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  1. Update: mine has recovered. I'm now able to connect via WIFI
  2. "should you really be here? your information has been logged." I have used this site for years. I can still use my cellphone to access this site when WIFI is turned off, but not with my computer. Why would this site ban my IP? It all started when I was looking at a thread today. I was quickly scrolling the pages to find a link in that thread. Did if think I was a bit scamming? Suddenly this messaged popped up and I lost access to this site.
  3. Just got an email saying my passport was approved. How long does it usually take from approval to receiving it?
  4. It's not first come first serve. Some have travel dates coming up. Also, applications sent to different agencies have different rates.
  5. Does that make it longer or shorter for me to receive my passport? I haven't seen anyone here whose case is at NPC.
  6. I just called and got to know that my passport application is at National Passport Center in New Hampshire, which is in phase one reopening. May I ask you guys if you know about this center and how long it's taking for people to receive their passports? Thanks!
  7. Go to district court to do a name change. There's no judicial oath in Seattle right now. Normally it's only held once a year. So don't do a judicial one. If you need to change your name, go through the court and bring an original certificate to your N400 interview to update your new name. Oath ceremonies are currently held immediately after your N400 interview in your officers office. Only the applicant is allowed in there.
  8. They don't take walk-ins right now. I would call USCIS and and ask to speak to a Tier 2.
  9. Check out VisaJourney's citizenship timeline and select Seattle office.
  10. I would be very concerned if the Supreme Court decision is truly going to give the President broad powers to change immigration law and enact new laws. I certainly don't believe the executive branch can do this. However, if Trump does implement this, the next Democratic President similarly will have the power to scratch whatever Trump comes up with and install his/her version. I see a lot of instability in this approach.
  11. Canada has merit-based system. It allows both citizens AND permanent residents to sponsor parents for PR. Australia also allows parents sponsorship. Going merit-based doesn't make it a necessity to end parents sponsorship. In fact, many high-skilled, filthy rich immigrants care a LOT about this. Countries with such policies continue to get those people. But again, this is an EO. It's not going to be able to change the law and end categories created by law.
  12. I know. But there is a distinction between receiving notices vs furloughed. If they haven't actually been furloughed yet, the furlough hasn't begun. They are still working until the date shown on their notice.
  13. Did you mean starting furloughing people or sending them furlough notices? So far I have only heard about the notices but not actual furlough.
  14. Still waiting for N400 interview rescheduling. Called USCIS# last week due to inaction while other never-been-scheduled people are getting their first interview dates (I thought USCIS was trying to reschedule the cancelled ones first?!), and I was told that the agency sent my case for another round of background checks 20 days after my original interview was cancelled. I was very irritated by that. Called USCIS today and they told me that my case is not having anything holding it back or pending background check, and shown as "eligible for interview." So I don't know why I got two different answers on my case. It's always a fun ride talking to different people on the phone.
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