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  1. Edit: In the past few quarters not past few years. Actually in the past few years (especially before 2017) Seattle had higher processing rate (3000-4000 approved per quarter) than right now.
  2. Compare 2018 Q4 vs 2019 Q1: Nationally - 2018 Q4 -> 189410 received, 174109 approved 2019 Q1 -> 196936 received, 193454 approved Seattle - 2018 Q4 -> 4195 received, 4827 approved, 20599 pending 2019 Q1 -> 4049 received, 1575 approved, 22673 pending What's happening with Seattle office? I was happy to see that Seattle office finally picked up speed as of 2018 Q4 and the ever-growing backlog seemed to stop growing. Nationally the processing volume went up 2018 Q4 -> 2019 Q1. In the past few years Seattle's processing rate was constantly below the rate of application submitted (4000 in vs 2000 out, gaining of ~2000 pending apps each quarter). Future N400 applicants might have to wait for close to 2 year or longer if this trend continues.
  3. Nothing is perfect, but the "if you don't like it here/if you don't like the way we do things, then go back" attitude is really a nasty and nonconstructive dialogue stopper. Not just USCIS, but in many cases immigrants have to hear it and accept that they can't really do anything to change anything. People don't like change, even if it makes things easier. Tbh, one big reason I sent in the N400 application is because I want to vote. Instead of being thwarted into passive compliance I want to vote to have my voice heard.
  4. What really could be a much better approach, when I talked with other people, is that instead of issuing extension letters the USCIS should issue a one-year temporary green card upon receiving the I-751 application. A one year temporary green card is much easier to use than an extension letter.
  5. Quite sad that they combine I751 & N400 instead of issuing me a new green card first. I don't understand the logic behind this. These two are separate applications. I paid my fees and expect to get a green card instead of being in limbo like right now. Because I'm in Seattle and the N400 here takes 16+ months, that literally keeps me in limbo and in a weird & inconvenient situation for 12+16 = 28 months. During these 28 months I have to rely on the 12-month extension letter, and then the 18-month one, and now a one-year I-551 stamp, which creates a lot of trouble for international travelling and visa applications. What they really should do for locations with very long N400 wait times is to process I-751 separately with N400 so applicants can have their green card on hand while waiting for N400 to complete. The whole joint interview thing is like a deliberate delaying process punishing those of us who applied N400 under the 3 year rule.
  6. No. And this is how conversations can't proceed across the isle. People like to expect the most extreme, the worst of the other side and effectively kill the conversation. "Land of immigrants" can mean a lot of things; it could mean an ideal, an ideal of what this country stands for, and there is a reasonable spectrum of how you can interpret it but you chose to pick on "open borders." For this I'm not going to further discuss on this issue.
  7. I got one. Someone cancelled so I was able to get an appointment.
  8. I got one finally when someone cancelled. Do you know if they will take away my green card at InfoPass appointment?
  9. Does anyone here know when Seattle office updates their InfoPass? I haven't been able to get an appointment.
  10. wait. That's all you can really do. I have also been waiting 20 months for I-751. But the thing is that once you apply N400 your I-751 is "frozen" and it's only going to get processed when your N400 combo interview comes.
  11. N400 Applicant here. Applied Oct/2018, estimated completion time Feb/2020. 16 months.
  12. Does anyone know when Seattle office updates their slots? My 18-month green card extension letter is expiring soon and I wasn't able to schedule an InfoPass appointment. Every time I checked it was all booked out.
  13. Hello Seattle applicants. How many months did you wait for your N400 from start to finish? It looks like Seattle is a bit backlogged. I applied Oct 2018, expected completion time Feb 2020. Originally the estimation was 2019 Dec but the system updated the wait time. Though probably not among the longest, I'm still surprised by how long it's taking. Back in 2015 and 2016 when I checked on the processing times for Seattle office, it was around 8 months. Tbh I'm quite unhappy with how USCIS is handling this surge in application numbers. It doesn't look like they are increasing the processing speed to reduce backlog. I wonder if they are intentionally doing it. This situation is quite inconvenient for me. Because of I-751 & N400 filling my I-751 is frozen and bundled together with N400. Green card expired in 2017. It's hard to travel with the extension letters. Not every airline is familiar with them. When I got the second extension letter of 18 months I wasn't expecting it to expire but it is now, in a month.
  14. Looks like the delay on I-751 is assured. I'll need to get the passport stamp soon.
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