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  1. This is good news. You will be get card in one week. Best of luck.
  2. How long can stay outside to US on Green Card Holder?
  3. I have a friend who came on IR1 visa 6 months ago but he is going back to emergency Pakistan for 4 months. Is there any problem travel just in 6 month's got green card?
  4. I have USCIS online account and send inquiries there so many times. Always same replied wait. Finally after 5 month's I got Green Card. Please not worry because you have already Green Card one year which stamp on your passport.
  5. My Green card arrived after 5 month's. In pandemic so late that's why not worried.
  6. I got my Green card on this month. It's take 5 month's but finally in hand. Alhamdulillah
  7. Hi, how re you. Are you receive your card. Because I am still waiting for that. I send inquiry by online account they said wait more 45 days. Almost 145 days completed. But still waiting.
  8. Still not receive my card. I don't know it's to much time more then 120 days. I called on USCIS number but they said only this we received your fee and wait for 120 days. Other I said inquiry by online account but nothing still. Hopefully this month will be come.
  9. I send Inquiry to USCIS and they said your card in pending.
  10. Showing on Green card tracking, Immigrant visa fee payment received. Other don't any information about green card.
  11. I arrived in US May 1,2021. It's almost 2 months and half. But still waiting for my Permanent Resident card. I don't know this is normal for pandemic or always take time because when paid fee for Card they said 90 days for wait.
  12. Thanks for replied. Just a simple job as Sales man and sign the paper. This totally not understand that's why asked on this platform.
  13. Thanks for replied. When I will be get form Conflict of Interest then will be show any friend or lawyer who has knowledge this otherwise not sign any paper without understand.
  14. I work one shop in Mall North Carolina. I started job from this month. My boss said me you have to sign form Conflict of Interest. I said why he said if you left job then you cannot be work this mall any shop's. I am not understand what is this. Other this is illegal forced not can be work other mall shop?
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