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  1. What kind of questions were asked at the border? My missus is coming in the next few days.
  2. Not expecting anything to come anytime soon, just playing the waiting game now 😕
  3. I am hoping they lower it considering there won't be fiance visas, work visas, exchange visas, etc going to Knightsbridge so more slots open for us
  4. It says that I had a mental health consult that's all. The real explanation is that I was having issues at the time with sleeping and was wondering if it was possibly due to a family member's passing. I used to work nights at the NHS as a Porter so I had to see occupational health if I had any concerns like this, I didn't know it got logged. It's either that or it's falsely on my record. I fear if I pay the £20 it'll make it seem like it's a much bigger issue, I read for some people if its a passing mention they'll be fine with it. I will check in my GP to be safe anyway, thank you.
  5. But... do I really? It shows as one visit and theres no evidence of anxiety, depression or any other situation being shown. I don't see why they'd take it as seriously as something showing real mental health on a patient summary. I just don't want to spend the £20 as I didn't even see my GP for this, I saw occupational health at work.
  6. Asking people here but did your health summary get called a "patient summary" to you and have your inactive and your active conditions on it? It doesnt mention literally any hospital visits, me breaking my wrist, spraining my arm, etc etc, it just says stuff like when I had chickenpox twice, my flu when I was about 9 and I went to see someone for mental health in 2018 (mentions nothing of me seeing the doctor for mental health when I was 15, though I wasnt prescribed any antidepressants and I was underage maybe he just left it out?) Just wondering cause I am very confused if I got the right one, I know the vaccines are right but i don't know about mine, if it is right happy days I don't have to get anything written by my GP then. I want to mention I am from a service family as my father did 20 years Royal Engineers, so I moved around a lot as a child and I went from living with my mum and my dad so I switched from names pretty periodically.
  7. Vaccine could be available by September due to a major breakthrough today, the trial was hugely successful and trained the immune system to resist COVID-19. You do get a headache but it isn't as bad as the actual COVID-19 fever or headache, it is manageable with paracetamol. https://www.indiatvnews.com/news/good-news/coronavirus-vaccine-by-september-oxford-university-trial-on-track-astrazeneca-634907 I'd imagine US government workers are essential, I would imagine they'd get the vaccine pretty quick.
  8. Is that not a term in the South? Been using that all my life 😭
  9. At their peak, monthly they were hitting 5000 approved, a majority (and I'm talking like 90%+) were tourist visas, fiance visas and others not detailed here. Spousal and family visas were such a small part of it, I think if they get back to working standard they can smash us all out in about two months.
  10. What are you guys expediting under?
  11. CR-1 backlog is going to be crazy, the faster they deal with it, the better but no, bureaucracy of course.
  12. Complain as much as you want. I've had enough of this process all the way. When we first filed for our CR1, I remember I watched so many youtube videos on success stories and I read through almost every thread here. I was so excited and I remember thinking "Oh? Eight months waiting? That's nothing. That's how long we waited to see each other for the first time!" and then we got told we were going to Nebraska, eight months turned into a year and now here we are, stuck in limbo. I am so done with this. I have put my entire life on hold for this, I was planning to go back to school (I am a Carpenter/Roofer by trade, I left school at 16 to go to an apprenticeship) but I put it off after we filed for obvious reasons, I haven't had a full time job since September 2019, yes... seriously, I just do temp work now cause what's the point of getting a full time position, I haven't practiced my trade since, I could get my interview next month if everything was done well by the embassy! I moved back in with my parents and got rid of my apartment when we got moved to NVC cause my lease ran out, so now I'm stuck here too. I think I've had enough of shut up and wait. If you knew me in person I am the type that will always be fine with shutting up and waiting, I can't believe I hit a breaking point. Getting that out felt good and it was pretty productive honestly. I feel much worse for the K-1's though cause we'll be prioritized over them when it reopens. But yes, the embassy literally could start having mission critical interviews. I don't know what is stopping them, yes, in March, it was 10k cases a day, 1k deaths a day. It was very scary, I remember being at work and thinking okay fair enough, it's not safe. It is so much safer now than it was then, more science is out and if they care that much I will literally buy the whole PPE set, face guard, gloves, an apron. Just let me have my TEN MINUTE INTERVIEW.
  13. Don't give me another deadline to wish for.
  14. Well. The magical 15th has passed.
  15. Yes that actually makes sense, wonder why they would get transferred to different SC's instead of just one main one?
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