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  1. Heya. Yes, we share the same residence since we are waiting a year at least before moving out. But we have already sent the i-864a with our application, so probably going to include a statement that says that we have submitted that just in case they still deem my husband's income evidence insufficient.
  2. Yeap old job lasted till March this year. New job's details are what we entered on the i-864. Planning to wait a month to accumulate a couple more payslips as his hours are almost back to normal levels and they would look favorable. But still planning to use some old job paystubs to make up for the 6 months since there is no way to have 6 months worth of the new job. Just didn't want to delay by EAD and AP. I want to start working cause I'm so bored at home already 😅
  3. Thanks! That's certainly something to consider. But I calculated the days (87 days) and even by then I would not have 6 month's worth of pay stubs. The reason that is stopping me from waiting is because if my case is on hold due to an RFE, my EAD and AP will be on hold as well. I am both eager to travel back home and to get a job. Adding an extra 3-4 months on top of the already long processing times is not ideal. Am thinking of waiting for a few more pay stubs to get in, and send at least 3 month's worth?
  4. Hi guys, got an RFE and need some help. Made a post here but I didn't make much headway in getting advice so I thought of you guys. Basically, got an RFE about current income - the letter stated we did not submit evidence of current income and wanted some info. We had only sent in one month's worth as my husband started a new job only in March. Also sent in a projected income amount he saw on his work portal and an employment letter. Someone mentioned that we should wait and cut it potentially close to the deadline (i have 87 days from May 26) and accumulate more paystubs - is this viable or too much of a risk you think? Even if i do so, i wont get 6 month's worth of payslips, so is it better to just send in my RFE response soon? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. most evaluation agencies will require a transcript to be able to evaluate your degree's authenticity. Not sure whether you tried via email or phone, but email might get a better response. Yes, i feel you. It is definitely a pain, but unfortunately there aren't many alternatives 😅
  6. Thanks, am getting more employment letters from all possible sources. I already have a co-sponsor, who is my father in law. He filled out an i-864a and we had submitted that with all the relevant documents. the RFE did not make any mention of that.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply! His hours are slowly returning back to normal, so we are hoping his manager will explain in his letter that it will be better going forward. the i-864 is of his current job, although what we have entered as the current income may not be what he will be earning come year's end, since work hours were lost. If we do get an employment letter showing us a different projected income, we should submit an updated i-864? and just to explain that this is an updated one due to recent circumstances? We also had combined his father's income as an i-864a because we knew the situation going forward was uncertain. My FIL's income meets the requirement on his own. But they didn't address that in the RFE at all. I hoped they have not overlooked it, but I am thinking of including this in my written statement in my RFE reply just in case.
  8. Hi, thanks. Yes I did include the forms, 3 year's worth from 2017-2019, although it didnt meet the requirements those years, which is why he got a new job. They did not state that they had an issue with the tax documents, just that they required more evidence about current income.
  9. Not sure about your country, but for Singapore's procedures, the clinic i did my medical at and my local police authority both required a scan of the embassy letter before they will allow me to apply for anything. So you might not be able to get the medical or police certificate even if you want to.
  10. Heya. I did my evaluation at FIS (Foundation for International Services). They did not require any original certificates or transcripts, and I only had to submit them online in document attachment form. My turnaround was 1 week, paid slightly more for expedited service. FIS also has a same day or next day service. Their response is timely and I got a positive evaluation with them. However, in your case, without transcripts will be difficult as they need to ascertain the results etc. Have you contacted your schools/universities to get your transcripts?
  11. Dear all, unfortunately we have gotten an RFE about our i-485 application, and would like to solicit some advice on what to do next. Basically, they are requesting more information about my husband's current income. Wording on the RFE letter reads "The petitioning sponsor lists their current income on Form I-864 as an amount to be considered as sufficient; however, no evidence has been submitted as proof of current income." They then proceeded to ask for evidence such as 6 months of payslips and a very detailed letter of employment which includes prospect of advancement etc. Problem is, my husband had just switched jobs less than 2 months prior to our I-485 submission; we did not have 6 month's worth of payslips and provided only a month and a half's worth. We also provided a letter of employment from my husband's company, stating he has been employed since start of March 2020. We even added my father-in-law's income in an I-864A. In addition, the COVID-19 situation has reduced my husband's work hours. We had entered a number on I-864 that was on his company's work portal, but since hours has been reduced, we are now quite certain the amount he will earn this year will not be the amount that we had entered on the i-864. I have some ideas/questions on what to do next, and was wondering whether they will be sufficient for the RFE: 1) Asking husband's direct manager provide letter of employment and statement about loss of hours because COVID; 2) Asking husband's HR manager to provide letter of employment (to make it two voices from company to back his claim; 3) Going to husband's ex-workplace to retrieve payslips and letter of employment from them to make up for past 6 month's employment; 4) Providing a detailed written statement and timeline showing his work for past 6 months Also, if my husband's employers come back with a different amount now about his annual salary, should i resubmit his i-864 with the adjusted salary information? So sorry for the long message, but I'm so afraid of making any missteps with the RFE. This whole adjustment has not been smooth at all. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. Hi all! Just got my texts a few minutes ago. I can finally breathe again! For those still wondering, I had used the i-485 version that expires in 2020. Just a question, when I tried entering the receipt number into the myuscis account (so that it can be associated with my account), it said they cannot find my case, although the online case status tool was able to find all my cases. Is the tracking just unreliable?
  13. That's great, congratulations! I sent mine back last week too, stressing much and hoping it goes through this time!
  14. I would like to think USCIS is competent enough not to reject people's applications because of their own internal, unknown-to-the-public rule that the expiry date matters too.
  15. Just a ball park idea based on the posts we have been seeing around here. Although I have no idea what went wrong with my first filing and I had a 2021 form. I refiled today with the 2020 one.
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