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  1. Today we received the approval letter for both I-130 and I-485 (concurrent filing). Interview was supposed to be on March 25th, but rescheduled to Sept 8th. The interview only took 20min. Officer was very nice and at the end of interview he said he will approve our case. 3 hours later on same day, we got an update saying “new card is being produced” 😁 Status changed to “card was mailed” on Sept 11th. Then my husband finally got his GC on Sept 16th, which shocked all of us who saw the expiration year in 2030! We were approved for 10-year GC! To those still waiting for an update, hang in there! The office is working very hard to catch up after the lockdown, but you’ll get there! Be ready for the interview and don’t be late! 😊
  2. Super late update, but we just received the approval letter for both I-130 and I-485. Our interview was supposed to be March 25th and got cancelled. So they rescheduled to Sept 8th. Our officer was very nice and at the end of interview, he reassured us that he didn’t find anything wrong with our case and that he will approve. 3 hours after, I got the notification from the case tracker “NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED” 😄 On Sept 11th, status was changed to “Card was mailed to me”. My husband finally received his GC on Sept 16th. Since USCIS is starting to increase their fees, I was worried that we would need to save up more $$$ to renew his GC in 2 years.. I was so shocked when I saw his GC expire in 2030! We were approved for the 10-year GC!! Good luck to those still waiting for an update. Wishing you all the best.
  3. Looks like Philadelphia USCIS office is moving along now. Congrats! Please share your interview experience with us.
  4. Wow congrats! When was your interview supposed to be? And if you don’t mind me asking, what does the status say when you found out about the interview waived? My interview was supposed to be for March 25th. Now the status is back to “ready to be scheduled.” 😢
  5. Our interview for March 25th got cancelled, due to the coronavirus situation. I had a strong feeling this would happen. Just praying they will reschedule soon. 😞 ”We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if we need something from you”
  6. Just saw our cancellation notice by accident when I refresh the uscis case tracker app 😣 I had a feeling this would happen. Hopefully they will reschedule soon. Interview was supposed to be for March 25th. Filed 08/24 Bio 10/09 EAD received 02/21
  7. For those who had received your EAD card, did you guys receive the SS card a couple days after? Today we called the USCIS and the rep told us she didn’t see the SS card being processed for our account *sigh* I definitely checked the box though on the I-765 form to have SS card processed as the same time with the EAD. So we just went to the SS office and applied for one earlier. Thankfully it was a smooth process.
  8. I appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Your interview seemed indeed very quick and seamless, you guys are very lucky and well deserved. I wish the same for mine and everybody else here too!
  9. Hello, I remember you from the weird timeline guy 😃 Congratulations on your new job and new adventure with the GC! Would you be able to share your interview experience? Did your spouse bring birth certificate as well? My interview is next month and I haven’t done translation for my birth certificate (I thought they wouldn’t need the sponsor’s).
  10. We got the notice interview was scheduled on Feb 19th. Just received my interview schedule letter today for Wednesday March 25th! Filed 08/24 Biometrics 10/09 RFIE responded 10/28 EAD Card received 02/22
  11. Double good news today! Feb 19th: EAD card was mailed to me AND Interview was scheduled! To everyone still waiting for interview schedule, hang in there! This upcoming spring should be the season we August 2019 filers have the GC in our hands. I’m praying.
  12. So happy to find this thread! We are also in Philly and we filed since Aug 2019. Bio Oct 9th, 2019. Our case updated to ready to be scheduled for interview on Feb 13th, and our EAD is being produced 1 day after on the 14th. Hoping to hear more interview experience here from Philly.
  13. Feb 13th: Our case is ready to be scheduled for interview Feb 14th: New card is being produced for EAD After I called them last week and had a bad experience with the rep; maybe they did got a chance to take a look at our case and start working again. I waited almost 4 months since they received my RFIE on 10/28/19. Filed 08/24 Biometrics 10/09
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