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  1. You receive it exactly after 4 days the website updates. Unfortunately, you have to wait for the mail. You can’t call and ask. I tried but they would only send an email if you don’t get it by 30 days. 😐
  2. I got the RFE for intent to marry back on April 4th and submitted by April 15. Haven’t heard back since then while I’ve seen people who submitted by May get approved already. It’s highly random. 😕
  3. Hi What did you guys do finally? I'm in the same boat. I'm about to apply for 2023 spring.
  4. So I received RFE on 4th April, sent back and got acknowledged on 15th April. (NOA1 - 5th April) Haven’t heard back ever since. How long are they taking to approve people who got RFE’s?
  5. You can’t do that. I was desperately hoping there would be a way to see it online. Even tried calling USCIS, apparently they will only send it after two weeks via e-mail if you don’t end up getting physical copy 😒 You have to wait for the physical mail. Most people get it in 4 days once the website updates. Should be something small! Good luck!
  6. First time, we wrote separately. Signed electronically though. Forgot to state “90 states” Second time, did the same thing but did wet signature (printed and signed). I’m the beneficiary. I scanned and sent. I think like somebody else they are looking for explicitly written 90 days on the paper and signed. Then again, it depends on the CO.
  7. I know right!! We received RFE on the 364th day when we were highly anticipating for a decision 😪
  8. Relax! It totally depends on the CO looking at your case. Somebody I know personally never included 90 days and got approved without any RFE. So there are chances you might too! Worst case, if you get RFE, At least you’ll see some movement. Honestly I thought my case was stuck in a black hole. I was glad to see some movement.
  9. Yeah but isn’t it self implied if one mentioned “getting married as soon as beneficiary arrives in the US”
  10. I guess it’s depends on the case officer who is looking at your case. We got unlucky. The first time, we did digital signature. Maybe because of that? I think wet signature is always better. It’s also frustrating how one needs to wait for the physical mail for 3-4 days to actually find out what was missing. 😕
  11. So, it was about intent to marry within 90 days. We still aren’t sure why that was asked because we wrote a detailed letter on how we met and how we will get married along with boarding pass, pictures. My guess is we didn’t explicitly state “90 days” but I thought it was self implied. Turns out it’s not. So, this time, we wrote a letter again and sent along with pictures and financial support documents. It’s strange how a lot of people are getting RFE for various reasons.
  12. Same here. We sent the documents asked for a few days back. Haven’t heard anything from them so far. I also wanted to know if I can submit an enquiry when my NOA1 date passes in the website or wait for 60 days since date of response of RFE. Thanks in Advance!
  13. Has anyone received a response like this before? ~ I just want to know if it is a generic response. I received the same response for my first inquiry. I’ve seen this a number of times for other people as well.
  14. Thanks! Looks like I wasted an enquiry. Now we have to wait for two months to our date. Sigh. 😐
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