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  1. Hi guys, my fiance and I have some questions about the "Beneficiary Employment history", im From Venezuela living in Peru for the last 3 years, i have been working here for the 2 first years with a legal contract on telecom and internet companies, but from 1 year to know i have been working as a Freelance Trading and cleaning some houses with my mom near we live, we dont know how to fill because for the government in Peru im "unemployed" but i still make some money to live here and pay my own expenses, so we should only include the jobs with a contract? Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot for all your help im from Lima, Peru i will update all my information with my fiance so we can provide help to other ones who need help!
  3. Good night to every person reading this post!, i have some questions that my faince and me are worry about. 1. K1 visa takes passport expiration as a requirement? ill try to explain this point with my english, for example my passport exp date is in April 20 - 2021 so taking that exp date we can start the process anytime we want? or there is like a travel requirement (6 months of passport validity ) to start it? 2. If we are doing the process and the passport EXP in the middle of the proccess what happens? i can still go to the country and Marry with my fiance? ( Im from venezuela living in Peru for 2 years by now thats why we are really worried about the passport exp venezuelans are struggling to get new passports) Thanks a lot for all your help!.
  4. She is from Texas and went to the lawyer ( paid like 50$ just for 3 questions ) and they said it's not a problem , we wanted to double verify that information , I know could be better that she is divorced but with other expenses she doesn't have the money to start the process that is priced in 2000$ but we want to travel and stay together like we are planning on December . Thanks a lot for all your help
  5. Thanks for your help, there is no problem with any future questions if we decide to start a process just wanted to be sure this is not something ilegal or any kind of bad concern for future, if we ever decide to start a process she will be divorcied at the time, thanks
  6. Hello! have a good day for all reading this post, My girlfriend is married at this time and they are going to start a divorce process as soon they have money, they have been married for 5 years but separeted for 1 year (just by their own not lawyer or paper wrote about it ) We have been together for 6 months by now and we are meeting next month, that is going to be our first time together because this is a distance relationship online dating. Our concerns are about, there is any problem to meet and travel together before they start the divorce process? because we have been talking about she come to my home country (peru) or move to the US in a future and we are worried that will affect any future process because the only thing we want is to stay together and start a new life in person. She is the US citizen , im from Peru, Thanks a lot and have a good day!
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