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  1. You know that section 221g is noted on your letter. So this is the 221g form.
  2. We got approved and receive the visa within 2 days of interview. They didn't ask for the same person certificate. What a great relief to know that all the time spend on this site paid off. Now more studying for the AOS process.
  3. Thanks for the info. So according to my fiance, her father went missing in Thailand. They were not able to finalized the adoption without the father signature. She was only able to be adopted after she turned 20 due to father being missing per Thailand's adoption policy. The biological mother has another family and had abandon her after two months of giving birth. She only found out about her biological mother at age 10. If that is the rules I guess there isn't anything she can do.
  4. So my fiancé was adopted when she was born. But they haven’t formal filed their paper work until 2016 when she already turned 21. If she becomes us citizen. Can she still bring her adopted mom to the us? Uscis states have to be adopted before 16. But there anyway to show that she was really adopted way before? Like a letter from the biological mother stating she had abandoned her to adopted mom at birth?
  5. I remember reading that If you gotten the medical within 1 year of noa1 of aos you don’t need a new one.
  6. Do you even need to file form I-693 for K1 visa holders? Or just file it out and send it in with your previous medical reports?
  7. That’s why they ask for pay stubs. Your pay stub will show your new rate. A letter from your boss would be good. I say pay stub is the most important.
  8. They said since she has name change and adoption paperwork, that it was more than enough to evidence. That they refused to issue it unless we got a letter from the embassy requesting it. They said only if she didn’t have original birth certificate or missing a legal document that they can issue the same person document. A supervisor even came out and told her no.
  9. my fiance went to get same person certificate and they refused to give to her. So i guess we will just have to wait for interview and see if they request or not. Can't do anything about it now.
  10. Thanks, my my fiancé lives in BKK, but her hometown is in phimai. It’s a 4-5 hour drive to her hometown. Thanks, wish I knew earlier, we where there getting her single certificate. I guess just have to make another trip. Thanks
  11. Hi, just read from another member on this forum that they need same person certificate at their interview. Anyone else brought or had to bring same person certificate? Our interview is a month out but If we need it my fiancé will need to make the trip back home. thanks.
  12. Have anyone reached out to the embassy to have their interview date changed? Which email should I use to make this request? Thanks.
  13. Hi, If you are a us born citizen. Do you leave everything blank for I134 Part 1 Question 11? What about question 12? Do I leave it blank or just answer question 12 as my date of birth? Thanks.
  14. Hi, i just wanted to know if the bangkok embassy for K1 visa is still hand carry packets to POE or have they already been using the digital POE for visa packets?
  15. FYI DHL tracking is available for shipments that went out on the 25th. Best of luck to everyone.
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