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  1. We sent documents through DHL. depending on the weight it will be between $40-$70 if I recall correctly. it got there within a week and you can track it online. I would make a copy of everything scan it over to them too as a backup.
  2. I would print a bunch of pictures on a sheet of paper and upload those when you are at the NVC stage so at least they have it before the case is sent to the Embassy. I submitted a few pages with my package to USCIS and will send again at NVC to make sure Embassy sees everything prior to interview since our Embassy has a high fraud rate, they are much stricter than others. You can even upload them in your document at USCIS, no guarantee they will look at them but they might. Some people get RFE's for additional evidence that include pictures so in your case it might be a good idea to upload them. My documents online only had about 4 pages out of my whole package but I hear that the end users don't see what is actually uploaded and it should be fine. I tried to upload a copy of my whole package but you have to do each item under a separate category and it can't exceed a certain size so I ended up not doing it. Good luck to you!
  3. It was fast in the beginning, but it may have slowed down compared to when they first rolled it out. Since you are in Nebraska, you should consider filing for K3, might speed up the process for your I-130. I just saw someone that had a PD in May 2019 and they did a K3 and just got approved. The K3 is being denied but then the I-130 is being approved faster for Nebraska. doesn't cost much and might help.
  4. I got both letters the same day in the mail about a week after I filed. I did not get any text or email for my I-130 even though I submitted the e-notification form. I did get a text only for the I-129 I sent in after a few days and then the official letter in the mail about a week after. The status online says to contact them if I don't get the letter by 9/21. so it could take about a month. For those who are still waiting, I would call them if it's been about a month since you all sent your petition to them.
  5. Yes, Potomac currently has the fastest processing times compared to the rest. Nebraska is the slowest. You can check the processing times here: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  6. I submitted the K3 application a few weeks ago so I haven't heard anything, I don't think TSC is working the same way Nebraska is with regards to the K3 but many of the people that have NSC are getting approved faster when they apply for K3 as soon as a month after their K3 is denied and I-130 is approved. you can search up on it here and see. You can file it yourself if you want, just follow the instructions on USCIS website, or just wait.
  7. You should try the K3 route if you haven't already since you are in Nebraska. It's going to cost you postage only and might speed up the processing of your I-130.
  8. Yes you have Potomac, that is where the notice came from so it is being processed there. Congrats!
  9. If you submitted an e-notification form you will get an email or text or both in a week or so. Some are lucky and get in less than a week but some don't even get any notifications just the hard copy in the mail.
  10. Yes, mine says the same thing, and the documents uploaded are just pics, payments sheet and 1 or 2 other pages from what I actually submitted not the whole package. I read somewhere that the end user doesn't see what is actually uploaded in their system, might be some sort of glitch. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. Everyone now is getting an IOE number, it’s just an electronic system where they upload your file and then it still gets assigned to a service center like everyone else, Could be any service center, you will know once you get the receipt. I think the new system was pretty fast when they first came out with it but it’s now taking longer as everyone gets switched over, hopefully I’m wrong and we get processed quicker. Good luck to you! 😊
  12. oh that sucks! Hope they find it and send you the receipt number soon!
  13. Were you able to find out what happened to your package?
  14. I actually already sent it in a few days ago and now waiting for the NOA1 for the I129. Just wondering if anyone already tried and had luck with it. We shall find out by end of September.
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