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  1. That’s good to know. The instructions and questions on the form aren’t very clear.
  2. This topic is a concern for me as well, because if they're wanting the credit info of the USC then mine will not be good due to my first marriage/divorce.
  3. Thank you. I didn’t know, due to the “household” questions.
  4. Is the I-944 about the immigrant or the USC? Credit score etc.
  5. That's great to know, thank you. We had created the account on ais already weeks ago, but it didn't recognize us or allow us in. We then created a new account but had issues with it not letting us pick the K visa. It was not an option. It also kept looping around back to logging in over and over. I went on my tablet, signed in, and clicked on Add Group on the top right, which then led me to choose the K visa option and pay. So I've also searched to no avail about whether or not the beneficiary has to have his updated letter of intent to marry notarized as well as the petitioner. Could you clarify please?
  6. This is so frustrating! The ais website won't let us register for an interview! It keeps looping around and won't let us pick the visa. Our NOA2 expires Monday the 24th and we can't even get in.
  7. Yes they do. Haha, of course! There's a lot of info I wish we knew then what we know now in this process.
  8. I understand. The conversion from pounds to dollars on items here costs more anyway. I always hated "losing" money when I withdrew my USD from an ATM into pounds. Very frustrating.
  9. Those are available in the European section of major grocery stores in the states. No need to stock up. You can also order from here: https://britishfooddepot.com/
  10. Oh, no, it didn’t come across wrong. I was short in response cus I was on the phone. I’m sorry if it seemed I took it wrong. I was trying to say thank you for asking. We’ve both had things to deal with on both sides, so haven’t been able to proceed just yet. Hopefully soon though🙏🏻
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