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  1. They just scheduled up to July 1st 2020 DQ for June 30th 2021 interview. ( IR1/CR1 category) on May 24th 2021.
  2. Fill this form please and share with friends. IR/CR1 category only PAKISTAN EMBASSY https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wEhbp-wJxTKcSKiQ8nBL-m6mHTKj2gtEBKsmGV0gTYI/viewform?edit_requested=true
  3. I Made this form because everyone keeps asking when’s your DQ and if anyone got their interview letters and when..? What month are they covering rn and etc... so everyone can track themselves, I’ve made this to help everyone
  4. Hi guys. Did anyone get their interview letter this month in March for April interviews for IR1-CR1 category for Islamabad, PAKISTAN embassy? also, please complete this form if you’re from PAKISTAN EMBASSY US CITIZEN SPOUSE VISA CR1-IR1 CATEGORY ONLY 🇵🇰 ( DQ TIMELINE) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZCxsJckY5iuuWG-xQIkl5oTg3JDAPBTpfhQrCwtakF6swWw/viewform
  5. https://forms.gle/2nWgjuvj3d58yiwLA (NOA-1-INTERVIEW TIMELINE) FOR PAKISTAN EMBASSY ONLY cr1-ir1 https://forms.gle/Pda5hYyeams2EGSD8 (DQ-IL TIMELINE) WITH CHARTS FOR PAKISTAN EMBASSY ONLY cr1-ir1 please share these links as much as you can with Pakistani community
  6. Inshallah tmr you’ll see something in your emails and keep me updated so I can update the lists..
  7. Hi guys. Alhumdullilah husband got approved for his visa. DQ May 14th 2020 interview: feb 10, 2021 isb embassy visa category CR1
  8. Husband got approved today! interview: feb 10, 2021. Alhumdullilah. questions asked: 1. When did you get married? 2. Is this and your spouse First marriage? 3. Have your spouse visted you after you get married? 4. How many times? 5. Do you have any pictures of your wedding ceremony? Yes. Show me... 6. WHO IS THIS GUY ( my joint sponsor name) 7. How are you and your wife related ? 8. Does your wife work? 9. Where? 10. What you do for living? 11. After you get your visa when are you planning to move to USA? 12. Have you ever been to any other country? docs asked: birth and marriage certificate was very easy interview
  9. My joint sponsor last day at work is 22nd January 2021 (income $80k) and he starts his new job on February 08, 2021 ( income $100k) My husband’s interview is on February 10th 2021, so what should I put with updated information on AOS I864? What about current annual income? And current job? I’m confused because I have to mail the actual original papers to Pakistan and so I need information ASAP. Anyone can guide me please?
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