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  1. Correct..and the fact that they had wrong info is disturbing...in our NOIR...in the body of the letter they had another beneficiary name...my husbands name no where mentioned..obviously a typo but what other errors were possibly made...whose file was our CO even actually reviewing?? ..because I know I submitted tons of bona fide evidence...Soooo USCIS can only revoke but supposedly they give us a chance to correct the issues in 30 days before closing the file.
  2. Ok understood...Yes it seems like Hacking would be needed at this point as they are stalling on adjudicating your reaffirmation. Im sorry your even have to go thru this...your petiton is being moved around for review..thats crazy. I will watch the webinar tomorrow for sure
  3. Ok make sure im understanding..so u had ur interview? Appoved but needed to fact check some things and ur case is now at Cali service center? I havnt consulted with Hacking as of yet..but I learned from him regarding FOIA and put in a request with USCIS for my file to see whats missing...I have the letter from Lagos which the Senator got on my behalf...
  4. Yes based on his reviews and you tube videos I feel the same..tho his specialty is suing...I would like his team to stay on these peoples neck and make sure this gets done properly and in a timely manner and I plan to be very proactive since using Rapid Visa may have cost me already...I wont be making the same mistske with a lawyer...Thankfully my Senator did all they could do but that Lagos consulate was very sneaky in closing our case expeditiously....so ur case is already back at USCIS and that took a year and two months?
  5. Yes Jim Hacking is exactly who I will be using to respond to USCIS once the petition is back in their office. Thanks you for this!
  6. Oh and it may take up to year to hear from USCIS....that seems to be the longest wait yet again....my Senator office said they could let me know once its NVC on its way back to USCIS
  7. Yes now we fall under that impending ban too...so if ban still in effect next year having a great lawyer may help us over come that hurdle ..but I do forsee that ban being lifted..
  8. Well the CO cited bona fide evidence after he typed the wrong mans name...he didnt even properly identify my husband ...he put someone elses name...it also seems that he closed our cased so fast so that we couldnt rebutt..my husband had any and all proof that he could have dropped off for further review had they just put us in AP....I learning that RV bread and butter is folks going thru the Manilla Phillipines embassy...which functions totally different than Lagos...Manilla is much easier...RV is also known to discourage folks from front loading their evidence too...I front and side loaded my evidence...but that front stuff obviously didnt make it to CO😩
  9. Yes I only let RV know I was denied but not as to why...I want to get our file back from USCIS first before I conclude they are def at fault...RV said to send in the letter to them so they can review but Im holding off till I see what they sent to USCIS on my behalf...We married at a federal registry recognized by immigrstion..so legit there.
  10. I reached out this past Sunday via email..person from his office responded Monday and had an answer for me by Wednesday...and yes they helped me get a letter stating why refused... the CO did not give my husband at his interview..I emailed the lagos consulate twice..NO response...we were clueless regarding denial longer than we should have been...
  11. Update: So after getting my congressmen involved...we were told lack of bona fide evidence..case closed and headed back to USCIS..Sooo no criminal... fraud or misrep..and I dont think our 10yr age difference should have been an issue...I have requested my original file from USCIS to be sent to me to see what was transmitted to the consulate because I had alot of quality type evidence from chats..pics..phone records..credit cards..car insurance..affidavits of support from family and friends...Etc...At NVC we were DQ in 7 business days from submission..no rfes or nothing at USCIS nor NVC... make 4x the amount for a household of 2... visited my husband 3x...out of those 2 visits we visited other African countries for short vacays..if this was a sham marriage why in the hell would I come out of pocket so much to spend time with my husband??? Anyway...Im headed into immigration 2.O and plan to work with USCIS to overcome this...once my file is returned which can take up to a year alone in the meantime I will get an attorney to address the NOIR coming from USCIS...I prolly could rebut this lack of evidence alone but not taking any chances going forward....there may have been a grave mistake made on someones part as I did use Rapid Visa for the I130 initial app and am looking to see if they DID not send my bona fide stuff to USCIS or did my stuff get lost somewhere along the way to the Consulate😡 Crazy part is that my husband had all this proof on him on the day of the interview..had the CO not already made up his mind and gave us the opportunity by at least putting us in AP to show evidence going back to 2017 then I would NOT be writing this and now having to spend another year or so getting my baby here..beyond frustrated...dissappointed in this whole process as its already been 18mos away from my husband. Oh and yes I do blame myself for using Rapid Visa...I should have done all on my own as others have allowing me greater control over our process...but here we are...😞
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