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  1. Hi everyone. I got my NOA1 in the mail yesterday but the scary thing was that the envelope was already torn open by someone!! It still has my 2-page extension letter. Am I missing anything? It's so weird, why would anyone open the envelope 😐
  2. My package reached lockbox on 11/24/2020 and credit card was charged today 01/08/2021 Exactly a week before my GC expires phew! Looks like my missing N/A did not cause an issue, let's see. Hoping everyone gets a happy update soon! They have really speeded things up finally
  3. Glad to hear about n/a. Hopefully I receive an extension letter before my second application is picked up. All the best for your application too!
  4. Hi everyone, very grateful for this forum because it is keeping my anxieties in check. My package was received by Lockbox on 11/24/2020, no response yet. My GC expires on 15th Jan. But I realized I have not written "N/A" in all 1-751 blank boxes. Silliest mistake of the year that is going to cost me so much delay . Does anyone know from experience if they might accept this application? I have already sent another application on January 4th but that will take a LONG time to be picked up
  5. That's what I thought So waiting on some extension letter/NOA saying that the application is being processed. But haven't heard anything yet. Even my fees has not been processed. Hopefully I get something before my GC expires. Thanks for your help!
  6. Okay great. Does the expiration date on Green Card gets extended even if application was rejected?
  7. Yes the package was received as per USPS tracking. If it is slow, should I do anything to extend my Green Card expiry date?
  8. Hi everyone, I filed my I-751 to remove conditions on green card (CR-1) within 90 days before green card expiry date. My expiry date is Jan 15, 2021. I sent my forms and documents on October 25, 2020 but I got a NOA with rejection because I-751 was filed on outdated version of form (silliest mistake of the year!). All my documents and proofs were sent back. So I sent the package again with Updated version of I-751. But it has been more than 30 days and I have not received any NOA post that or any update on my case. I only have 15 days left before my green card expires. What should I do?
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