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  1. @Kartinee23 hi! my hk clearance is on its way to Montreal although i haven't received any receipt but i e-mailed HK police. thanks alot for your help. all the best for you!!!
  2. @Kartinee23 after having the receipt by April, when did you have your interview? did they issue you a visa right away or how long did you wait for the visa?
  3. @Kartinee23 hi! do you already have to receipt when you took your interview in Montreal?
  4. @Kartinee23 oh wow that long? i already sent mine thru mail. did you send yours thru xpress or ordinary mail?
  5. hi! may i know the timeline of anyone from Canada who obtained a police clearance from Hongkong through mail. how did you send it and how long is the process? TIA!
  6. Usaph

    Packet 3

    This morning, every Wednesday in August was available from 7:30 to 9:00 in half hour increments.
  7. Usaph

    Packet 3

    Only August when I booked this morning.
  8. Usaph

    Packet 3

    We emailed a few times and after a different Ready message we got a reply. So about 3 weeks for us. Interview dates were available Wednesdays in August so turned out quite easy. Next is medical and preparing for the interview.
  9. June 26 wasn't available after all, but Wednesdays starting July 31 through August were open.
  10. Understood, thanks. Perfect, we'll do that! Thank you.
  11. Great, thanks! And if we pay now and don't see other dates, we can login later and schedule a time that suits us? Yeah we were really surprised! If only we needed it quickly.
  12. We got our P4 earlier this week and are now able to schedule an appointment. On https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ for 3rd step Payment, it says the first available appointment is June 26. We need a little more time to await for a document to arrive that we need at the interview. Step 4 is Schedule, so will we get more date options if we submit our payment on Step 3 Payment? It's unclear that if we pay now, are we signing up for the June 26 or if we'll have more options on the next step?
  13. Usaph

    Packet 3

    One more question - how long does it take to get a return email (not including the auto response) after sending the P3 information back?
  14. Usaph

    Packet 3

    Do you remember, how long from Ready status to you received your P3? Also, which specific items on the checklist should we bring photocopies to the interview?
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