it was you who did it, so if you’re planning on staying, maybe some security cams around the house might be a good investment.
  6. Neither is fraud. It would only be fraud if you intended on having him adjust status while here to permanently stay in the US.
  7. Your issue here is she didn’t file a 2021 tax return. Your wife needs to file a tax return and report her worldwide when living abroad and married to a non U.S citizen, even if she only made $10 for the year. I believe she has an automatic 2 month extension built in here since she’s abroad (so deadline would be mid June). So definitely do that so you don’t run into trouble during the petition and interview processes.
  8. Thanks for the input. I wasn’t sure if they would consider preclearance as “the US” just for the sake of removals/deportations. It sounds like it will probably be in our best interest to make future plans to travel through preclearance while the petition is pending, just to be on the safe side.
  9. Wow that is so intense! Thank you once again for sharing. It’s so helpful to hear about the potential issues and also that there is hope it could smoothly!
  10. My husband is UK citizen still living overseas. We are just about to submit our I-130 petition and have one major concern about his travels to the US during this time. I know that it is up to CBP if they allow him entry. But, I’ve read that if they do deny you at PoE, they can process it as immediate removal/deportation with a 5 year ban. I know there’s a waiver for these cases, but we would like to avoid that issue altogether. So I am wondering if anyone knows the answer to this … If he travels through Dublin (with US preclearance), if they deny him entry here, will that sort of circumvent the whole removal/deportation with ban since he would not be in the US? Or would this still count as such? Any advise or experience with this would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks for all this info! My husband and I were just trying to find answers to all these questions about esta and traveling with pending 130…and found all our answers here!
  12. We did the same thing for our photos-date, location, brief, description of what we were doing, and the names of family/friends in the photo with us. We also tried to use photos that showed us in different settings i.e. standing in front of stonehenge in one, axe throwing in another, etc.
  13. I’ve been wondering this same thing actually and have been delaying submission of the petition while doing research on the topic. This is what I was thinking, since printed instructions say it should only be answered if they’re in the US. Thanks for this input and confirmation on the issue.
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