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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could apply for a F-1 Visa while my I-130 is pending? How would the process be like? Would I have to go through AOS? Please help!
  2. Chantiago

    NVC Processing prices

    @geowrian Thank you! Always a good help What do you mean by filing separate forms? I only had to file I-130 because we don't have any children
  3. My I-130 is currently pending and I am intending to visit my husband in the States! I'm planning to stay for around 80ish days with my VWP... Would this be okay..? I just want to be with my husband 😢
  4. Hi everyone! I'm waaaaay far off from getting my I-130 approved but I was just curious about the prices for the NVC process because I know it'll be quite expensive. How much in total would it be throughout the entire process as of now? I wanted to know in advance so I can prepare for it in the future and that my hubby and I wouldn't be struggling :') I pray everyone is doing well and that your processes will be quick! Have faith everyone❤️
  5. Chantiago

    Consular Processing

    @geowrian @TM92 Thank y'all for the help! I cancelled my appointment and just decided to go to the States with my VWP. But, entering with my VWP would have no problem right..? As long as I have my return tickets and show strong proof of coming back? My husband was stationed in Korea but he left before we got married I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait!
  6. Chantiago

    Consular Processing

    Agreed. @Chantiago, if you want to avoid a negative effect from B-2 denial on your VWP, then you could stop the B-2 process, if you wish. But entirely your choice. Thank you so much! Y'all are so helpful! I've been frantically going around seeking information and you guys really helped a lot and answered all my questions. 😭 So, I guess it's not really worth it to go for the B-2 visa right...? If only I had the information sooner! 😧 What happens if I don't go to the interview? Can I cancel the appointment? I know I won't be able to get a refund but would I still be able to cancel? Also! My husband is currently serving in the US Military. Does this have any power over the petition? I've seen some cases that were processed much quicker because of said reason.
  7. Chantiago

    Consular Processing

    You're fine to apply. Just know the consequences if refused. being refused is more likely than not while mid-process. Return tickets have no impact on the decision. You could just refuse to return home on a whim. Actually, it is highly suggested not to have tickets until the visa is in hand. If I showed my copy of the NOA1, would this be effective? Because I must come back to Korea to finish off my process... Would that be considered legitimate proof of me returning to Korea? I just want to be with my husband
  8. Chantiago

    Consular Processing

    No; there is no requirement that states that. Oooh, thank you for your reply! But I would still have to return to Korea for the rest of the process right? Just a FYI, all COs presume immigrant intent by law for the B-2. A pending I-130 is another negative for a B-2. If the B-2 is denied, then VWP can be affected: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1097/~/previously-denied-a-visa-or-immigration-benefit But a B-2 denial has zero effect (positive or negative) on an immigrant visa, as long as there is no fraud. Good luck! 😮!! I am aware that the B2 visa approval isn't the easiest with a pending petition, but would it be okay as long as I state that I must come back? And also show my return tickets?
  9. Hello! I'm new here 😛 So, my husband recently filed the I-130 in the States and I am currently residing in Korea. Do I have to be within my country during the entire process? Or can I go to the States to finish it off? Would I be able to schedule the interviews while I'm in the States if the petition gets approved? I also have an interview coming up for my B2 visa so I can go visit my husband for a bit. I do fall under VWP but I wanted to stay with him for a bit longer so I applied for that. Would this cause any trouble?