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  1. He is home❤..We are done!...and the citizenship process is all on him when that time comes😉

  2. Tho it took a year and half from denial we were approved for my husband Visa today. Our second interview was a success ❤
  3. No doubt Nigeria is one of the highest offender...my heart is with the petitioner as Im one myself..thankfully not in this situation but I know so many women impacted by this...and before giving them no hope at all I rather they get consultation from an experienced Attorney who has seen it all. I also like to help folks take preventive measures so they dont go thru this or to make sure they not being used. So by no means am I condoning any of this at all but I have learned alot and the fact that some actually try to work thru this still with the help of attorney depending on their situation and not report it back to VJ happens...many dont even use this platform properly or if at all.
  4. I wont argue there...but Nigeria isnt the only country...honestly...they just happen to bring attention themselves by defaulting on these B1 B2 visas amongst other things
  5. Possibly thru the lower courts (custom or local)..apparently they will draw up up the paperwork and Im not sure based on what..like what kind of evidence is acceptable when no legal paperwork regarding a marriage is involved...and of course money to make it happen.
  6. From my understanding it depends...so in this case if never married and they disclose this like op did using affidavit then USCIS has the right to deny as they did...some may respond to the rfe with fraudulent paperwork and get denied...because this is an K1 no time to rectify. So more than likely case closed...they will have to refile and this is where they may have the opportunity to correct the issue with a properly filed div decree at the local court and thorough explanation from an immigration attorney who knows the lingo and is versed in the different type of marriages or situations in Nigeria or they may go for full disclosure and ask for leniency..I think alot depends on the evidence the benf can provide as well other factors...it helps if they were truly married just didn't file div correctly.. but as I stated before its harder for immigration to prove if marriage is legit or not when marriage not filed at the federal or local registries..had the benef in this case stated married locally even if he wasnt and provided a legit div decree from a local court he very well could had overcame it...when folks do K1 they can be denied when it seems they look too married due to a child they had with a person, etc.. soooo its probable as to why immigration may accept legitimate div decrees from the local courts. I agree its dead if rfe requested or at interview... consulate doesnt accept but Im speaking to how folks have overcome it when refiling or being proactive and taking the time to make sure this stuff is straight and legit before marrying an USC.
  7. Right, and thats why the narrative here is thats its a done deal, they will NEVER make it to the US and to a certain degree its true but I was recently educated beyond VJ about the many who seem to have an ounce of a chance depending on how the story is presented..weird..unbelievable..not cool but it happens
  8. They have to be comfortable talking about it..most are not regardless if they overcome or not...I just want the mindset to change and for folks to stop trying to bs immigration its hurting the good folks!
  9. Lol...great question. I had a hard time trying to find Nigerian related info on denials due to Bona Fide evidence or reaffirmations cases...Im probably the few who have been transparent on my timeline regarding this...your talking about many who don't even properly fill out their timeliness and you expect them to go into great detail about overcoming misrepresentation?
  10. This was disclose to me by the person actually using him...he is not advocate by all means...but I guess in her particular situation he advise her to properly have her guy file another divorce decree, remarry and then refile I130..in their case the guy claimed married..said he used an agent to file divorce and it was bad paperwork unbeknownst to him...I dont know if he was legitimately married or not but this is what Hacking advised them to do. There is no outcome as of yet as this is fresh...so I cant speak to the sucessfulness of this advice. I know another lady who tried to use Hacking for similar and his firm refused her case...so Im not sure what the particulars that make the issue resolvable, Im just aware that as long as they stay away from the high courts...some folks who claim customary..common or tribal marriages even if none truly exsisted can still file a divorce at what they call the local courts by standing in a front of a judge, getting the appropriate signatures and its filed and can be accepted by immigration because it harder to prove if the customary marrige exsited or not esp if no paperwork involved. I know a lady who was in AP..says married customary..dont know if true or not but was able to do the above and she now here in the US...Im pretty sure that if paperwork is bad..and its sooo obvious as may be the case with the OP situation then most attorneys may not want to get involved. But Hacking always states make sure divorce legit first and foremost...but he has no ideal if most of these beneficiaries were even truly married to began with or not. This OP lied on the prior visa like most and they are cracking down on this as they should but I kid you not some still overcome somehow..someway but this may not be the case for him.
  11. I 100% agree with you full disclosure is best from the beginning...I work with a lot of women dating Nigerians and practically beg them to have these conversations asap regarding their men pasts...if they applied for ANY type of visa prior to save them this heartache....this situation is occuring here in the states from I130s thru the citizenships process....I know two wives who husbands are facing deportation over this...resources within USCIS and DOS have been allocated to this because one too many came over on B1 B2..student viss and did not return...now visitor visas are pretty much off the table for the average Nigerian...and secondly the paperwork is just bad!! I agree a lie covering a lie is horrible but Im aware to my dismay that with money and a powerful attorney can legitimately fix certain cases....its not fair nor cool but it happens.
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