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  1. Just a quick warning to anyone who has an interview upcoming or is expecting to have one booked soon. I noticed a lot of people asking if they need financial documents, they didn't ask for mine. (At the interview itself) One person even offered to give them the documents and the man realized his mistake. I know it's shocking but don't make it harder on yourself. Bring the documents but just give them what's asked for
  2. You have to wait outside, unless you are the applicant or one of the applicants you aren't allowed inside (this is due to COVID) There is a cafe outside! I didn't try it but theres also a lot of places to sit down so I wouldn't necessarily worry.
  3. Had my interview today and was approved (woohoo.) Just wondering, tracking my case going to issued is that going to be through the ceac status check? It still says Ready instead of AP or Issued. And courier info, will I get an email when its at the depot?
  4. So do I not pay if its not premium delivery? I'm a bit confused.... Don't want it delivered to my house as I work 12 hour shifts and I won't be there to sign for it most likely.
  5. I can pay for the courier there? where is it!! Is that the premium delivery?
  6. So I only have to pay the £20 for the courier fee at the interview and the £220 after I get issued the visa? That is all that is left right?
  7. If it isnt on your summary care record, it isnt important enough to mention.
  8. Really easy. Went there, filled in a form, got pushed into a waiting room, then saw a doctor, got prodded, weight and height taken, asked a bunch of questions I obviously said no to cause I've lived a pretty healthy life. They never even asked about the mental health consult but to be fair, it is a CONSULT, I did hear them talk about it among themselves and I think I heard them say to just amend it so maybe they think that cus it was listed as a consult, I was just talking to my GP about how I was feeling (which is actually what happened.) Then I had my x-ray taken and then my vaccinations looked over and the ones I didn't have given to me. The people were really nice, the guy doing the x-ray's is a BAME fella, really awesome person, easy to talk to. I was missing one shot apparently and I spent about £40 on it. After that I just paid and left. It was one of the easiest experiences I've had at a doctors. Onto the interview!
  9. Can't really do that now. Tried to get it with my GP and he just said "Don't do it" and my medical is tomorrow. Not paying £300 for psych either unless they do one at the interview itself...
  10. They also seem to really care more about how it affects the petitioner than you. If a petitioner has an issue, that's affecting an American citizen and you, an immigrant, can provide the help she requires. The beneficiary is a citizen of a different nation they dont care.
  11. I only have one mental health issue on my file, it is just one appointment I had ever. Do you think they will raise any concerns? Doesnt say I ever took any SSRI's or anti-anxiety or I was ever hospitalized.
  12. I don't get the point of what you said. How is it more than stressful than anyone else? I didn't say it was, I was saying that I was freaking out cause I was stressed and upset that my interview got cancelled, wouldn't you be? I got one for the 30th through expedites for perfectly legitimate medical reasons. I don't see how this is the issue? Why are you upset that I got an expedite? Yes I'm lucky, my wife isn't though, she's got a problem that'll persist for the rest of her life. No need to be condescending.
  13. Seems I jumped the gun a bit early by freaking out over this. We were on hold with the NVC for over a hour, they said people have been calling all week saying this exactly and that we're fine. Thank god. This process has been so long and stressful.
  14. My interview date on the 30th got cancelled. But it says on the portal it isn't??? I don't know whats specifically wrong with it or why it got cancelled. That's my problem. I don't know if rebooking will be a waste of time or not, everyone else seems to get to their expedited interview so I don't know why mine was cancelled. It was on a Wednesday if that means anything.
  15. The 30th, my appointment day. Is still taken on the website. I am very confused. Emailed the embassy but it just closed. I'm sure I wont get a reply until tomorrow
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