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  1. Thank you. Like what date exactly? Just trying to figure out if they have a certain day of the week for EB category. 🤗
  2. Not faster anymore. Going to 5mos of waiting for me CR1 😭
  3. This is us now 🤗 @mk2803 Jan 14 Aug 5 IL SEPTEMBER 16 CC ID @alexander07 April 26 Oct 11 @AK_CR1 April 29 Oct 11 @mcinnis17 April 30 Oct 15 @mlabib May 1 Oct 18 @Hermanl May 2 Oct 18 @KrisUSBound May 2 Oct 18 @Izzy A May 2 Oct 18 @JessLes May 2 Oct 18 @lilyk May 2 Oct 18 IL SEPTEMBER 17 @AGNV May 6 Oct 21 @RRG May 6 Oct 21 @ATD-Can May 7 Oct 21 @cmccmann May 13. Oct 22 @don_mar May 14 Oct 22 @Sam Montreal May 15 Oct 25 @M&K2019 May 15 Oct 25 @hetakshpatel May 16 Oct 25 @Canadiangirl38 May 17 Oct 25 @chanimal May 20 Oct 25 @MDQ May 24 Oct 29 @katie.r.bee May 24 Oct 7 @jonesry09 May 28 OCt 29 @fam35 May 30 @bigportions May 31 @Tonybaloney May 31 @Kelshabrit May 31 @Kartinee23 June 3 @mikebike June 4 @SunnyTiger June 4 @Parisa_1234 June 6 @in.dfw June 12 @SSJAIN June 13 @parpar105 June 13 @msmariam June 18 @lilleahbeah June 18 @GK & JW Son June 24 @SBSW July 1 @detj2009@gmail.co July 2 @katie.r.bee KID1 July 3 @DavidThweatt July 4 @BellaJosephine July 5 @js_canada July 8 @GK & JW July 9 @ccoburn July 18 @mrSam July 19 @katie.r.bee KID2 July 23 @katie.r.bee KID3 July 29 @jessicashmessica July 29 @branden July 31 @PrincessCRV Aug 1 @mteely Aug 2 @USEh Aug 19 @inspectorgrover Aug 29 @deric&alicia Sept 9
  4. Start a new post like what I did. Soon people will start to message or reply to you. It was hard for me to find people for Montreal for CR1/IR1 months ago when I first started here. I created a thread and people found it. Now I have over 50 people in our private group message. It really helps a lot with updates (interview) and questions in every step. *I think I’ve read some F category posting comments here.
  5. Yea supposed to be but we have one in our group who got CC January and they only gave her interview letter last july for an Aug interview. There were more people who got CC after her and done with interview and moved to the US already before spring/summer. Idk about other categories but in the website they say that USC spouses wont have to wait for interview since we are always current but they stopped for few months. The April-May 28 CC on our list just got their interview letter last week for Oct. That is 5mos or more for others. It is hard to predict again next month if they will schedule us or not.
  6. You’re welcome. Try to create a thread specifically for F category so you can update each other
  7. CR1/IR1. A lot of us have been waiting since April until last Monday and Tues they finally gave ILs but I wasnt included. Been waiting since June 3. We also have one who got CC january and only got het interview Aug
  8. Which consulate? Even us spouses of US citizens are waiting too.
  9. It is hard to predict the week of the month now on when they give ILs for us. It was like 5mos they didnt give and 2 days in a row this week they gave. Have 22 applicants who got theirs (at least on my list). Our time will come my friend. 🙏🏽
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