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  1. Hi all, our package was sent on May 17th but the check has not been cashed, nor the NOA1 received. Should I start to do something now or just wait? Is there a number to call?
  2. We submitted the package on 17 May! No receipt yet, but we are still brimming with patience. I hope this keeps up! Good luck, May filers!!!
  3. Hi guys, My fiancé and I met in Vietnam where we lived together for almost a year, but we were on travel visas, so we had to go for mandatory trips every 3 months. I know that we need to provide the police clearance certificate for places where we have stayed at for more than 6 months, but we weren't technically living in Vietnam, so we would not be able to apply for a police clearance, as far as I know. Would this create a problem? It's important for us to add Vietnam in the application because that's where most of our relationship happened. If we stated that we traveled together, instead of lived together at a physical address, in Vietnam, would that be a possible way out? I appreciate any thoughts you have!
  4. Thanks you guys!! It feels so much better knowing that the issue will only arise int he later part of the application process, so we can start applying now and work on the full-time income at the same time.
  5. Hi, My boyfriend and I are planning to apply for the Fiance visa in a few months, and we are in the midst of planning and preparing the required documents. There is one huge obstacle which is the meeting of the income requirement. He is going back to college next January, and is working odd jobs for now. This means that he isn't able to give proof of past income tax records, nor have past pay slips to prove that he can be a sponsor for me. However, he will be applying for a full-time position that will allow him to meet the minimum income requirement now. Would the lack of past records be a huge impediment to our application? Is there anything that we can do to mitigate this impediment?
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