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  1. Ridiculous that your lawyer said that... You probably have a decent case, went to a womens shelter for it, went to a therapist and discussed it. You were not just mentally and emotionally but sexually abused. Get out and try to do VAWA. I wish you the best.
  2. Look at tax treaties. Some nations have a treaty with the US to avoid double taxation. I don't know if its possible with a social security. I'd imagine not.
  3. Yeah I thought he was lying to her. Thanks guys, though it seems theres a bit of struggle anyway yikes!
  4. My wife was told she'd get BAH for me but I wouldnt get tricare and other benefits. Is this true?
  5. You know I wanted to say try marriage counselling but this is just ridiculous... I hope everything goes well with the divorce. I am just wondering, when you were filing for your petition, was it all flowers and honey? Cause I'm sure you didn't predict this! (or maybe you did...)
  6. You're in their country and youre insulting them 😐🤔 Don't let your one situation dictate your view of all Americans, as my expat-coworker once said to me "Why would I say bad things about the people who gave me the country I live in!"
  7. I did read this. I came to VJ for some double-confirmation. You guys are great at that. That's true. Hmmm. To be fair, we're sending our i-130 off literally tomorrow so I'm not sure about that entirely. Depending on service centre, RFE's, etc. Yes. We're not from a high fraud country or anything but we definitely want some more evidence. I'm always going down the better safe than sorry route lol and also because we're always sending money to each other, it would be nice if I could just put money into a joint account more easily. It'll definitely save a lot of needing to keep finances separate. Especially as this process is gonna make my life go on hold for a while 😟
  8. That's probably where we differ as we didn't go in person. but the previous person stated the benefit of ITIN anyway so I think that route is fine anyway.
  9. Huh. My spouse is in SA too and they said the opposite to me. Strange. Maybe its worth calling them up again. Cool. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
  10. Hello. My wife currently holds an account with Navy Federal and we contacted them to see if I could be put in as a joint account owner or atleast to have an account, as her father said that he knew people in the Navy that had done that with their non-resident alien spouses. Navy Federal said we need to apply for the ITIN. Will applying for the ITIN bring any negative benefits into my life e.g. double taxation or the like. I'd really like to have this account as it'd help jumpstart a lot of stuff for when I get to the US. Thank you!
  11. Hey, Just a last check before I ship out the i-130, should we put N/A in EVERY box, including like preparers signature (as we didnt have a preparer) and the parts saying "if this doesnt apply to you dont file in part __a - ___d" to avoid getting a RFE
  12. Ah. Yeah. My petitioner lives close to the TSC and I would honestly be okay with that, some of these service centers seem a lot slower than TSC.
  13. Woah. That's super fast. Do they just have less workload to manage or something? or do they just manage spousal visas?
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