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  1. @HarryHerc check this website https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor Call and ask for the price to get them to file medical form. It is different from one office to another. I got mine done in Jackson, Ms. it took me around 3 weeks after I got it done. They need to fill out the paperwork after they get the blood test back
  2. Hey bud,


    What questions do you have?


    We filed almost 2 years ago. We got conditional card last October. Family based.

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    2. Italian7


      So you are in america, you are the one needed a green card. Your spouse is re-question  you.


      A)  I need to send all my forms along with documentation to Chicago lockbox right?


      Yes, put all your documents in one big envelope. You should be sending like 5 or 6 forms on small envelopes. Easy cover letter on each file. Make sure everything 8x11 sheet of paper. Same with pictures.


      Locker or P.O.Box address is for USPS


      There is another address for Fedex and UPS. Keep that in mind.


      Track it number are your friends, don't be cheap 


      For example: form 1 should be:


      1)  I-130 | Petition for Alien Relative

      2) I-485 | Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

      3) I-765 | Application for Employment Authorization

      4) Sealed envelope with Doctor's forms. Make sure it is sealed

      5) I-131 | Application for Travel Document. This is to travel outside of the country. I didn't do it

      6)Form G-1145, Request for e-Notification

      7) Affidavie of support.


      You might want to check the fees, and the I-131


      B) - how should we physically structure our file? Any cover letter to be added? Should we compile everything in one envelope and send it? I want to file myself and don’t want to give lawyers thousands of dollars.


      Read this:





      BRING BAD ### ALBUM TO THE INTERVIEW. he dint even look at anything else. We had an album for the wedding, and another album with all of pictures. 


      You can always update you pictures. They actually rejected my album of photos when we sent it with the package. SO they only saw pictures at the interview.


      Bull clips or 2 punch folders are your friend. Staples are not.


      C) - We’re getting our friend to file i864 for us as my wife doesn’t work right now due to covid. We will be providing 3 years of tax returns, W2s, pay stubs. Is that good enough?


      How wealthy is your friends? Does he have family? Has he done this before? 


      If he or she  is single, no kids, and makes more than 50K per year. He should be okay. Does he or she have more than 100k in the bank? 


      I am telling you this because my wife did not have a job, but she has over 100k in her bank account. That was good enough.


      The minimum money requires is 125% above the poverty line for 2 people per year  (It has to be less than 25k by now) or 5 times that in saving.


      You interview would be in year or so. You can update your form or bring your wife stuff. 


      The process is easy, but long. SIGN everything. USCIS application are like bake. Try to bake a cake without eggs, it wont turn well. aka, do not forget something.


      FILL each form electronically, and make sure you have the latest one.


      I had Lawyer, but I had an easy case. I did not needed the lawyer to be honest, but pay attention. 


      It will probably take you 2 full weekend to get this done. 


      Start one form at the time.


      Also, get your medical form apportionment in soon.


      Yes, it is school day at work. lol



    3. HarryHerc


      Got it! Thank you brother for these answers! very valuable info.

      ill let you know if I have any other question.


      have a good day

    4. HarryHerc


      Hi Buddy,


      another question, where did you get your medical done in New Orleans? And how long do they take to give back the results?

      let me know!



  3. We did it! We had our interview yesterday in the New Orleans office. It took about 29 minutes from the moment we checked in until the moment we stepped out of the building. They took my finger print on one window, then pick up my interview notice on the other window. we waited less than 5 minutes in the waiting area before they called our name. there were 2 other couples there plus one individual person. the interview started with Interviewer asking us to swear and sign piece of paper about it. Then, my spouse signed document that says she will support me financially (about I-864). He goes over the I-485 with me first. He checks our address, asked my wife about my birthday, and parents names. He asked if she has met them, and where. Then, he goes over the legal questions with me. later, We do the same with her I-130. She goes over the petition with her, and asks me about the personal questions like (parents names, birthday, date of marriage). then, he asked us to see our marriage certificate, and scanned it. Next, he ask if we have any new document about “bona-fida” of our marriage. We gave him brand new lease that we signed 4 days earlier. Then, I started pulling out stack of paper to hand them out to him while he went over the lease. Like bank statement, car insurance, utilities bills, Amex statement, life insurance.) My wife tells him we also have 2 albums of pictures and if he wants to see them while I am pulling the paperwork out of the folder. he said “of course, please tell me summary of y’all relationship” We tell him our story while he is looking at the picture. He is not done looking at the pictures while we finished our story. I was about to hand him our all our paper evidence when he says. “Okay, I believe you marriage is real. Your application is approved today. You will get it in the next couple weeks” Thanks for y’all guy help. If you have any other questions, just let me know.
  4. Got the letter today. It came from the national center (Missouri) the interview is October 22 of 2020. my PD is August 27 of 2019. ready to Schedule to Interview since March 16 of 2020.
  5. We are back! @Letspaintcookies @Rusk Marcotte As you might know, I did AOS while already inside the US on student visa (F1). We have been married for 1.5 years, and we applied over 1 years ago. Just got this email 1 hour ago.
  6. @Letspaintcookies hey, would you mind sharing the link of that forum? I would love to email this person to ask him more details about it like. Was his interview supposed to be in March and got cancelled due to Covid? When did he get the notification Good information for sure. I have only seen Naturalization interviews and ceremony oath done in NOLA since they opened
  7. Hey guys, Does anybody know what document we need to submit and where to renew EAD card while AOS is pending? I have read this is free of cost if you have copy of your first EAD I-765 notice if you filed you I485 combine thanks
  8. Actually, somebody here has naturalization interview at NOLA on 09-29-2020. I guess they are still working on them first
  9. @Volts, no, I have not called the at all. According USCIS website, processing time is anywhere between 11 to 36 months for AOS in NOLA. I did read here that somebody had an Oath ceremony at New Orleans 2 months ago. She told me that there were only 7 people at the ceremony.
  10. Good afternoon, Does anybody know the difference between "Field Office" and "Application Support Center" I just read that the "Application Support Center" will open for the public on: Louisiana New Orleans Will reopen to the public on 07/20/2020. Hope we start getting rescheduling notices soon. Link: https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-office-closings
  11. New Orleans people, Can you please write here if you have any updates about your interviews or know about somebody else? Thanks @Letspaintcookies @Rusk Marcotte @LHINKLEY2
  12. Do you know somebody else timeline? let me know if you have any updates.
  13. I am looking for more people filling at the New Orleans office. Can you share your timeline? This is my timeline Currently at NBC I130, I485, EAD, plus medical 08/27/19 Arrived to Chicago Lockbox by Fedex 09/10/19 NOAs I-485, EAD 09/12/19 NOA I-130 They were both processed 09/04/19 09/14/19 Biometric schedule for 09/24/19. 04/15/20 EAD delivered 03/16/20 I-485 "ready to schedule"
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