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  1. Thanks for the reassurance. She has never used another name on any official documents so I think we should be okay. Really appreciate your site as well, so helpful to have all that information aggregated together in one place. Thanks again!
  2. No, sorry for not being more clear, her passport and other documents have her first name as Ma but on the birth cert they added the period after the a. Just wondering if that is significant enough to warrant an AKA necessary. Thanks for your response
  3. Hello all, Looking for a bit of advice here. My fiance's first name is Maria, but abbreviated as Ma on all of her documents aside from her birth certificate where it is listed as Ma. with a period. Do you this this minor change would warrant an AKA on her Nbi clearance? Really want to avoid getting a 221g and delaying things further. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. My Case changed to "Ready" on CEAC this morning as well, but according to DHL, it just left Cincinnati this morning 😁. Ill choose the believe the State Dept haha
  5. I expanded the dates to from the 5th to the 7th. DHL shows they received the shipment information on the 7th
  6. DHL tracking is working for me now as well. Hope it ships out soon!
  7. Just checked, we're "In Transit" too! On to the next!
  8. I am interested to know this as well as my fiance is a govt employee currently and will be quitting prior to emigrating. She was denied leaving the Philippines on a trip to Thailand with me back in February due to not having a travel authority.
  9. Well, that was quick. Received 7/24, Case number assigned 7/26. Just waiting for Aug 6th now.
  10. Thank you and good luck to you as well! I agree, always better to under promise and over deliver. Hoping for good news for all of us soon!
  11. Called this morning and was told our case was received yesterday. Progress! Really hope it doesnt take the 8 weeks they advised to be assigned a case number...
  12. Glad to be joining you all here, got our NOA2 on June 25th.
  13. Super happy to get our NOA2 in the mail today. NOA1 March 12, NOA2 June 25. Websites must be lagging as they both show as petition received. On to the next step, best of luck to everyone still waiting!
  14. Informed delivery says I have a letter from USCIS coming today, can see page 1 of 1 in the window. Hoping for good news!
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