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  1. Rkhan@123

    Joint sponsor

    Thanks a lot for replied me and good advise me. I shall be do same. May ALLAH bless you. Ameen
  2. Rkhan@123

    Joint sponsor

    On NVC submitted all Papers and they said your Petitioner income is insufficient and you need joint sponsor or counselor will be on interview make decision. We not found Before case closed but now found.
  3. My case Complete in NVC and Interview date February 20,2019. I had not joint sponsor before case complete but now I have it what can I do for bring with me interview joint sponsor or any other option send to NVC?
  4. Rkhan@123

    NVC stage

    Thanks a lot for replied me. May ALLAH bless you. Ameen
  5. Rkhan@123

    NVC stage

    It's mean after Ds 260 fill then will be all from Petitioner and Beneficiary side upload all Civil documents and I864 and all supporting documents.
  6. Hi, VJ friends I have one confusion about NVC process I paid August 24,2018 Aos fee and now payment in Progress and now wait for when payment is paid then submit I 864 and will be pay immigration visa fee then will be able to Ds 260 fill and upload civil documents.
  7. IRS Transcript is in English and I already made episodes for Paid IRS and my Episodes will be finish on October 2018 and but I asked about Local State Tax papers in Spanish.
  8. Hi, all of VJ members and hope all of them fine. I have one question about Tax papers will be submit NVC stage but I have papers in Spanish because Tax papers from Puerto Rico. NVC will be accept Spanish papers or need in English?
  9. It's illegal but company don't put on book then what you will be do or left that job. I asked you very simple if you can understand if company not put on book then how you can from yourself put on book and paid taxes?
  10. Question is very simple. My wife will be apply for me CR1 visa and all my documents like marriage certificate and birth certificate need attest from foreign office in Pakistan?
  11. Hello Everyone, First step on USCIS process from Beneficary Pakistani man need document's attestion from Foreign office of Pakistan.
  12. May ALLAH your process make complete and soon your husband will be there with you. Ameen
  13. I read all but when call to immigration department they said need affidavit also that's why asked here. Other read and call immigration and discuss with VJ members more good have a complete knowledge.
  14. Thanks a lot Member Victoryrider1 you advise me. May ALLAH bless you. Ameen
  15. Hi, hope all VJ members fine. I have one question when go for submit CR1 visa petition need affidavit support joint sponsor with I 130 or when Nvc stage and other when petition submit need just I 130 and 130A and G 1145 or other also?