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  1. Wow completely missed that, went back and saw I filled it out. Thanks.
  2. Hi, just wonder how will the embassy email you when i129f never asked for a email? I know last time someone said that you have to update your info with asknvc to get your email updated with them. Does NVC pass on your email to the embassy? Sorry if this question was asked before.
  3. Why do you need to submit a letter of intent? It’s not listed. It is required? Is it the same intent letter we sent in with the i129f packet?
  4. sorry but requiring SSN isn't discrimination. A company or landlord has every right to run a background check and decide who they like to accept. If they deny you. Will you run to a bank and try to open a account without a SSN and call out discrimination?
  5. So I created a USCIS account and added my paper case to it. Once I logout and log back in, my case seems to disappear. I would add it again and it would keep removing. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. So I already created a account but everything I logout and log back in my case disappears from the account. Is that how it is or is something just wrong?
  7. So moving forward, if I create a account, I will get email of the noa2 and nvc? I haven’t gotten the email from the g1145. I used gmail. Should I use another email?
  8. I double check my g1145 form and I put the correct email. But I never received it.
  9. Hi, i have not received a email for my NOA1, but I did received my mail and by text. My main issue is when noa2 and nvc notify me I won’t received email as well. Is there a way to update them on the email or because I got text, there is no email?
  10. Thanks for your recommendation!
  11. So I have been reading about the okcupid RFE recently after I sent in my application 129f. I met my fiancé through okcupid but switched to line very quickly. I mentioned this in my letter of meeting. I did not include a copy of the T&C for okcupid with my application. Should I send it in or just wait for the RFE if they do request it? Mainly should I be more proactive and send it in with my receipt number or just wait it out? I don’t want a delay, but I don’t want to sit in limbo. What do you recommend?
  12. Hi, I just wanted to know if NOA1 or NOA2 will be needed for Package 3 or 4? Do I need to bring the original to thailand? Thanks.
  13. That’s what I thought, thank you for the clarification
  14. So I sent my application in on 2/28/19. Got text 4/6/19. If people want to know if they have mail use the usps inform app. Today it’s showing the NOA1 is being delivered. Good luck to everyone else.
  15. Thanks for clearing this up. I was searching and someone said 4 months which confused me for a long time. thanks
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