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  1. Petition for Parents Feb.23,2018- Mailed I-130 for Parents in Chicago Feb.26,2018- Packet delivered March 5,2018-Got a text from USCIS sayin case was received.Then for 8months I heard back Oct.3,2018-I got mail from USCIS (Approval Notice) The petition has been approved for my dad and that they sent the application to NVC in Portsmouth New Hampshire
  2. Feb 23,2018-> I-130 for my parents Mailed to Chicago Feb 26,2018-> I checked online and it says both packet was delivered. March 5,2018-> one of the $535 check was cashed in...I wonder where the other $535 check went March 5,2018-> Got a text message saying case was received with receipt #src.......... official receipt notice to follow in mail (I don't know if this was for my mom's or dad's receipt) *more update soon*
  3. Feb. 23,2018- Mailed I-130 for my Mom and Dad.Mailed to Chicago. Feb.26,2018-I track online and it says Packet Delivered at the facility. March 5,2018- Got a text message that saying the case was received. *More update as soon as I get another one*
  4. You do not need to get a bc that contain your name and mothers name only..it is fine to submit the bc that you have with mother's name and father's name in it.
  5. Thank you for answering my question. I will file petition for my mom and dad.Also I have another question,on the application it was asking about beneficiary's current employment information but mom hasn't employed nor had employer.She does have a little store in my hometown that she managed.Do I put self employed?instead of writting unemployed?
  6. Hi,I am now a U.S. citizen and going to file petition for parents.On part 4 Information about the beneficiarys family it was asking to write the beneficiary's spouse and all children.Do I put my dads name because she is my moms husband (I am petitionig my mom) and put "spouse" on the relationship part???and for all the childer I am going to write all my brothers name because they are my My moms children and will put "son" in the relationship part???am I right?please answer.Thank you in advance.