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  1. Go to district court to do a name change. There's no judicial oath in Seattle right now. Normally it's only held once a year. So don't do a judicial one. If you need to change your name, go through the court and bring an original certificate to your N400 interview to update your new name. Oath ceremonies are currently held immediately after your N400 interview in your officers office. Only the applicant is allowed in there.
  2. They don't take walk-ins right now. I would call USCIS and and ask to speak to a Tier 2.
  3. Check out VisaJourney's citizenship timeline and select Seattle office.
  4. I would be very concerned if the Supreme Court decision is truly going to give the President broad powers to change immigration law and enact new laws. I certainly don't believe the executive branch can do this. However, if Trump does implement this, the next Democratic President similarly will have the power to scratch whatever Trump comes up with and install his/her version. I see a lot of instability in this approach.
  5. Canada has merit-based system. It allows both citizens AND permanent residents to sponsor parents for PR. Australia also allows parents sponsorship. Going merit-based doesn't make it a necessity to end parents sponsorship. In fact, many high-skilled, filthy rich immigrants care a LOT about this. Countries with such policies continue to get those people. But again, this is an EO. It's not going to be able to change the law and end categories created by law.
  6. I know. But there is a distinction between receiving notices vs furloughed. If they haven't actually been furloughed yet, the furlough hasn't begun. They are still working until the date shown on their notice.
  7. Did you mean starting furloughing people or sending them furlough notices? So far I have only heard about the notices but not actual furlough.
  8. Still waiting for N400 interview rescheduling. Called USCIS# last week due to inaction while other never-been-scheduled people are getting their first interview dates (I thought USCIS was trying to reschedule the cancelled ones first?!), and I was told that the agency sent my case for another round of background checks 20 days after my original interview was cancelled. I was very irritated by that. Called USCIS today and they told me that my case is not having anything holding it back or pending background check, and shown as "eligible for interview." So I don't know why I got two different answers on my case. It's always a fun ride talking to different people on the phone.
  9. My local field office (Seattle) also seems to have the same phenomenon. People who have never been scheduled have been receiving interview notices after USCIS reopening. People who were scheduled interviews prior to the closure are still waiting for rescheduling. I called their phone number and was told that they initiated another background check on me, which is what's holding my case back. I'm not sure if this is also happening to other people, but it could be the reason we haven't been rescheduled yet.
  10. They will say that they have no control over how long this takes. But so far I have no answer on why other offices can get it done so fast. Let's be honest. The FBI is not gonna take 6 months to do a name check. So there you have the "answer." It has to do with the Seattle office. Probably because of the backlog. The delay is on them. And I also have no idea why they sent my file for yet another round of checks. It's ridiculous indeed, considering they sent it for background checks 1 month after they got the results of the previous one which took 6 months to complete.
  11. Guys/Girls: If you are waiting for interview rescheduling, call USCIS customer number and ask if they are doing a background check on you. Background checks must be done before interview scheduling. I was scheduled an interview in March and it was cancelled by them. Now I was informed that they are doing another background check on me and they are waiting for the result. They sent it in April. It's been 2.5 months. I don't know if other people's cases are also sent for a new background check. But this could delay your case significantly. I asked them to look at the timeline of my first background check and how long it took. It took 6 months to complete. It was completed on the same day they scheduled for me first interview. So it's possible that this new background check that started in April could go on till October. It seems very arbitrary and staged of their decision to initiate a new round of background check less than one month after my interviews were cancelled due to COVID-19. I'm concerned if this whole thing is ever gonna end.
  12. My personal story is yes. I applied for I-751 in Oct, 2017 and N400 in Oct 2018. I'm still waiting. I was scheduled for a combo interview this March but it was cancelled. My local office is Seattle. Many combo filers from Seattle are having the same issue. Recently they have been getting I-751 approved without a combo interview, after 2.5-3+ years since initial filing. People from Seattle who only applied for I-751 in 2017 were approved in 2018 and early 2019. If you feel that your I-751 is going to be approved soon, wait for the approval and then apply for N400. There really is no need to risk it. But again other offices might be different.
  13. Bring you green card and the extension letter. When you come back from a foreign country, make sure you arrive EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLY. Give yourself at least 2.5-3 hours before flight departure. Because they likely will have to call the US side to verify your green card status before checking you in. It could take up half an hour or more for them to verify.
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