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    In 2019 our k1 is denied we don't know why ... so we got married in april 2019 ... i just got my NOA1 17 may 2019 (NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER ) i applied for k3 in 30 aug 2019 ( NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER ) i130 approved in 4 oct 2019 ( Alhamdulillah) , k3 denied in 7 oct 2019 ... now waiting for NVC 😌🙆🏻‍♀️

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  1. As far as joint sponsor form I-864 is concerned, do i have to upload completed form along with his tax documents in a single file?
  2. Hi guys As I'm preparing documents for NVC stage, i would like to know if the tax returns of my co-sponsor also needs to be for past 3 years or just last year ????
  3. Anyone from pakistan who filed for k3 in aug 2019 .. In how much time k3 will get denied and I130 will get approved..?? Please share your experience kindly, Thanks!!
  4. Hi guys !! I applied for i130 spousal visa in May 2019 and my service center is Nebraska and now i would like to apply for k3 visa. Is there anyone from Pakistan who has done same and has same sc ?????
  5. Hi guys !! how often ppl getting case no start with IOE at nebraskta service center and what the difference between LIN and IOE? can it speedup the case somehow? are cases at nebraska starting with IOE case number can be transferred to other service centers ?????!
  6. Lol im just asking for my friend .. i dont know why ISb embassy rejct my visa .. my husband is by Birth US ctzn .. i already applied for cr1 visa now these days im waiting for my NoA2 (NSC )
  7. This guy was in his 3th greencard holder year thats why did not travel to his homeland country ( pakistan )now he is about to get their citizenship
  8. This guy was in his 3th greencard holder year thats why did not travel to his homeland country(pakistan) now he is about to get their citizenship On gren card stage u cannot travel to homeland country (pakistan )
  9. They did not got married in their homeland country but skype marriage is registered in the homeland country (pakistan )
  10. Beneficiary lives in their homeland country and petitioner(guy) lives in the USA AND they got married in a sri lanka country due to travel restriction on green card holder they planned their marriage ceremony in another country
  11. Ok 👍🏻 thanks Now they are about to meet again together what will be your final suggestion when they meet ??
  12. Then what will happen with old skype mariage certificate 😤
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