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  1. It depends on your Field Office. Mine in Syracuse was March 30th, I got my updated interview letter dated June 24th and it was scheduled for July 27th.
  2. If he has any kind of severance package and/or end of service rewards, they are more than likely to withhold that. US companies do not have the 30 day notice laws cause they mostly hire local. A very different story in the Gulf countries of the Middle East. I would go against the popular opinion and suggest he sits tight. As someone mentioned K1s are not exempt. If he quits now and come to the US, take into account if he is transiting through Europe he will most likely be returned to UAE, there is not much that can be done. Most city halls in most major cities are closed. So you can NOT get married. In times like this best scenario is status quo. Patience is a virtue.
  3. The Technology Alert List mentions specific list of jobs. I was lucky I had my CV ready. They also request any contribution to publications over the last 10 years. I would recommend people to just keep a copy of their CVs and even offer it to the CO if they reckon their educational/professional background will be an issue. Again thank you all, and good luck for all those still waiting. I will write an interview review for the medical and the embassy later. And update our timelines.
  4. Just got an email from the embassy visa was issued and posted to my address. Also status changed to issued on CEAC. Thank you all for your inputs.
  5. He wasnt given a 221g though? Would a CO say approved but it is not?!!
  6. Hi everyone, My fiance had his fiance K1 visa interview today, and it went great, they told him he was approved and kept his passport and told him he would get it in 5 days via mail. Within less than an hour of leaving the embassy, he received an email that said he needs to provide his CV and work history and it said "Before we can continue processing your visa application, we need you to send the information and/or documents marked urgent to us. No further action can be taken on your file before this information reaches our office." He sent his CV immediately and they responded that they received it. His case status is now in administrative processing. For context: We've been together over 3 years, have spent TONS of time together, gave ample evidence, did all the steps properly. This was in Turkey, and my finace has a chemical engineering degree (we read this happens with people who have STEM degrees). Has this happened to anyone else before? Others talking about administrative processing talk about being denied, and need to provide more info, but that's not our case. Or they talk about being in administrative processing with no clear reason why. We're reading online it could be in AP for up to 6 months, but were confused because they said he was approved and he would get his visa/passport back in 5 days. Before you suggest we check the embassy website or call/email them, we've checked everything. He called after he sent it in, they said email your question, and hung up. Nothing is on the website about this specific situation. Any thoughts on this? Thank you!
  7. Hello! I will need to go and stay in Ankara, Turkey for a few days for my fiance visa interview, so I want to do the medical during the same stay. I am trying to book my hotel now to make sure that is taken care of. I know that the medical needs to happen within a month of the interview, but also at least 2 days before. I'm just wondering how many days before the interview in Ankara people did their medical stuff? Thanks! Yehia
  8. Just wondering how long it took you to receive those documents from online? Like how long before the interview should we start that process?
  9. Any update on scheduling your interview? Because they say no available dates still. Good luck and thank you, Sam
  10. It actually was just updated as of today and it now reads "Ready", but we haven't received anything from the consulate yet. Should we wait for that communication from the consulate?
  11. Hello! Do you have to wait to hear from the consulate in Ankara, Turkey before you file your DS-160, or can you go ahead and submit it as soon as you get the notification from the NVC that they've sent your file? Thanks, Sam
  12. Hi everyone! We're hopeful that our interview will be coming up soon, and originally I was planning to go to Turkey to be with my fiance, Yehia, when he does his interview. However, I am in Turkey now visiting and the process has actually gone quicker than we expected, and it would potentially mean going back to Turkey soon. That isn't a bad thing, except flying back and forth can be expensive. Just wondering if petitioners are usually there for the interviews or not? If the petitioner is there, do they ask them questions. Suggestions on if the petitioner should be there or not? While we're at it, what were some of the questions they asked during the interview??? Thanks in advance! Sam
  13. Hello everyone, Sam and I been lurking here on VJ for so long since before we started our process back in February, y'all have been most helpful, whether the questions, answers, timelines.. you name it. Some background info: I was born in Qatar and lived there my whole life (except for the yearly vacations), never spent more than 5 months in Egypt (country of citizenship), in the last 10 years I only been to Egypt once for 5 weeks. My police clearance issued from Qatar states the covered duration as my DOB till Feb '19. Which is technically my whole life. I moved to Turkey for good early March '19. Question is, do I still need a police clearance from Egypt? Since one of the required evidence for the DS160 is a police report from country of nationality/ 6 months stay . Or should it be the 6 month country stay mentioned as another condition? In that case I don't need to dive into that hassle of figuring out how to get one. Another question, any one here in VJ who is none-Turkish resident of Turkey has experience with K-1 visa process at the US consult in Ankara? How was it? any additional documents required? Thanks in Advance!
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