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  1. Hi MeghanK, Just wanted to share the good news with you that after submitting out reply on December 10, we got our approval letter today dated December 28!!!! Best regards, Cris
  2. Hi MeghanK, My fiancé gave the court a call again and this time he was asked to get a public records request. We're waiting to hear back from them. Thank you so much for your suggestion, we almost submitted what we have but at least this is more thorough! I'll update once we have news from the court and police department. Many thanks, Maria
  3. Dear Fellow VJers, My Fiancé and I received an RFE requesting for "certified copies of all court and police records, showing the charge and disposition for the mentioned case. This is required even if your records were sealed or otherwise cleared or if anyone, including a judge, law enforcement office, or attorney told you that you no longer have a record." In our K1 packet, we included a copy of of the Abstract of Court Record, stamped and signed by the Richland MS Municipal court. It had the Defendant's details, stated the Violation and Disposition of the case (case is stamped Remanded). Since we received the RFE letter, my fiancé again went to the court and presented the RFE letter to ask for more assistance. He was informed it was all they have on the case and recommended for him to contact the PD via email which he did. Days later, he was informed that they only have the Abstract (same document that he had obtained before) and that it should suffice. However, we are quite nervous to submit the same document we attached before but problem is we feel like we have exhausted the resources to get more documentation from the authorities. Hoping someone can help us or give their opinion on this? Many thanks in advance, Maria