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  1. Thanks my support system, is it the same form? the I-765?
  2. Congrats Dear, and thank you for your update.
  3. unfortunately yes. But God willing we don't have to do it more than once. Let's all pray to get our GC without the interview.
  4. Thanks dear, yeah if I were them considering the documents that doesn't really need interviews should have granted the GC. I think it might help the upcoming case timeline as well. my lawyer told me there were no interviews before.
  5. If you mean SSN it took them 9 weeks because they have to check with USCIS they said 6 weeks. and now i have to send a renewal real quick because I have like 4 months left for the EAD. VAWA and the waiting game. But hung on there we are almost there, next thing we know having the GC on hand. We might get it straight due to the Corona. God be with all of us.
  6. Yes, they will send the file to local office. Mine was approved on July 31, 2019 but my lawyer changed his office and my card returned to USCIS. I received it on November. I'm still waiting for my file to be transferred. I'm a November, 2017 filer.
  7. Congratulations! I had the same experience with you. I765 is denied because when your I-360 is approved you will automatically get the (C31).
  8. Hello dear, I have the same timeline with you. November, 2017 and approved on september 2019. The only thing we can do is wait, Because we are in the normal processing time. Don't worry, We will get our GC this year. @NianAm @John_ @Shroy123 Please update us whenever you have some kind of move on your case. God be with all of us!
  9. I know dear, it stuck on fees were waived what's the progress on your side? I have to send ead renewal and apply for I131 (AP) I think i have to pay for that How much is it?
  10. that is a great news. what is your ead category? did you pay? @lolaB998
  11. that is a great news. what is your ead category? did you pay?
  12. You will definitely hear more exciting news time to time. Look at your story, mine and others. we came in this forum worried, didn't know what to do, confused but most of us succeeded. VAWA is a waiting game. Submit what you have to submit and wait. In the process we suffer a lot but one day everything will be changed for good. I feel like it is a reality show with seasons of filling, RFE, Approval, work permit, renewal, interview, GC. All takes about 3 years. All the up and downs financial, psychological and social problems. Here and there some good news then expecting or trying to achieve the next process but all in all we learn more about life, patience, handling disasters and so on. VAWA process is teaching me a lot in life than anything. @Stillwinning!!!😊 You got it. I admire your strength and faith. Way to go for you. I believe you will achieve more in life. May God bless you with a beautiful family of yours!
  13. In tears when I read this wonderful news on this sunny beautiful day. I have no words to describe how I'm thrilled to hear this. God is great my support system. I'm not active on this forum but always deep inside I didn't wanna miss this day. I'm glad I checked it, God knows how happy I will be to share your Happiness. OMG Praise be to the Lord. May the Almighty God bless your future with his will and presence. You are born to support others. keep doing what you were doing. as I told you, this is how you pay back for what's done in your life. There are more women coming to this site to get help. God bless you!
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