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  1. @FeDaniela is right. This is what happened to me. I thought my I-765 is out of normal processing time, i filled it with I-360 along with I-485 then we kept sending an inquiries to VSC and didn't get anything rather than an automated msg. then i figured that it is after I-360 approval and in between I-485. My I-765 case history is two pages because of my uninformed lawyer. I believe i'm teaching him a lot regarding VAWA. what i want to tell you is listen to the experienced people here and add on your research even if your lawyer is the best.
  2. praise be to the Lord. I'm happy for you. you are right there is nothing like a prayer. Continue praising the miracle worker. Thanks for posting your succeed story it lifts me up. I filled on November 2017. God starts your case he will finish it, may the Holy Spirit be your tongue for your interview.
  3. Yes, Washington DC. but you should get it anywhere. as I mention somewhere if the officer deny you (most of the time the do because of lack of information) speak with a supervisor. It is your right. if it seems not working on one location keep changing the locations. you will defiantly get it. God be with you!
  4. Thanks VNN. Thank God my heart is protected. I'm at peace and waiting but I needed to know how it works. at one point my lawyer called me and said "why are you not calling me to ask the status" and I told i'm following up on the USCIS case status page. When is it the time it will happen. Thanks for your concern about my kids. pray for us. Blessing
  5. btw i got my DL only with the prima facia. I don't have SSN
  6. yes, Washington DC, but you should get it anywhere. if the officer deny it, speak with a supervisor and explain what prima facie is.
  7. Hello, since i'm new to this group I'll be asking questions that had been answered please understand me. My question is on the USCIS website processing time the VAWA processing time in Vernmont service centre says they are working on the JUNE 17 fillers. do you think it is accurate? what was the experience of others. I'm a November 17 filler. how long do you think it will take them to process mine? God bless everyone!
  8. Hello, I need help with the FAFSA registration my dear. Sorry I try to send you a PM but couldn't go through. Would you please help me with the steps. I'm on my third PM

    God bless you!



  9. Great to hear this. God is great. This is a good news for all of us who are waiting. Praise the Lord! May the almighty God be with you on your next life path.
  10. Yeah I had the same issue whenever I renew my DL but used the same techniques the PF helps to get a medical assistant and a financial aid to study. don't underestimate it. I am blessed that I have my parents and sisters reside here but if that weren't the case the PF will get you housing and cash assistant as well. After we settled our cases hope we'll be by the side of others who are passing through this kind of life paths. Sometimes God put us on some kind of disaster in life, it is not because he doesn't care but to train us to help others. you don't get it unless you were on that shoe. I believe i'm the chosen one. May Jesus be with all of us!
  11. DC, but the prima fecia works all over the country. It should be that way. It says public benefits and DL is our benefit
  12. just go to another location. I am in my third Prima facia and renew only with that. pray and give them your papers confidently. and request to speak with a supervisor politely. don't forget you are a victim and needs to be treated for benefits like this. if they don't renew it, keep changing the locations. God be with you my sister!
  13. I fille VAWA I 360, EAD and I 485 I'm in the US and my husband and kids are in my country and he is not willing to bring them here in the US. If he bring them here he knows that the government will not let him continue the abuse. He feared that I will take away the kids from him. 2 and a half years they are with him.