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  1. So I had my AOS Interview yesterday and to be honest I'm not sure how it went... We got in and the officer only asked for ID, a certified copy of the marriage license, and nothing else. I voluntarily handed over a new i-864 and supporting evidence and he accepted it. Got asked questions on how we met, how the husband proposed, plans for the future, yes/no from the i-485 form. And that's about it. He mentioned repeatedly that he should have everything he needed, and that we should be approved. Otherwise if he needed anything it'd be an RFE. It's only after we got out of the building that we realized that never asked for evidence of joint living (leases, bank statements, photos). I think I blanked out when I should have handed over the pile of evidence? It's day 2 after the interview and still no update online on the status, and I'm just crushed. I had hoped to tell my family that I can return home after 2 years away but seems this needs another period of waiting now. Does anyone know or have any insight on how long it usually takes for interviews to be processed and approved? Just feeling so lost now and maybe looking for some comfort and reassurance lol.
  2. If your EAD was issued in March 2021, which means it will expire on March 2022. But since you filed for renewal in a timely manner, you get an automatic 180 extension of your EAD, which will take you to September 2022.
  3. I did. My status changed to 'ready to be scheduled' this morning (first movement in 18 months) - and then I got further notice that my interview was scheduled later in the afternoon. Was impatient so I spoke to an agent on Emma and managed to retrieved the date and time of the interview from them. It was really all very sudden. I was poised for a good long wait on this.
  4. Things happened very rapidly for me as well. I was scared of my EAD extension running out so I reached out to my Congressman for help. Got my EAD approved within a week, received my new EAD card last Saturday, and I wake up today to see my status got changed to 'ready to be scheduled'. Later at 3pm, I got another notification that my interview was scheduled by my field office for next month. Whirlwind! Not sure to be happy that it is FINALLY scheduled or a little miffed that its scheduled 2 months before I am eligible for the 10 year green card....
  5. Just went onto the USCIS website and tried to speak to a live agent through Emma about my cases (AOS + EAD renewal). I have been doing this regularly about every 2 weeks but as usual, no luck at all. Not sure if I am not asking the right questions, or if its all dependent on how helpful the agent is. But most of the live agents who attended to my chat are pretty devoid of compassion when I tell them that I have been waiting for >15 months for my application to be completed - they simply give generic template answers about how its all "within normal processing times" and to create an online USCIS account. Normal processing times can be up to 28 months in my field office. Does anyone have any tips on how we can contact them for an update?
  6. Hey @Viking! Also in the same situation here. Submitted AOS packet last day of April, NOA1 May 5th, Biometrics August 2020. No news despite 2 service requests via USCIS live chat. It's been so long and I have even filed for EAD renewal in April! Same thing, no news after NOA1 on that. Mainly been keeping busy with work to distract myself - guess it worked cause I just got promoted in July. Being open with my husband about struggles helps too. But there are some days when I'm simply internally screaming. Greatest fear is that this gets stuck in this stage forever and losing the job I love and the life I had built for myself in the last 20 months... Trying to keep positive - but there are good days and bad days. Keeping busy definitely helps. Hang in there!
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