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  1. Sorry what? My post is over a year ago. I dont understand what you mean.
  2. We are done with the process. You absolutely don’t need a lawyer at NVC stage. Fired ours when she delayed us 3x. 3.5 months. πŸ€“ NVC stage is very easy. All you need is upload whatever is being asked. Upload straight and clear copies. Do not merge/upload two documents as one. Example: 1. W2 only 2. Tax return/tax transcript only One mistake our attorney did was uploading multiple document as one (w2+tax). 3weeks delay. After 3 weeks another mistake of her, she did not upload all W2s. More weeks of delay.
  3. It is valid 6mos but they start on the day you got your medical. When did you do your medical exam? πŸ€—
  4. I did say thank God but didn’t get a chance to dance because I can’t move when im too excited lolol! My appointment was 8:30am and was only called for actual interview 12:06pm! That day was so busy! And my train is at 1pm. The officer apologized for the backlog that morning. I said no worries. I just hope I make it to my train. 😹 After few questions she handed me the welcome letter and says congratulations and welcome to the United States. She mentioned about the train. πŸ˜† The actual interview was really quick I was out of the door 12:11 (had to take elevator down). Yes guys! Thank you! It’s beeeen months! @Mrs Odurowe were at NVC stage same time and if you got pregnant as soon as your husband got to the US, you are about to give birth and I am still here! 😹😹😹
  5. Nov 18 12:06pm -interview NOV 18 3:45pm - ISSUED (ap) Nov 20 at noon - ISSUED (receive 5 business days) Nov 21 1:17pm - tracking number e-mail Nov 22 10:18am -pick up email ( I live in midtown Toronto) Passport with visa, another welcome letter and original police clearances in hand 2pm today! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I hope your AP will move soon guys! Good luck everyone! πŸ™πŸ½
  6. Thank you! CR1/IR1 Priority date - June 28, 2018 I-130 approval - December 6, 2018 CASE created -Jan 2, 2019 NVC letter with case number- Feb 16, 2019 DQ -JUNE 3, 2019 IL -Oct 15, 2019 Interview -Nov 18, 2019 Passport with visa - Nov 22, 2019 Montreal, Canada
  7. Thank you shoowlar! Thank you Jesus very very much! We have a lot of stories to tell our children in the future! After over 4mos of wait for IL, we received an email to have interview Nov 8. Then 1 week prior to interview, they rescheduled us because they are moving location! So the stress of flights and accomodations lol! On the day of interview Nov 18, the consulate was so busy that they interviewed me only at 12:06pm and I was there since 8:20am for an 8:30am appointment. My train is at 1pm! Lol! I had to run to my train and had few minutes to get some food for brunch! As if this journey isnt stressful enough. 😹 Then today I went to pick up my passport at a canada post location and they asked for more government IDs that I didnt have! They dont want to give it to me I almost cried! A lovely lady volunteered to be the authorized person to pick up because she has more government issued IDs . Thanks to that stranger! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
  8. @shoowlaar @Nody @nyokie @Mrs Oduro Had my interview Nov 18. Passport with visa is now in hand. πŸ€—
  9. I got CC June 3. Had my interview last Monday. Are you part of the private group message? I’m sorry. πŸ™πŸ½ They just moved the location and maybe causing a bit of delay again.
  10. At this point, all you can do is wait. Hopefully before this week ends you get a new update. When was your interview
  11. Yes I did. Interview Nov 18 at 8:30 but actual interview happened 12:06 because there were too many applicants. On my way home, I checked 3:40pm and it says ISSUED with administrative processing note under it. It has been like that even when I checked this morning. And around 12 noon, one person in our group posted that his status changed so I went to see if there is any change for me and now it says ISSUED with note about receiving it in 5 days.
  12. Mine changed today from AP to receiving it in 5 days. I went for interview last Monday 8:30am
  13. Hello everyone! Anyone here who had their interview at the new location last week? Thank you so much!
  14. I havent seen anyone who had their interview at new location last week got their passport with visa back. Any news on yours?
  15. Hi Sadee! What do you see on your visa status at the moment? What date is the last update? I saw a K1 interview date Nov 6 and only got the passport with visa yesterday.
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