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  1. Hi, is the US Embassy Islamabad open and conducting immigrant visas?

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    2. NM2001


      Yes, we had a joint sponsor. We didn't provide any proof of financial hardship other than stating the facts, that my son is a full time student and working part time at the same time supporting his wife in PK. Also we already went through AP during our fiancée petition that was not approved. But we also had a lot of supporting evidence such as just recently meeting up in Dubai before Covid. Every case is different so they take into account a lot of different things. 

    3. Lexushim


      Yes, I am thinking of it too, because I have a physical disability due to which I cannot really drive, and cannot travel far to get a job  and hence I only was working part time, but was furloughed since March due to covid, and unemployed now... and I also live with my parents currently and support them a bit and had a joint sponsor... so if my husband comes, it will be a great help...?  do you think this can be a good reason to expedite?

    4. NM2001


      You can always try and request, just be honest in your request. It won’t hurt your case even if they don’t approve it. No harm in requesting. Good luck! 

  2. We didn't submit any proof with our request, just a detailed email sent to NVCExpedite@state.gov, explaining our situation and they approved it. we sent our request on June 6th and got an approval on the 18th. If you have anything to show as proof such as unemployment benefits, loss of job/termination letter, tax statement or something to support your request you can attach that with your email, otherwise they will request anything they need from you before reviewing/approving the request. Hope this helps, good luck!
  3. If you already have an interview date scheduled then you would only select the courier service in CGI. the last page it takes you to is for scheduling an interview date I believe. So just find out where you need to go for medical and schedule you medical appointment directly with that office. Some places you can schedule your appointment online, but CGI is for scheduling interviews and for selecting courier service. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. Thanks, Emotional and financial hardship. Been waiting since 2017 for her to come here. Our fiancé case was return to uscis and we applied for CR1 after getting married.
  5. Anyone here from Pakistan recently get an interview? We just got our case approved at NVC for expedited interview, they sent the case to the consulate and it's showing ready on CEAC. Wondering if the Embassy will contact us after they resume normal operation or since it was approved by them for an expedite if they will schedule it sooner. Praying inshaAllah they contact us soon. I even updated our information on the CGI site and tried to schedule an interview but it says no appointments currently available at Islamabad.
  6. That I don't know, apparently what they say online is not always accurate. no one knows how they review and which order they review documents. I submitted all my paperwork and got DQ within a month. I saw someone else say they got DQ the same day or next day after they submitted everything. Not sure what they are doing at NVC.
  7. Documentarily qualified at NVC. or Case complete. DQ and CC mean the same thing.
  8. We submitted a request for expedite to NVC and received an approval about 10 days after they confirmed they received our request for expedited interview. Our case was already DQ at NVC in March 2020. Now waiting to hear from the embassy for interview date or instructions on how to proceed.
  9. We made a mistake on the “date marriage ended” we put the date they got married accidentally and obviously they were still married and there was no marriage that ended. So we corrected the page with the mistake, wrote out a detailed cover letter explaining the error and uploaded it at uscis asking them to replace pages so and so in original package. Also we mailed it to Uscis where our case was (Texas service center). And we sent a message on the myuscis site explaining the error and wrote out in detail the mistakes in there as well. A few weeks later they wrote a message on the case that is was under review and completed. so I assume they fixed it. We are at NVC now. They know people make mistakes so correct it now and keep copies to take to the interview in case you need to prove that you tried to correct it. Good luck!
  10. Who is telling him that he needs to do another form? was the first one completed? and payment cleared?
  11. first of all congrats! and yes I've read many people that get approved see the status from ready to AP to ready then approved, so you you shouldn't worry about it too much.
  12. I emailed, sent letter by FedEx overnight and called them, on the call they said they will have a supervisor review this was all about 1 1/2 weeks ago. and I uploaded the ds5540 before we got DQ'd. Good luck! I hear some people say they weren't asked about the form but took it with them to interview. I don't think NVC will have you upload the form if you submitted everything before the 24th but just take it to the interview or upload it in CEAC after you get DQ'd. Also I would like to add, when we called them to tell them about the name mistake, the guy tried to say it wasn't a big deal and to just write a note and take to the embassy, we were like no this is a big deal, they won't allow her in the embassy if the name doesn't match the barcode page and then finally he was like okay I can put in a supervisor review but it will take 6 weeks, we had no choice and said that was fine. so don't just take their word if they try to get you off the phone and you need to get something fixed.
  13. We just got DQ'd this morning. Originally uploaded Documents and submitted the IV application on Feb 23rd. We had a major mistake on the application(incorrect applicant name entered) that was our fault so we had to contact NVC and get a supervisor review done to open the application back and correct the mistake, they said it will take 6 weeks to review but a few days later they re-opened it and we fixed it, not sure if it was under supervisor review that caused our case to get DQ'd a few days later but we are so very happy Alhumdulilah! God is great! Now on to the stress about the public charge rule and hope the interview will go smoothly. I did upload the DS-5540 at NVC like on Feb 28th and will take an updated one to the interview with more information and supporting documents if they need. Good luck to all of you! it's under the applicant's additional document section.
  14. I think they made a generic form that can apply to immigrants that are coming here for the first time and also for people that are adjusting their status that are already here as well as people that were here temporarily and left and are coming back or something, who knows? But I think they could have had an instruction page to explain the form better to clear any misunderstandings and confusion before releasing the damn thing. SMH
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