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  1. that was genuinely funny, thank you for that. And thank you for the detailed reply, I really hope my case is still chugging along behind the scenes.
  2. Hi guys, not sure whether anyone knows about the workings of AP in Singapore but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Had my interview 2 days back (16/10), and unfortunately, even though I've mentally prepared for every scenario i thought of, I got a 221(g) because the clinic that handled my medical did not tick the box about the visa I was applying for. Everything else seems to be okay, according to the consular officer, but he said he needs the amended report before he can go ahead to approve my petition. They kept my passport, which i am hoping is a good sign? Then I got the "refusal worksheet" with the remarks "minor amendment to medical examination report". After some frantic phone calls, I got a callback from the clinic the same day in the afternoon, saying that they have gone down personally to the embassy to settle the matter. Have been checking my status on CEAC since then, and it says it is in Administrative Processing (AP). Question now is, what exactly happens in AP, and would anyone know the timeline for that in Singapore? I emailed the embassy, and all they could say was that my "application is under consideration". Now I'm simply terrified that they find a reason to deny the visa now too, since I never got the catharsis of being told my visa was approved. And rather resentful of the clinic I trusted to handle my medical. If you've read my post till this far, thank you so much for listening. I know its very possible you might have not have an answer, but it felt good to speak about my frustrations somewhere where it can be understood.
  3. Hi all! Received my packet 3 today and was mulling over the results of my DS-160. Basically, as title says, does anyone know whether there is a Passport Book Number for Singaporean passports? Saw other posts on other countries' passports but didn't see one specifically pertaining to Singapore. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  4. This is really helpful information, was wondering about that too. Thanks for replying!
  5. Thanks to all who replied! It is of much relief to hear that I am not the only one who faced confusion about this 😅
  6. Hi all! I'm filling out my DS-160 in preparation for the next steps in the K1 process, and there is the Work/Education/Training category of questions. In some sample forms or step-by-step guide I've found, the DS-160 demonstrations usually has a section on previous work experience and education ("Previous") for the applicants to fill out. However, when I was filling out mine, it does not show this particular section, only "Present" and "Additional": However, if I click on the back button (bottom of page) from "Additional", it brings me to the "Previous" page: I have tried inputting and saving the relevant information, but when I save the information and retrieve the application later, the information disappears so I am unable to make the info stick either. From a Google search, I've read that this section doesn't show up for female applicants for certain countries. As they are not official USCIS/CEAC sources, I am hesitant to trust the information. Has anyone gone through similar or know if the information about female applicants above is true? Thank you all for your help!
  7. Same here! Congrats to you! Missed the last batch of shipments out by one day, so this wait somehow feels agonizingly longer. Onward to more paperwork 🎉
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply @visafrompa! I included some comments in red on the above, would be really appreciated if you can comment further on it.
  9. Thanks @Hank_! He has no other dependents. I did not know that the K1 beneficiary should be included in that section though. So I should be listed as a dependent since I am looking to be co-sponsored by him under i-134, even though I do not currently depend on him for support? He did state in Part 3, Q38 that he intends to make specific contributions to listed beneficiary (me), and supplemented in part 7 that he intends to provide room and board for a year.
  10. Hi all! Fiance and I have a dilemma that we couldn't think our way out of. Was hoping someone here have some insight. Context - Fiance will only make 125% of FPL in 2019. Tax returns for 2017 and 2018 are less than 125%. Hence, to play it safe, we are getting his dad to help by co-sponsoring our petition. Fiance's Dad fills out the i-134 form, but includes my fiance as a (partial) dependent, even though his dad does not list fiance on tax returns or claim deductions on fiance. His idea is that, because my fiance lives in his house rent-free, he should therefore be listed as a partial dependent. Having scoured the internet, I have seen conflicting info - some say that only dependents listed on tax returns should be included, whereas others say its open to interpretation. What do you guys think? For me, I am concerned that listing Fiance as partial dependent may be a disadvantage in the eyes of the consulate interviewing officer, as this could indicate that he is not self-sufficient enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. hi @cywrainide! first of all, congrats on getting the visa! Was really anxious about the upcoming process (only just gotten NOA2 2 weeks back). But reading your posts above has removed the mysteriousness of the whole procedure a little, so many thanks for providing as much information as you had! Are there any other Singaporeans also on the K-1 process right now? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  12. Thanks! Might hit you when you least expect it to, at least that was how it was for me. Hang in there! Am sure the anticipation is strong but I'm certain it will happen for ya soon.
  13. Hi all! Just got notified that my case was approved 7th August. Am eager to get started on preparations for the next step. Thanks for the pdf @Greenbaum! I remembered some time back I saw a comprehensive list on what documents I can get started on. An earlier post on this thread had some information/links pertaining to a fellow member from Taiwan, but I was wondering if there are documents specific to Singapore? Thanks in advance for any help the community can provide!
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