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  1. My official NOA1 date was the day I got my text, however, the paper copy could say different.
  2. I’ve read on other threads that it says that right before your NOA2. Idk how long it will say that for though.
  3. You can check it from the text as long as you have your WAC# You don't have to wait for the paper form, but since you just got the text it might take a little bit to appear online. My text date ended up being my NOA1 date, and I checked it online before I got my paper. Congratulations on your NOA1!
  4. It wasn't working last night either, but then it did. Keep trying.
  5. FYI on the DS-160 New Social Media Requirement. Just letting those who like to prepare ahead of time like me, of this new requirement. Beneficiary must give them their social media account usernames. CA - FAQs on Social Media Collection - 6-4-2019 (v.2).pdf
  6. Average to NOA1 is 7 days. Ours was: Sent 7-15-19 Received 7-17-19 NOA1 text 7-22-19 NOA1 Paper copy received 7-26-19. You should get a text any day now if you sent in the notification form G-1145.
  7. Congratulations! Yes, it's a great feeling to actually have paper proof in your hands!
  8. From firsthand experience, my fiancé was gonna try to spend the summer (90 days max) with me, and got refused at DTW. They wouldn't even give him a week to stay, and sent him right back home. He had a VWP, and first time flying. It was a complete nightmare! Throw out the 2 months, and go with 1-2 weeks max WITH A RETURN TICKET. It's no guarantee, but they will not give you 2 months for a first-timer.
  9. JUST SEEN THE 1ST JUNE APPROVAL!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 NOA1-NOA2 took 62 days. I hope the July filers are approved that quick ❤
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