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  1. Most people have said it could be 25th March, Monday. When you ask them on the phone, they say that they schedule interviews all month long. It depends on how busy the beneficiary's embassy is. Hopefully, all of us that have been waiting here will hear some good news by next week. Good Luck!
  2. Agree with the above. In my case, it took them over 6 weeks. So I had to call them up and request for supervisor review. Three days after that they assigned the case number.
  3. ShreebhagyaK9

    IR1 interview

    I understand that the assets part is optional. His gross income for 2017 was $92,683. 2016 was half of that amount and 2015 was almost the same as 2017. He does have some stocks and bonds. We already filed all that in the I-864 that we submitted to NVC. So the new copy that we take for the interview can we just leave those parts blank?
  4. ShreebhagyaK9

    IR1 interview

    Got it. Thank you so much guys! Really appreciate your responses.
  5. Hello guys, My CC is March 7, 2019 and I am waiting for an interview date. So my husband will be buying a home in April. The closing is on April 14th and all his savings will go for the initial deposit. With barely any savings left, will we have issues at the interview? He does have a stable job and makes good income, but money's tight right now. I have read that it's advisable to carry an Affidavit of Support for the interview. Will it be an issue if he barely has any savings in the bank?
  6. Sure! I will let you know and update my timeline as well. I call up NVC almost everyday. I saw some people with March CC got their interviews. Hoping that atleast in the next batch they send out, we will get our interviews.
  7. Congratulations everyone! I hope your interviews go smoothly and you can reunite with your loved ones soon. Good Luck!
  8. Waiting period is so frustrating. To get the case number we had to request for supervisor review because it was out of normal processing time. Again to get the documents reviewed, we had to ask for supervisor review for the same reason. Wonder how much longer I have to wait until I finally get to be with my husband.
  9. Hope so.Fingers crossed. Thanks for your response!
  10. How long does it take to get an interview at Mumbai Embassy? I haven't recieved an email from NVC about CC but found out that it's done by calling them up. CC - 7th March, 2019, IR1 category
  11. ShreebhagyaK9

    Supervisor Review

    Our case was put on review on the 28th of February. This was because it was over the 3 weeks review period so they recommended it for supervisor review. I called everyday actually twice a day. You should call them often. I hope and pray that you get CC soon. I understand how frustrating this wait can be.
  12. ShreebhagyaK9

    Supervisor Review

    I got my CC yesterday. We are so excited! Hope you got yours as well!
  13. ShreebhagyaK9

    Supervisor Review

    Yes he mailed them to NVC. The email we received asked us to send the documents to NVC. Actually we took some time to send all the documents because my husband tax returns were not filed for the past 3 yrs and I also had a very hard time in getting the PCC..I recieved the welcome letter in June 2018 and filed out the DS-260 in the last week of November. Also after paying all the fees the CEAC website had instructions to gather the documents and send it to them in one package. I didn't give me an option to upload documents online.
  14. Hello guys, My husband sent in our documents to NVC and they received it on 6th February,2019. I called them today cause its been 3 weeks and the lady on the phone told me that she will put it in for supervisor review. How long does it usually take to hear back from them?
  15. ShreebhagyaK9

    K-1 APPROVED London Inverview yesterday

    Congratulations on the approval! Good luck to you as you move towards the next chapter life brings your way.🙂