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  1. I received my NOA finally yesterday 7/10th. They mailed it out on July 7th. I filled on April 23rd and the notice has as date July 1st. Sent paperwork to Texas and was assigned to Vermont (EAC)
  2. You need to have a user account at the USCIS.gov website to check on the status of this kind of inquiries. I got an e mail with their response. But when I checked my account at USCIS.gov I was able to see the history of this specific inquiry. That is where I copied and pasted the info from my previous post. Now for case status you simply check the link that takes you to Check Case Satus.
  3. No, they did not. Basically what I understand has happened is I made an inquiry, they opened a case, they assigned someone, this person replied to me that e mail I posted, and the inquiry was closed. I will call them next week hopefully I will be able to get through. My GC expires in mid July.
  4. Filled last April 23rd. Living in NY sent my package to TX. Did not get the NOA so contacted USCIS on May 23rd via the website and was notified someone was assigned to my inquiry on 5/26. They sent me an e mail today. Case History 06/01/2020 On June 1, 2020, your inquiry about a notice that you did not receive, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXVSC, was completed. 06/01/2020 On June 1, 2020, we sent a response to your inquiry about a notice that you did not receive, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXVSC. 05/26/2020 On May 26, 2020, your inquiry about a notice that you did not receive, referral number SRXXXXXXXXXXVSC, was assigned to an officer for response. This was part of their response on an e mail today: Type of service requested: -- Non-Delivery of Other Notice The status of this service request is: On March 18, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Temporarily suspended routine in-person services to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). USCIS plans to begin reopening our offices on or after June 4, unless the public closures are extended further. USCIS staff are continuing to perform duties that do not involve face-to-face contact with the public. However, USCIS will provide emergency services for limited situations. To schedule an emergency appointment, contact the USCIS Contact Center. Due to COVID-19, please allow a minimum of 60 days for a response or until USCIS offices reopen We hope this information is helpful to you.
  5. JORGEM76

    Please help!

    Where is your mom coming from? My mom is a chilean citizen and she uses an ESTA Waiver. Some countries do not need a VISA. You should find that first. She comes twice a year and has never been asked about money or how she affords to visit. She is retired. I asked her to get a VISA as soon as the Embassy opens again, so she can stay here for a longer time. I assume if any of those questions arise about how will be she affording her trip, we as a couple will be responsible for all her expenses.
  6. The President said the cases of Covid 19 would be soon back to zero last February. And look at us now. Corona virus has changed everything we were used to.
  7. A couple of months? How can you be sure of that? What if they tell you it won't be possible to held them until the end of the year?
  8. Just realized my receipt case starts with #EAC which is Vermont. Is there any particular reason why cases are sent to different Service Centers? Are some of them known for being more slower than others? Thanks! I sent my forms to Dallas from New York.
  9. When I try to edit my timeline for the I 751 the options given are California or Vermont for CIS Service Center Lifting Field. But I sent my package to Texas. How does it work then ? Thanks
  10. If you are thinking about sending it via USPS, let me tell you I sent my package last Monday April 20th via Priority from New York To Dallas. Arrived today Friday 24th, morning. Priority Express would have cost $52 and I am certain the way the USPS is working now would have taken its sweet time to arrive.
  11. According to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, non-U.S. citizens with a Social Security number who live and work here, including green card holders and workers using visas such as H-1B and H-2A, are eligible to receive checks. “Non-resident aliens” who do not have green cards will not receive them. For what I understand from this info published in the internet, unfortunately your spouse would not receive the stimulus check because he is not a green card holder yet. Being a US citizen or being a green card holder are the only requirements stated (besides the income cap).
  12. We used to have a joint bank account and used it very little. But along they way realized it did not work for us. So we ended up getting a credit card and pay everything with it: Groceries, bills, airline tickets, etc. and at the end of the month we just split the bill. Easier. We sent the statements of this credit card for the past 15 months. Having or not having a joint bank account is not a deal breaker. Debit cards, credit cards that you use and pay together should be work. Every family has its own way to handle money. We have different incomes and we spend money in different things as well. We have common goals, and I think at the end of the day that is what matter the most. You have a son together, I think that is a pretty important proof of the marriage. I sent our package yesterday, included bunch of photos, airlines tickets, car ownership, and shared insurance, besides taxes, affidavits, leases.
  13. Sending our package for Removal of Conditions today, in a few hours. 90 days before my conditional residence expires. It is going to Dallas.
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