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  1. How many people have had to take a police certificate with them and actually had to turn it in at interview? I've seen one is not needed for Pakistan, but lawyer suggests one. TIA
  2. Ayesha Kakar

    Immigration wait destroys marriages?

    Our pd is may 18, 2018...Potomac. still awaiting approval
  3. Ayesha Kakar

    Immigration wait destroys marriages?

    The main reason for posting this question was merely curiosity. Many things factor into relationships not making it. And it isn't a matter of not loving each other either. The stresses of this process, regardless of knowing what you sign up for in the beginning, can become more than one or both ever expected. Yes, you should know what you signed up for when you start this whole relationship, marriage, immigration process. And majority do, and believe they can make it through these stresses....but no one knows the extent until you go through it. This was not a post in relation to my own marriage or our own stresses with this wait to be together. It was just as I said, merely curiosity.....thank you everyone for their opinions.
  4. Ayesha Kakar

    Immigration wait destroys marriages?

    You leave in just over a week, don't you? I'm sure you can not sleep from anxiousness
  5. If everyone who signed up on this site and created their timeline would update theirs when things progress, it would help the rest of us following that are trying to get an idea of wait times.
  6. How many married couples have ended up separating, divorcing before, or divorcing after the immigration process all because of how long the wait is and the depression and anxiety created from it all?
  7. Can you update your timeline for us that are following how long each process is taking?
  8. Good luck and congratulations
  9. We have stayed in Lahore or Islamabad the 3 times I've gone over. We have made plans for me to go to Quetta but as it got close to my trip last September, Trump had made remarks that caused issues and made traveling an increased threat to US citizens. You are lucky his uncle is an officer and could assist you, my husband doesn't have that to help us. I've been told by him that when I do get there in Quetta it will be a sight for everyone lol.
  10. The last time I applied for a Visa to enter Pakistan was after our marriage. It was the fastest I ever got it back and it is now a family Visa with multiple entries for 5 years with stays that can last up to a year, instead of a tourist Visa with more restrictions. That type of Visa will help with staying an extended time.
  11. We stayed in Islamabad because Quetta (where he and family are from) was not safe at that time with killings of tourists and locals. So we stayed somewhere safer and family came to us.
  12. I will be following this as my husband, who is from Pakistan, and I met over 3 years ago through Facebook. But since then I've been to Pakistan 3 times to be with him. 1st trip was 11 days, 2nd trip 30 days and was when we married (ended up renting an apartment for the month and have the rent agreement for it), 3rd trip 17 days. So 3 trips in 18 months. And I'm curious to see what was asked in his interview and find out the reasons given for denial. If you dont mind me asking, when did you marry? I'm confused with the timeline of 6 years together and married but only going to meet him once. I'm sorry that you are struggling through this, and dont have clear answers from his interview. Hopefully you get the full details soon.
  13. I have seen that some petitions in February have already been approved, so hopefully any time now yours will be, InshaAllah.
  14. Congratulations on your approval I have been following the processing times along with where we are ranked, to when someone has gone on to update there timeline showing they've been approved. But now that we are into September 2018, anyone's petition before October 2017 doesn't show on the list of unapproved or approved petitions.
  15. Hi my PD is May 18, 2018 at Potomac and my husband is the beneficiary who is from Pakistan. I wanted to connect with others going through Potomac. If you could share your PD, progress of your petition, and what country the beneficiary is from, and even updates after getting NOA2...that would be great. I pray for everyone's swift approvals so we may be reunited with our loved ones soon. Thank you