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  1. In some cases, even when you are in removal proceedings , you can file for advance parole with the DOJ ( immigration court ) Not USCIS , this is something not everyone know , and you won't find it on Google lol
  2. Hello everyone , I was approved renewal for my EAD since last March , in the meantime I moved , and notified USCIS of my new address , however they still sent it to the old address, the notice of approval was forwarded to me but not the card , since then I requested that the card resend to me , but it has been 2 months and I received nothing yet , Any ideas or recommendations of what should I do ? Thank you .
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question, after going through my i360 package I sent in 2018, I realized that I made a mistake on the g325 a form , Can I still send a corrected and updated one , while my case still pending?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question, i have a pending i360 since August 2018 , and in the application I did not request a work authorization card because I had one valid for 2 years , So will uscis send me one if I'm approved? And how long does it usually takes from card produced to actually receive the vawa approval notice ? Thank you .
  5. Hi , I sent them documents, and it usually take up to 6 weeks to appear
  6. Hello everyone any recent i360 approvals out there ? 568 days and still waiting...
  7. Hello everyone ! How long does it usually takes for a Senator's office to reply after making a request on a case status ? Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, Any recent vawa approvals out there ? And how long does it usually take for the Senator's office to reply back ?
  9. Same with me filed Aug 27th 2018 , No RFE , No prima facie
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