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  1. That's ridiculous, but totally in line with how USCIS seems to operate!
  2. I don't think there is anything you could do to prevent her from using the K-1 visa. You might be able to contact USCIS about it (Not sure on this, others maybe know and not sure it would do anything) If she uses the K-1 she needs to marry you and no one else before 90 days and will need you to sign off on AOS before you are held responsible financially. If you do not want to marry her, don't. The K-1 needs to be used within 6 months, so maybe best thing to do is give each other some time and hopefully you can decide together what to do. I think no matter what, if you are not sure about marriage and the responsibilities that come along with it, don't do it. You can always wait or apply again another time. Much better to do that than to have to deal with things after getting married.
  3. This is kind of my thought too. The only other thing that makes me consider naturalization is if my husband and I want to move to Canada at some point. I would hate for all this money and waiting to be wasted. It also would be nice to be done with USCIS, but for now I'll just wait and finish ROC before making decisions
  4. Thanks!! 😊 I might need the company, I just got an email too "We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time" Not nearly as exciting as an email about action on my case. Sometimes it seems like every time I complain about the wait on here, USCIS sends me one of those emails.. It's like they feel my impatience and are telling me to calm down!
  5. Man, I don't check VJ for a few days and look at all the approvals coming in!! Congrats to everyone. I'll be here, waiting... hanging out... waiting... 😁
  6. So I will start by saying I don't know for sure, but I did a search quickly and found a thread noting a simlar issue (need to read down a bit in it) According to to this thread, you should be able to use your stamp or extension letter as long as it isn't past the validity date. When I was doing AOS, this happened to me (Green Card arrived while out of the country) and I got back in with my AP even though the card was approved and mailed. I would maybe double check by calling escalating to a Tier II officer or Infopass (if that's possible)... but I would think that in the worst case, you would need someone to mail the green card before you try to re-enter the US? You might get better response making this its own thread. Most of us are waiting, so we may not have experiences to share
  7. I wouldn't.. especially at this stage (obviously!). That's the annoying part, I know that wouldn't matter at all and no matter how often I tell people that, they keep saying it. I work and know quite a few people on work visas and they all seem to think that Lawyers are magical or that there is a different queue for people filing with lawyers. Not sure what makes them think that though
  8. I'm in the exact same spot as theanswerisdance with exception that I haven't filed N-400 yet. Haven't heard a thing since the glitch transfer notice online in February. Once in a while I get the email update that says there is no news. It's easier to be patient when none of us were getting approvals, but the more I see coming from CSC, the harder it gets! Also getting annoyed with how many people in my life tell me I should get a lawyer to "make it go faster" 😒
  9. It would be nice if everyone updated timelines so the questions didn't have to be asked over and over... and the immigration timeline page is all based on the timelines, so the more people add timelines, the better picture you see of when you'll expect an approval. But, not everyone uses this community for timeline tracking. Some people are using it as a forum to talk with people that are going through similar processes, or to read about other experiences, make connections with people from the same country, ask questions, etc etc. ON top of that, not everyone that applies is on VJ. So you are seeing a small percentage of people overall and then even smaller percentage of people actively providing updates, timelines, etc. Can't force it... and honestly, it wouldn't matter anyways. I think we've proven with timelines on here, discussion and stalking the USCIS case statuses that this doesn't go in order. Just because people that applied around the time you did have been approved doesn't mean you will be at the same time. There are still people from 2016 waiting on approvals and there are people that applied in Aug-17 getting approvals. Every case is different And for those that are interested - NOA1 date is July 27, 2017 CSC. No updates online except for initial receipt in July and the February transfer to local office. Email updates last said action last taken in April. I'm glad some people are getting some approvals though, that is awesome!
  10. I think any Info Pass location can see you with an appointment. Some have allowed people to do walk in too, so you could check to see if you can do that before taking a road trip.
  11. I remember the service centers getting split up when I did my K1 for the same reason. One was much faster than the other and people were getting frustrated. For me, this part of the process is a lot less stressful. I'm already here in the US. It's not like I am waiting on these approvals to uproot my life and move to a new country. The only annoying thing to me is that I have to keep an eye on the case, make sure I don't miss an RFE or interview request, etc etc. and I do worry about traveling. I have my my stamp now, but worried if I travel somewhere and then I get called for an interview. Don't worry too much about other people getting approvals. They don't do it in order and there is not a lot we can do to speed things up. And just think, there are thousands of applications send in the month of July. We are just seeing a tiny sample of that on here. Even though it feels like everyone is getting approvals, there are so many people still waiting that applied around this time too.
  12. Here is a link to interpret your Case number: http://www.visajourney.com/content/uscis-receipt-number/
  13. chiggins82

    Borrowing a car to move down

    If your name is on the insurance and you have the registration, I wouldn't worry about it at all. I doubt they'll ask, but if they do, just tell them what you said above and it should be fine. Good luck with the trip!
  14. I agree, I've been poking around at the forums in other months and it doesn't seem to indicate anything specific when people get this notice. Some had interview and I know I saw some that didn't and some either didn't update or are still waiting. Can't say for sure, but it would make sense that they are just trying to balance the workload to ease the wait times. Exciting to finally see some changes and updates! My case hasn't been touched since February (so says the site), or April (so says the email updates). I'll just keep waiting 😩
  15. I'm aware, just sharing experience. I've traveled a number of times with the combo card + letter and never had to explain what it was. I realize that's anecdotal, but there is a lot of worry about traveling and I think it helps for people to see these experiences. Especially since more people will need to use the I-551 stamp if the ROC wait time continues to be over 12 months. I have the guide and totally agree with you. Good to have, just in case.