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  1. Absolutely loved everything about this statement here..nothing like an independant thinker...one who thinks past the propaganda, both democrats and republicans followers so blindly buy into...Im all for legal immigration but this is inefficiency at it worst! The fastest thing about this process was how fast my check was cashed...
  2. Someone shared a video on here that shed some light on these delays..its about to get worse before its gets better...hopefully you will hear something sooner than later!
  3. I wish I knew..specifically but my general take is USICS is now required to scrutinized every application in efforts to slow down immigration..along with reallocating resources to the border situation and ICE instead of hiring more folks to reviews these petitions...Im now looking at my husband being here barely by xmas time instead of sept....the table below is for Nebraska...my PD is 7/26😪
  4. As of today..Nebraska has extended the processing time from 9.5months to 12mos and rolled back the pd date from June 20th to April 15th or 16th...😭
  5. Not to alarm you but you are indeed correct this is not normal to get AP during the NVC stage...have you tried talking to higher tierd rep or supervisor to explain why in AP?
  6. Im at Nebraska too. PD is 7/26....we expect hear before June..hang in there!
  7. July 26th pd, Nebraska. I plan to attend or be in the vicinity when my husband interviews...I have just been lurking on this site and visa groups as we do not expect to get a NOA2 till mid April according to timelines and stats here on VJ....in the meantime just been preparing for the NVC stage..getting required docs and additional evidence of an ongoing relationship together...the wait is torture..we figure by the end of year we should be together..
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