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  1. HonoraryCitizen

    Filling out N400

    Other and then in the space you write Undocumented /B2 Out of Status although personally I would leave the explanation part blank. You never know whether that information could be given to ICE to come looking for her, nothing is impossible in this current climate.
  2. HonoraryCitizen

    More evidence what

    it does not matter so far as it is legible.
  3. You didn't complete your filing to remove conditions on your conditional status, and then traveled, got put into removal proceedings upon returning, then you filed a 485 and 751, and then for good measure filed an N400 to force USCIS hand to adjudicate the removal of conditions which you failed to satisfactorily address. You want to make sure you shadow such a lawyer carefully and back check his every move. Where is your spouse in all this? Is she/he standing by you? Was the 751 filed jointly, both the first and the second one? Was there any word like sham marriage or bona fides of marriage thrown out there by USCIS? I wish you well on your journey.
  4. Seriously? You’re joking right? So on your N400 interview when asked the catch all question which goes have you committed any crime for which you were not arrested you plan to mention all the times you exceeded the speed limit, crossed the street at the wrong location (jaywalking), didn’t pick up after your dog etc etc? I’d really like to know. I know there are supposedly some people on VJ who have never fallen short of the highest standards of ethics and morality who will claim yes report it but I think this is a really terrible idea 🤔
  5. Technically correct however don’t forget customs routinely communicates with immigration/passport control and people have previously had their story questioned after it was initiated by after clearing passport control. It’s good to view them as different limbs of the same body.
  6. HonoraryCitizen

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    Perhaps your roommate just wants you out and you’re not getting the hint. They’ll believe their attorney over you any day. I’ll move if the primary owner/renter/roommate doesn’t want me. And most human beings will choose the interests of their lover/future wife over friend anyways. What if something unrelated happened which delayed their petition? Guess who could be a convenient scapegoat. Time to start looking for a place, it’s the prudent forward looking choice.
  7. HonoraryCitizen


    Tell your friend first of all to seek competent legal help and information directly, not through second persons like you who will never have the full story. Signing up an account on VJ is free. Your friends story is either not adding up or you don’t have the facts. When an alien applies to change status via a timely nonfrivolous petition, he/she does not begin to accrue illegal presence until after USCIS adjudicates/denies the petition.
  8. HonoraryCitizen

    Impact on relationship

    Maybe start counting your blessings (literally) that you’re from a country where you can visit your partner in the USA visa free during the process will help. Most people don’t have that luxury. Marriage and relationships come with stress, nevermind immigration issues. You should both explore healthy mechanisms to cope. This is your opportunity while you actually don’t live together. Everything starts from the mind. Most people who have gone through will tell you, even after the process the first few months together are even worse particularly for the fiancé visa where the beneficiary cannot work or do much the first five six months after arriving in the USA. I would also get frustrated and suspicious if all my foreign spouse wants to talk about is her immigrant visa, so the onus is on you to change that. Personally I am by natural disposition a stoic and now I actually practice stoicism so my experience is different from most, very little fazes me. Everyone copes differently, for good or bad. I wish you both the best. Alcohol is never a solution. Enjoy the current friends and family you currently have, soon you won’t be seeing them much anymore, if at all.
  9. Having a joint bank account with good activity is taken as strong evidence of commingling finances. Unfortunately you simply do not have it, and you cannot and should not manufacture evidence especially at the last minute. You just have to file with what you have, they look at the entire picture not just one item. Doesn’t she have a 401k or pension to make you the main beneficiary? Joint credit cards? Cable/electricity bills?
  10. Personally I would do so. I place a very high value on education. Why should it hurt your F31 case? The only thing I could see is maybe the F31 hurting your F1 because F1 does not allow immigrant intent but an F31 shows you want to migrate. However if that comes up it can be easily explained. Yes you want to immigrate but NOT on F1. Many people with nonimmigrant visas simultaneously have immigrant petitions in process.
  11. Now you’re talking. Four years ago my classmate who had just returned to the USA from the home country after a three year attempt to repatriate (and hence didn’t have three years of taxes) had to give out some inducement to a cosponsor in order to get his spouse here. Human beings respond to inducement, quid pro quo
  12. HonoraryCitizen

    Letter of Invitation for B1/B2 visa (parents)

    I took enough advanced classes in statistics to know that correlation is not causation. I think I elaborated on my reasoning pretty clearly. Too bad if it wasn't clear enough to you and that you missed where I wrote that maybe 80% of the time, from those I know of in my country the consular officer asked. And yet how many people go for a US B visa without a bank statement? It would be extremely foolhardy to go for a visa interview without a bank statement. Like I wrote earlier, there is theory and there there is practice.
  13. HonoraryCitizen

    Letter of Invitation for B1/B2 visa (parents)

    I think the question of whether an invitation letter helps or harms a visitor visa application or not should be considered in proper context. Yeah I know someone quoted what is on the Department of State website about it not being needed however in life there is theory, and there is practice and many times things are different in practice than what is claimed in theory. I should know, I have invited thirteen of 17 friends and family to the USA over the past nineteen years I have been here. I will just give one scenario (which is very typical) to buttress my point. Suppose your friend/family say they are coming to visit for three to six weeks (as most applicants from my original country typical ask for), an invitation letter offering room and board saves the applicant anywhere from $2000 to $4000 (using hotel rates) for the duration. That significantly reduces the kind of ballpark figure consular officers will be expecting the applicant to possess in their bank accounts (of course I know consular officers assess a bigger financial picture than the closing balance in an applicants bank account however having a good closing balance helps) for the vacation length. Given the reality that most people from my country (and countries of similar socioeconomic status) cannot realistically show more than about $4000 in their bank accounts, having an invitation letter makes the application more credible because it is believable when an applicant says they are going to use $1500 to $2000 of their $4000 savings on a vacation to the USA. Additionally in my country the consular officers routinely ask for it, maybe 80% of the time. So in my opinion, despite the Department of State disclaimer, in practice at least for developing country applicants (like mine) invitation letters definitely help. Of course if you're wealthy or coming from an affluent country where spending $3000+ on a vacation is normal and won't raise a consular officers eyebrows, you do not need an invitation letter.
  14. Yes, if you are a legal permanent resident of the US (green card holder) you can return with your passport and green card less than six months before the passport expires No No. It will be good to retain the old one and carry along for your interview though. Regarding renewing the EAD, personally i wouldn't because August is a long way off and you could very well receive your green card by then.
  15. HonoraryCitizen

    Name Change AOS

    Yes it is possible however note that depending on which state you are in, changing your name on a marriage certificate can be viewed a a legal change of name. Of course anything can happen. Anything unusual can cause USCIS to question. That is the business in which they are, questioning things.