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  1. We have a CR1 reaffirmation case and verified per NVC that our case is now at Lagos and it has been there since Feb 2nd. Plan to have my Senator reach out to them to inquire about my husbands 2nd interview. Our priority date is 072618.
  2. Do anyone know when I130 is reaffirmed..do the embassy or does NVC reach out directly...I have updated our DS260 and am waiting to hear from someone..just reaffirmed last week and our DS260 was reopened..so I guess NVC has our petition? Also will a interview date be given or we have to schedule...country is Nigeria.
  3. Our case was reaffirmed!!!🥳🎊🎉 am soooo grateful😭 it took 1.5 months from the time they received our evidence till today.
  4. Finally received my NOIR and as I suspected my bona fide evidence was lost. USCIS wants me to resubmit everything! When I say this process has not been good for my husband and I thats an understatement....When I started back in '18, I used Rapid Visa (RV) and I would never sugguest anybody whose spouse is migrating from a country with a difficult embassy or consulate to use them...they were waste of $1000...money that I could have used towards an attorney....maybe the outcome would have turned out differently...I heard that RV doesnt like to submit bona fide evidence I call them to checked if EVERYTHING I submitted to them was sent to USCIS..and of course they said yes..but cant provide a copy or list of what was sent...so USCIS is treating me as if I only sent in the bare minuim...I also have words about the CO in Lagos but I will reserve that for later...as for now my attorney and I need to respond asap to this NOIR....tired but cant't give up😣 also a I129 with all of my evidence was sent a few months ago and one would think my 2nd case number would have came up on someones computer when reviewing the older case number...but of course it didnt..so Im possibly having to resubmit for the THIRD time EVERYTHING😵
  5. We pulled the K3 to get USCIS to go ahead and pull a decision on our petition....it can take many months for them to review...New LIN# received per I797 or NOA1 for the I129f today so hoping to hear from them soon and nope I dont plan on them acknowledging any errors made in our denial letter
  6. K3 submitted and according to my attorney our evidence is pretty good..so will see. Awaiting the NOA1 (again)...As of today we have officially been in the process for two years and counting....am grateful for a strong marriage. Praying that USCIS stands by their initial approval of our CR1🙏🏿
  7. We are pulling a K3 and resubmitting all of our evidence per our attorney....he suggests that we be proactive instead of waiting for USCIS to reach out to us regarding their decision...I pray this works🤞🏾
  8. Let the post decision activity begin! USCIS has contacted us and our petition is now under review for either reaffirmation or Notice of intent to deny or revoke.....
  9. Sorry just now seeing this hope you have ur answer...we were never given a letter had to ask congressmen to get any info and they were provided with a generic letter stating lack of bona fide evidence with someone elses nane pasted in the letter...
  10. Correct..and the fact that they had wrong info is disturbing...in our NOIR...in the body of the letter they had another beneficiary name...my husbands name no where mentioned..obviously a typo but what other errors were possibly made...whose file was our CO even actually reviewing?? ..because I know I submitted tons of bona fide evidence...Soooo USCIS can only revoke but supposedly they give us a chance to correct the issues in 30 days before closing the file.
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