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  1. Where do you pull that number from? The adjusted refusal rate for Nigeria is 45%. Many, probably most people from West Africa granted B visas to the USA have family here. https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/Non-Immigrant-Statistics/RefusalRates/FY17.pdf Really would not matter. She has decent chances of getting the visa. Be confident and go ahead and apply. Over the years seven members of my family (and several other friends) have applied to visit me. My being an American resident/citizen did not hinder their application. Ignore the chatter about Nigeria being a high fraud country or whatever and think positive. She should not say she is coming to take care of the baby because that can be considered work. She's simply coming to visit you and see her new grandchild. Congratulations on the baby and best wishes.
  2. The issue is that they are within their rights to deny the petition because you did not submit all documents requested. I mean you’re even lucky they fired of an RFE. New USCIS policy says they should be denying incomplete petitions without even bothering to send out RFE’s. That said in your case missing out on sending a passport picture should not be fatal to your application. Best wishes, I think your odds of success are high.
  3. Why should it be a problem? It only becomes a problem when in the future she wants to adjust status through marriage to another man. At that point they may want to check the bonafides of the previous marriage. Definitely not a concern if she’s applying through the same person she’s been married to for years. But sure if you want to formally abandon it, there’s no filing fee.
  4. They’re using an electronic system now. No need to be anxious about anything.
  5. Is that just a ceremony or legally binding? If it’s just a ceremony without legal basis, it’s not a marriage. In any case why are you, self admittedly a non US citizen who doesn’t live in the USA invested in reporting someone for a supposed crime in the USA? You should mind your own business or report it to the authorities in your country if you care to.
  6. Please stick to factual information. Don’t assume because Ghana is a poor developing country you can say anything negative about the country and it will turn out to be true. Every unemployment report you can find about Ghana on Google puts the unemployment rate between 3% to 5.5%. So most Ghanaians have a job, even if their wages are low. The unemployment rate is low. Ghanaians face enough challenges without adding nonexistent ones.
  7. Got that right, a small cabal of know it alls who live to one up other people’s posts! 🤣 Best wishes on the new chapter of your life in the USA and way to go on preparing a video on the K-1 process.
  8. No. None of their business and they don’t care anyways. They’re not immigration. They will not keep your originals, no worries. You are good to go.
  9. Your permanent resident card is valid on the surface, there’s no question about that. CBP won’t call to question you in Germany so the airline is not going to stop you in Germany. You should not be negative about your prospects considering all the information you’re getting to the contrary. A negative disposition won’t serve you well if CBP decides to grill you upon arrival. Those guys are trained to pick up on negative body language, nervousness etc.
  10. It is unnecessary particularly when in my submission I had already said assuming equal probability of individual outcomes. That caveat alone makes it clear equal probability is not actual but for simplicity of analysis.🙄
  11. Being unnecessarily picky serves no purpose. We’re not preparing a paper to be published in the international journal of mathematics. Jeez!
  12. Crushed about what? This is nothing. Heck I had more egregious issues with my own name than this and it was never a problem. Go ahead and file!
  13. Two years ago my very good friend asked me the same. His brother had returned to our country for a little over two years (didn't plan to return but plans went awry) and was planning to come back. I laid out all the reasons why it was a bad idea to return without a SB-1. One month later my friend called me and said his brother was back in the USA. I asked what happened at immigration. His reply was nothing at all. Basically what the other posters are telling you is that if you come on your green card, four possible things could happen. Remember they legally cannot turn a permanent resident away at the airport. Let's do some elementary probability of the scenarios assuming equal probability of individual outcomes You enter without being questioned - Good You are questioned, but let in with a lecture - Good You are questioned and paroled in to go and face an immigration judge who determines you have not abandoned status - Good You are questioned and paroled in to go and face an immigration judge who determines you have abandoned status and deports you. - Bad Of these four things, which could happen three are good meaning a 75% success rate. However if you choose to apply for an SB-1 visa, only two things could happen You get the visa You do not get the visa and permanently stuck in your country Of these two things which could happen only one is good meaning a 50% success rate. The conclusion is that when a returning permanent resident is in doubt, they should always choose the option of returning without applying for an SB-1 because that option has the highest probability of success.
  14. 🤔🤣🤔🤣 Indeed VJ is literally sometimes stranger than fiction.
  15. Choosing to call your dog a horse doesn’t make it a horse. A dog is a dog is a dog. A marriage certificate is a marriage certificate. She’s married. That said Ghana is country where anything goes and I can produce a legitimate death certificate while I am alive and walking around. I should know, that’s where I am originally from. So to answer your question, they’re married and if he fills out his visa application as unmarried, it’s fraud. That said the probability it’s ever found out (without them admitting it themselves or committing a blunder) is almost nil. The choice is theirs to do what is right, or what is convenient. I won’t sermonize.
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