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  1. So after submitting docs to the NVC (Dec 2019), mine took 64 days to refuse one document (Feb 2020) Then after 3 days, I resubmitted the document. It took another 80 exact days to approve the case. (May 2020 in between COVID-19) So, now I am waiting for the interview schedule too. I believe email will go to both once they schedule and embassy and consulates open. Usually, I have seen, if the NVC docs are approved in month of January lets say, you'll get a interview schedule letter in February, for the actual Interview date in March! (30-60 days). I have also read, if after Interview, you are stuck in AP, it takes anywhere from 6-18 months to process... and you should not contact them before 6 months of no update.
  2. I got mine on May 14, so now I am waiting for my husband's interview date too.
  3. This is honestly ridiculous. I am sorry you have to go through this, but I'd suggest try now with a spouse visa as I heard they are denying fiance visas. my sister was lucky as hers was processed in Obama Administration time. I am also worried that my husband's paper may go in AP too. Why is Pakistan consulate doing this? Contact embassy, NVC, and get a senator get update on case. Good luck.
  4. What's your update on case now?

  5. Documentarily Qualified. Meaning that NVC has accepted all of your documents and are ready to work with embassy and consulate to schedule an interview date. Basically, the next step forward towards your visa.
  6. I would suggest everyone to please update their VISA JOURNEY TIMELINES ON THEIR PROFILES AT BOTTOM LEFT, STARTING FILINGS OF 2018 AND FORWARD to help people estimate and have questions about their processes. It really helps status progresses and can be beneficial for other filers with questions going through at the same time. Thank you.
  7. Ok, please let me know whenever Embassies and consulates open in Pakistan by replying here. Thanks.
  8. I only submitted English Marriage Certificate (case different for non-muslims/christians/Hindu) So Are you in USA right now?
  9. Mine took another 80 days exact with this COVID-19 Mine took another 80 days exact with this COVID-19
  10. Mine took 64 days when they reviewed initially, then rejected one, and took another 80 days exact to accept all NVC documents after resumbitting.
  11. My marriage certificate got rejected in February (after 64 days) when I initially submitted in Dec 2019, and then I resumbitted the document after 3 days. Since submitting, my documents were accepted after another 80 days and was just DQ'ed 2 weeks ago! (In Covid-19) lock down.
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