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  1. Usaph

    I-134 Real Estate Info

    Sorry for the late reply. Interview went well, no questions whatsoever regarding income, property, etc. Just got notified we're approved so all is well. Good luck!
  2. Interview scheduled for Feb 12, just got notice in the mail! Also we had issues with SSN, tried to file before wedding and the agent suggested not to. After the wedding we filed again and it's been stuck with USCIS for months. This is holding up drivers license in particular. We reached to our representative for our district since they can talk with USCIS. Took a couple weeks but they finally got back, saying that we need to wait for EAD, which they are currently working on May 31 2019 applications. So we'll end up getting the green card and can go back to get SSN after the interview, but just an FYI on that option. They said if we have a good reason we could send info and see what they can do, but at this point we might as well wait.
  3. Just online notice, so took a day between "ready" and "scheduled." I'm expecting a letter in the mail next week with the date.
  4. We got our interview scheduled notice today!! Good luck to everyone else waiting here! For those who got this message.. when your letter arrived, how far out was your interview date?
  5. Just got this! "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview As of January 8, 2020, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status"
  6. Date Filed : 2019-10-24 NOA Date : 2019-11-06 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2019-12-04 K-1 visa What about you?
  7. I am married to a Filipina who has a 7 yr old son in the Philippines. Her son is carrying his mom's maiden name and no legal father. We are planning to file an IR2 for her son so he can come live with us here in PA. I want to legally adopt him. But before starting the IR2, we want to see the adoption options we could take. 1. Is it better to adopt him while he is in the Philippines or 2. wait until he comes to US and be an immigrant/citizen then process the adoption here? If anyone has done this process or similar, please gives us an idea, costs, time frames involved. This week be a great help. Thanks in advance. 😊
  8. Interesting. I guess we're stuck waiting for a couple months until EAD. This also holds up the driver's license since social security card is one of the requirements.
  9. Unfortunately we didn't check that box. Figured it would cause confusion if we had one in the works.
  10. We had biometrics yesterday and the case online was reflected to say fingerprint review was completed for I-485. The other 2 case numbers say the case was received. Now just a waiting game until we here for scheduling the interview? Most likely we'll get something for EAD in the meantime?
  11. Interesting. It's been complete silence from SSA if it wasn't for us bugging our office every week in case there have been any changes.
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