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  1. Thank you for the clarification!
  2. I found this version of Packet 4 online. It indicates that a "notarized English translation" is required for a birth certificate if it's in any language other than English. I thought that generally, however, U.S. consulates only required a "certified" translation, and from what I've read on several VJ threads, any person fluent in both languages can provide a translation and include their own certification that it is complete and accurate. So my question is, does the Mumbai consulate require an actual notarized translation (which I would assume involves a notary?), or is a certified translation sufficient? It would be helpful to hear from people with experience at the Mumbai consulate in this regard. I'm not sure if I'm just over-interpreting the term "notarized English translation." Thanks in advance for any responses!
  3. My fiance and I have emailed asking for Packet 4 but have only gotten a response basically saying that they're currently closed because of the pandemic lockdown. From googling, I found this link, which appears to be Packet 4 from the Mumbai consulate. Is this the same document you received?
  4. We're in the same position. I'm hoping some sooner appointments might get posted once the consulate reopens (whenever that might be).
  5. I second these questions. My fiance's case also now says ready, which we're extremely excited about...though we're anticipating some difficulty getting certain documents amidst the lockdown. To Carriep's question about interviews, it seems at least one person on VJ listed that they had their interview on April 30 and that it was granted (congrats!), so I take it that means some interviews are still happening despite the lockdown? Maybe K1 is now considered mission critical? If anyone has more definite info, I'd appreciate it as well!
  6. Thanks for checking about this, and sorry for not updating. Yes, I did ultimately get an email from NVC. I guess I was just impatient! 🙈
  7. I appreciate the response. Yes, the plan is certainly to only tell the truth. My point was more, might they ask my fiance about my parents simply because they think he ought to know details about them if the relationship is real. The relationship is very much genuine, but my fiance's knowledge of my parents is limited since I haven't spoken to them since early in the last decade. (FWIW, my fiance does know some things about them, but it's mostly negative, because my parents are narcissistic drug addicts.) But if they ask him a question like, "What do your fiance's parents do for work?", I'm worried the honest response of "I don't know because he doesn't talk to them anymore" might itself seem like a dodge. I'm not suggesting he would say something dishonest, just that regarding my parents, the truth itself might sound like an evasion. Anyway, I think I've gotten a sufficient answer from the various responses from people. I appreciate it!
  8. Someone posted here a document they got from the Mumbai consulate asking for "Notarized statements from the petitioner and beneficiary describing and detailing how they met each other and why you decided to get married." So I'd say it is "a thing." Maybe or maybe not a common thing, but a thing nonetheless. If you are "sure" that DOS is capable of knowing that I'm estranged from my parents, I'd appreciate any evidence of your certainty.
  9. I appreciate your replying, but I think you misunderstood my first question, and I don't quite understand your answer to the second question. Regarding the first question, I'm not talking about the statement of intent to marry. I mean a more personal statement, something along the lines of, "This is how we met, this is why we love each other, this is why we want to get married." I've seen some people mention such a statement, and learned today that the consulate sometimes asks for such a statement when someone gets a 221(g). But I don't know if this is common or why it gets requested. Regarding the second question, will a background check by the DHS and/or the Dept of State reveal to them that I am estranged from my parents? If so, how?
  10. Our K1 petition got forwarded to the Mumbai consulate today. Hopefully looking toward an interview in the coming months, I have two separate questions. 1.) Is it strongly expected that both fiances will write statements about how they met and why they want to get married? I guess I had heard vaguely about doing this, but I hadn't seen that on any of the checklists in the K1 guide on this site, so I hadn't sent one with the initial I-129F packet and didn't include one in the recent packet of documents I sent my fiance in India. I have no problem writing one, but just want to get a sense of how important it might be. 2.) Does the CO who interviews the applicant know the answers to the questions they're asking? To give an example, I've seen a number of people say that they get asked about their fiance(e)'s parents, where the parents live, and what they do for work. I've wondered, though, how the CO would know the answer, because there's only pretty limited info about parents included on the I-129F. I ask because I (the U.S. petitioner) am estranged from my parents and have been for years, so my fiance has never met or communicated with them. Does the consulate just assume parents are in the picture, or do they only ask when the information has been indicated somewhere on the application?
  11. Thank you for this reply. As of today, CEAC says our case is in transit, but I still never received an email or any communication from NVC. Is this typical?
  12. Hi everyone, I have a general question. I got our NOA2 on March 17. I subsequently got our case number and invoice ID number from NVC by calling a couple of times.The person I spoke to at NVC the first time I called said I should receive notice of my case number, etc, but I never did. Is it normal not to receive notice from NVC? I recently moved (shortly after getting the NOA2) and attempted to notify NVC of my change of address, but never got a response, so I hope that's not an issue? Second question: for those who have updated their timelines to say that their application has left NVC, did you learn that just by searching here, or did you receive notice from NVC about it? I guess I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on any info! Thanks in advance for any replies!
  13. Ok, thanks for the info. I already went ahead with the online address change form with USCIS after the previous response, but I guess it won't do any harm.
  14. I tried to see if there were any similar previous threads about this, but wasn't finding anything. Our I-129F was recently approved, and I received the NOA2 in the mail. (I am the U.S. citizen petitioner, living in the U.S.) However, I moved to new address about a week ago. I guess I have two questions: Do I need to update my address with USCIS still? And do I need to update my address with the NVC? I know how to update my address with USCIS, but I'm not clear on how to do so with the NVC, so if it's necessary, I'd appreciate if someone could give advice on that. Thanks!
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