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  1. I applied in Aug 2018 , hopefully I get a favorable decision soon
  2. Hello Everyone , Anybody filed in 2018 and got a decision ?
  3. Actually I live in Illinois, and she filed in Florida, and the hearing was only 3 business days after the emergency, it wasn't enough time for me to find a lawyer or gather any evidence. However I can file a motion to set aside the default judgment
  4. Hello everyone, I have been separated with my wife since June 2018, I filed i360 August 2018 , my wife filed for divorce in July 2018 in Florida , and we had a hearing for divorce July 2019 where the judge dismissed her petition because it was fraudulent and at the time of filing didn't meet the residency requirements, However one week before before the divorce hearing, I received death threats from her and her boyfriend trying to scare me if I ever show up in court and try to defend myself, which led me to file an emergency order of protection against her and stalking protection against him , in Illinois. In the meantime, she filed one against me the very next day in Florida. My question is can she use that against me ? Because I am certain that she will send it to USCIS to try to screw me up somehow. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, I submitted my vawa application in Aug 2018 , since that time the abuse continued, death threats and intimidation etc... Can I send additional police reports and affidavits to VSC while my application is still processing ? Thank you.
  6. They did not ask for rfe for good moral character , And you can apply for foia form G639
  7. Hello everyone , I applied for vawa in Aug 2018 and yet to receive prima facie , I filed a foia ( freedom of information act) request later , and when I received my foia results , it shows that the officer checked all boxes except the good moral character box , that means the officer is still questioning my moral character , I was arrested twice before when I was with my spouse but it was false allegations , all made up and state attorney declined to file charges against me and I wasn't charged with anything, With my i360 application I sent 2 personal letters from friends describing my good moral character , So my question is what I can add to prove that I have good moral character. Thank you
  8. Hi everyone , I have a question ! I filed for I 360 through my lawyer , am I supposed to receive the notice of action , RFE etc.... In my mail , Or only my lawyer does ? Thanks
  9. Hello everyone , I have videos and recorded phone conversations that clearly show physical and emotional abuse , how can I submit this evidence if USCIS only accept paperwork , no CDs or anything like that , and did someone ever had this experience ? Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, I filed I360 , on August 27,2018 , based on physical and psychological abuse from my wife, I recently checked the status of my application, and now shows that on November 21st, USCIS sent a RFE , my lawyer and I didn't receive anything yet , Let say after we receive the RFE , we submit everything needed , how long does it usually take to receive a decision ? Thank you.
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