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  1. They told me that too and that they don't have a case number for me yet. I don't know what happen but on Wednesday night October 10th I called and press option 5 like I always do. But, this time around I got a very nice lady. She took information about the case like names and date of birth. She asked how may I help you tonight and I politely respond that I was calling to find out if a case number has assigned to my case yet. She then explained to me that when the cases reach NVC they go through a process and that my case is in final stage before assigning the case number. She said that my case is just waiting for a supervisor to look over it and make sure everything is right. I then asked her how long it's going to take and she assured me that it won't be long because it just need a supervisor to look over. She then said that I should keep an eye out on my email. On the night of October 11 I called again and was given my case number. After getting the case number, I felt that the person who I spoke with on October 10 was a supervisor. Good luck!
  2. I recieved my case and invoice number on October 11 via phone call. I urge anyone waiting for case number to call NVC continuously until they give it to you. Well, that's what I did. I started calling around 2 weeks after USCIS sent off my case. Electronic processing. NOA 1 February 13th Case approved August 23rd Case was sent to NVC on September 10th Case recieved by NVC September 18th Case and invoice number via phone October 11th ( in 3 weeks and 2 days) Paid AOS and IV fees October 11th Still haven't got an email from NVC though! Good luck!
  3. No, I got an email directly from USCIS early morning on September 10th.
  4. Hi, my case was sent to the Department of State on September 10th as well. I called on Monday. September 17th and they didn't receive it. I just got off the phone with NVC and it is currently with NVC. The lady I spoke with said the received it on September 18th. Please call NVC and select option 5.
  5. I'm so sorry but I have no clue on how to answer you... Maybe other VJ members could help you out Good luck with everything and hope you get your approval very soon!!
  6. Yes, even though they did not ask for it. I figured that it probably be good to let then know that I now have a job.
  7. First time posting but I read your postings everyday since I filed the petition. When I did the I-130 application back in Feb. 2018 I wasn't working. I got a job early June 2018 and in late June I sent in a letter with proof updating my employment history. I did not received any notification from USCIS about receiving the letter. I made a service request to find out if they have received the letter. Service request was completed on July 30th. I received a letter saying " We gave recieved your service request and researched the status of you case. We have had to perform additional review and this has caused a delay n processing time. Your case is currently processing and is in line for adjudication." On August 15th I received an email notification say that " We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time..." NOA 1: 02/13/18 NOA 2: 08/24/18 (email notification - new website) Texas Service Center Petition for my mother I'm so excited and can't wait to have mom here. Good luck to you all, hope you get your approvals soon!!