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  1. thank you good to know! I was going to detail every meeting we had for the past 5 years…
  2. oh okay, but first time we met in person was in 2015, we will have to mention it in the declaration of how met and insert proofs right? and that is way prior to the 2 years requirement
  3. Thanks, K1 is much easier in our case as we can't get married, I can't go there and he can't come in my country (France) we will meet in a third country. Thanks, I'm french so the embassy will be Paris
  4. hi everyone, my partner and I plan to file for the K1 Visa in the next few months, we've know each other since 2014 and I went there several times, we dated, then had a break of 1 year last year for some reasons however we found each other again this year and decided to take off and move forward to be together. We plan to meet again before filing the form. So we were wondering if we should provide proofs of meeting in person in the last two years or can we provide also proof that we met before the two years requirement? also should we give details about the 1 year break? Thanks
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