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  1. What do you think that means? Are they going to transfer your file to another office ?
  2. Thank you for your answer! It seems nothing to do except waiting!!
  3. Did anyone get a new notice of receipt after upgrading? Am I the only one?
  4. Is it a new notice of receipt or just an email saying upgrade is done? Do they give you a specific time to wait?
  5. I got a new notice of receipt it says they receive my application which is weird because I only sent an upgrade request and the new notice does not give any specific information. I asked USCIS with chat and they asked for new notice date and they say they need 6 months to process it even though my priority date is 2017. I do not get it why some got approval right away after upgrading and why others not. I am so disappointed now and so sad!!
  6. First of all congrats, I wonder why it took very long after your case completed at NVC. It says in your timeline it is completed in March 2018, but the interview date is Jan, 2019. However, your I-130 is approved in one year. Usually it takes more time to get approval for I-130 under F2A, does not it?
  7. E-filed: July 3,2018 Field office: Newark, NJ. Fingerprints schedule date: June 25, 2018 Interview Date: 28th Feb 2019
  8. Hello, How long does it take to get the actual interview letter in your mail after you get your online status as interview has scheduled ?
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