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  1. Many Congratulations on the approval !! And best of luck for your travel to the US !
  2. Thank you @nastra30 for the detailed reply, and also @CJO032418 for the direct message. After I saw your replies, I realized we did check that option for getting the SSN on the form, so hopefully we should get it soon. For our canada trip, we'll be driving into Canada, so I'll check with the canadian embassy. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Sure, it took us exactly 5 business days. Got it on 7th June, the next friday. Interview was on Friday, 31st May. Our passport was shipped Mumbai to Pune.
  4. I did have a question for people who know .. 1. Now that my wife is here, do we need to wait for the actual Green Card in hand before we apply for the SSN card ? Or can we apply right away ? 2. Can we travel outside US before we get the physical card, for instance if we wanted to drive into Canada, would coming back be an issue ? Although the Immigrant Visa is valid for the next 6 months. Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to inform everyone that my wife has finally made it to the US today, 11th June. Visa approved from Mumbai consulate, 31st May. Thank you everyone for your help along this long (sometimes frustrating) journey, and wishing the best of luck to those waiting for their interviews now. Immigration was quite easy - asked her basic questions, like how long have you been married etc. The only hiccup was that with the new "IV docs in CCD" stamp on the visa, there's no physical envelope to be handed over to the Immigration officer, and he was a little confused with that, so they took her to another room inside, and there once he had confirmation from another officer, they stamped her passport.
  6. Thank you ! That's helpful. Yes, we were considering Air India - it's a direct flight to EWR. However they allow only one bag - and the second is $50, which we'll take. The third is about $240 I believe. Will look at other one-hop flights as well, which allow two bags, so then we can get a third bag as additional. Thank you for your reply.
  7. That's true - the clothes etc, she'll only get what is absolutely necessary, so that should fit in the two bags. Rest we'll buy here. The other stuff I was talking about was more of sentimental value, gifts from loved ones etc that she'd like to bring here if possible.
  8. Does anyone have experience shipping their stuff from India to US ? We are going to book a flight for my wife soon, but at most she'll carry two big bags with her. We are debating between carrying a third bag, OR using a shipping company to send over a lot more of her stuff from there to here - for instance, winter clothing and other collectibles which can take a few months to arrive by Sea but that delay is fine. Does anyone know how that compares cost-wise ? Thanks.
  9. Thank you @ShreebhagyaK9 and @M@K12. Your wishes helped ! Am happy to report that the Visa got approved, and she should get the passport back in 5 business days time. Everyone here has been super helpful, and it's been encouraging to read reports from ppl on this forum. Am listing below her experience at the mumbai consulate for other ppl who are scheduled for an interview soon. Overall her interview was very simple, and they did not ask for any documentation / whatsapp chat logs etc (though ofcourse it is advisable to take all supporting documents with us) ****************************** You should be there atleast 30 mins before your scheduled time, like I was scheduled at 7.30am, but the queue for 7.30am was formed at 7am! After that you go through security (no CD, pen drive or phone allowed, DO NOT carry the medical report CD, only carry the sealed envelope given for medical). After security, you will be ushered into a room, where they will take your documents, passport, original birth certificate + 1 copy, original marriage certificate + 1 copy, PCC original, DS 260 ( the one used for your bio-metrics) and 2 photos (US size) They will check your documents, then give you a token no, after which you are called to the window, where you submit the documents along with originals and passport, there they will ask you for your name, spouse’s name and your phone no, and how long you’ve been married, if you’ve ever traveled to another country or lived outside India. Once that’s through you are made to sit and wait for the interview. People are called for the interview on a random basis and the entire process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours I went in around 7.15am and was out by 11am Questions asked: who has filed the case for you? How long have you been married? How many times have you met since your marriage? Was it a love or arranged marriage? Who arranged it? - I mentioned we got introduced through our parents, who in turn got in contact through a family friend Details on the family friend? As in how do you know them? Do they live in the same neighborhood etc? What do you like about your husband? Be specific e.g if you say honest, you are asked for an example Have you ever been to the US? Which other countries have you been too? Have you stayed anywhere else, other than India? Where in US does your husband stay? What does he do? ****************************** So overall very general questions - and no curve balls. Though I know that some people can get grilled, depending on the interviewer. Will update our profile shortly as well. All the best to everyone waiting for the interview !
  10. Hey Rohit, Thats tough man. I hope you get something concrete from NVC on the phone today. Praying that you guys get your interview letter in this batch !
  11. Thanks Shreebhagyak9. Yeah, I remember Rohit from last month, when everyone but them got an interview from Mumbai. And I know your wait has been reallyy long too. So yeah, I don't have much reason to complain. And maybe I'll use the extra 2 weeks for a last solo trip before wifey gets here ! 😛
  12. Ah ok, that might explain it. I see someone from Mar 2018 PD as well. That's definitely a longer wait than May 2018. Congratulations to everyone who got their appointment today. Best of luck to everyone waiting. It's almost over ...
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