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  1. Not necessarily. Us visa is good for transiting as per the Uk government website for transit. I just want to confirm if anyone has ever actually experienced it. And had any issues.
  2. Hey so my fiancé just received his K1 visa and we were looking at flight tickets. One of the paths allows him to stop in London and change airports where he would have to pick up luggage in London, change airports and recheck his luggage for his flight to America. Will this be allowed with the US visa ? He’ll only be in London 8 hours. Will he run into any problems getting through customs in London ? thanks!
  3. For anyone whos reading this and was curious to know what happened, we got approved Friday Nov 1 and Visa is now in hand! So glad for this part of the process to be over.
  4. Thank you! Patience is key , we just got it updated it issued today. Hoping to get the visa in hand soon. started to look for flights and came across a question. For one of the flights we saw, my fiancé would have to switch airports in London. Would they allow him to enter the country with the us fiancé visa to switch airports ?
  5. But it went from ready to admin processing back to ready in the immigrant in the non immigrant visa application and in the immigrant visa application shows invalid application number. Maybe I’m checking wrong ? Just don’t understand why it’s currently at “ready” status in the non immigrant section.
  6. Ours went backward from ready to administrative processing back to ready. That’s ok?
  7. It’s no longer in administrative processing. The status has now changed back to “Ready”. Does that mean a second interview will be needed ?
  8. So I looked everywhere for an answer but couldn't find one so hoping someone can help. I know every embassy/consulate is different but worth a shot. We has our interview for the K-1 Visa in Albania a few days ago and my fiancé had some paper work missing so they didn't give him the visa yet but they kept his passport. We got the paperwork sent the same day via dhl and have been waiting a few days to hear from the consulate but nothing yet. On CEAC website our status went from Admin Processing to Ready, and indicates to schedule interview. Does that mean that he will have to go to a second interview? How long does admin processing usually take if they keep the passport? Anyone had a similar situation? TIA!
  9. I know this probably has been asked already but our case just went to “ready” and we got an email from the consulate. Although they haven’t received the physical application from the NVC I’m guessing they got the electronic version. Are we able to now send in the P3? Or do we have to wait for them to get the hard copy? TIA!
  10. This might be stretching it - but Do you know around what time it ships? Couldn’t sleep all day waiting for this shipment. Anyone’s status updated yet ??
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