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  1. They just scheduled up to July 1st 2020 DQ for June 30th 2021 interview. ( IR1/CR1 category) on May 24th 2021.
  2. Fill this form please and share with friends. IR/CR1 category only PAKISTAN EMBASSY https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wEhbp-wJxTKcSKiQ8nBL-m6mHTKj2gtEBKsmGV0gTYI/viewform?edit_requested=true
  3. I Made this form because everyone keeps asking when’s your DQ and if anyone got their interview letters and when..? What month are they covering rn and etc... so everyone can track themselves, I’ve made this to help everyone
  4. Hi guys. Did anyone get their interview letter this month in March for April interviews for IR1-CR1 category for Islamabad, PAKISTAN embassy? also, please complete this form if you’re from PAKISTAN EMBASSY US CITIZEN SPOUSE VISA CR1-IR1 CATEGORY ONLY 🇵🇰 ( DQ TIMELINE) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZCxsJckY5iuuWG-xQIkl5oTg3JDAPBTpfhQrCwtakF6swWw/viewform
  5. https://forms.gle/2nWgjuvj3d58yiwLA (NOA-1-INTERVIEW TIMELINE) FOR PAKISTAN EMBASSY ONLY cr1-ir1 https://forms.gle/Pda5hYyeams2EGSD8 (DQ-IL TIMELINE) WITH CHARTS FOR PAKISTAN EMBASSY ONLY cr1-ir1 please share these links as much as you can with Pakistani community
  6. Inshallah tmr you’ll see something in your emails and keep me updated so I can update the lists..
  7. My joint sponsor last day at work is 22nd January 2021 (income $80k) and he starts his new job on February 08, 2021 ( income $100k) My husband’s interview is on February 10th 2021, so what should I put with updated information on AOS I864? What about current annual income? And current job? I’m confused because I have to mail the actual original papers to Pakistan and so I need information ASAP. Anyone can guide me please?
  8. I was born in Pakistan, but I only have a hospital issued Birth certificate. Not, the NADRA issued Birth Certificate. Can I still get my NADRA issued Birth Certificate or no? What docs should I take and Where should I go? Can I go get one without my parents now? Also, do you think, if I don't get my NADRA birth certificate; at my husband's interview they could reject my hospital issued birth certificate and ask for my NADRA birth certificate? ( I am USCitizen though)... please help?
  9. I am a US Muslim Citizen who belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and I am married to my spouse who is also an Ahmadi. In Pakistan, if you are Ahmadi, you can use the Ahmadi issued marriage certificate. However, my husband's documents show that he is a Muslim, and it's a tough procedure to go through the change of documents due to religion/faith-based persecution. Pakistani people do not easily issue the religion-change documents, and they can face jail time due to persecution. What can be done to go the process smoothly? NVC rejected my marriage certificate and Nikkah Nama issued by the Ahmadiyya community. They want the NADRA ISSUED certificate! This is written on the website: Marriage Certificates Available Fees: Fees vary. Document Name: For U.S. immigration purposes, Pakistani Muslim applicants must present both an original, signed Nikah Nama (with its English translation) and a NADRA-issued marriage registration certificate. Note that while both documents reflect similar information, each on its own does not constitute sufficient proof of marriage. Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, and other applicants considered to be non-Muslim must present only a marriage certificate issued by their respective religious authority (i.e. a church or temple), since Union Councils do not uniformly issue NADRA certificates to these groups. Citizens of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Afghans living in Pakistan must also only present a marriage certificate issued by religious authorities, as Union Councils do not issue NADRA certificates to these groups. Issuing Authority: Union Councils register Nikah Nama documents for Pakistani Muslim citizens and issue subsequent NADRA marriage certificates. Marriage certificates for Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, Parsis, and other non-Muslim citizens are issued by their respective sectarian registration authority (i.e. church or temple), (Note: Some Union Councils have begun issuing NADRA marriage certificates to Hindus and Christians, though this process has not yet been standardized. As a result, such NADRA certificates are not required for non-Muslim applicants, per the above.) Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: This varies by location and religion. Issuing Authority Personnel Title: For Muslim applicants registering a Nikah Nama, the Secretary of the local Union Council and the Nikah Registrar constitute the appropriate authorities. For non-Muslim applicants, priests or other religious leaders are considered appropriate issuing authorities. Registration Criteria: For Muslim applicants, the marriage registrar signs and stamps each original Nikah Nama, submitting the first copy to the local Union Council and providing the second and third copies to the bride and groom. The registrar keeps the fourth copy. In theory, the Nikah Registrar should register the marriage within two months, but this does not always occur. Upon registration, the Union Council issues a NADRA marriage certificate. While there are penal consequences for not registering one’s marriage with the appropriate authorities, a signed Nikah Nama alone still constitutes a valid marriage under Pakistani law, according to the MFLO. For immigration purposes, however, the Nikah must be registered with and a NADRA marriage certificate issued by the Union Council. Ahmadi, Christian, Hindu, and Parsi marriage certificates are issued by church or temple leaders and are not generally registered with the local Union Council). Procedure for Obtaining: Muslim applicants can obtain and Urdu-language Nikah Nama from the Nikah Registrar. Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, and other non-Muslim applicants can obtain marriage certificates from their local religious authorities. Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are available. Alternate Documents: No alternate documents are available or accepted. Exceptions: Comments: Both the Nikah Nama and NADRA marriage certificate are required for a Muslim marriage to be considered valid for U.S. immigration purposes. Any suggestions, ideas what can be done? We are waiting for NVC to accept the document because we told them its written on their website... But, any suggestions and idea. Will be helpful. Thank you.
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