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  1. What was your reason for expedite? May I know please?
  2. Sorry, no Tax return as NVC reject it. Upload Tax transcripts of last 3 years. Upload the most recent year under Required AOS and other 2 under additional documents. If you do e filing, tax transcripts are easily download from IRS
  3. Beneficiary stuff is Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Police clearance certificate, Passport size photo (US style 2*2 inch), Passport biographic page front and back in one pdf. Petitioner's stuff: Birth certificate if US born Passport and driver license if US citizen/ Lpr. Tax return of last 3 years (different pdfs) Tax transcripts of most recent year under Required AOS. Other 2 under additional. W2 of last 3 years ( different pdf) under section additional documents. i864 form ( if including income +assets) Or i864ez form ( if only including income) i864 or i864ez under Required AOS Paystubs of last 3 months (in one pdf) and Employment verification letter under Current Employment section. If you want, you can also upload DS5540 Public charge Questionare.
  4. If US born petitioner than submit birth certificate under section " Proof of Domicile" and under " Proof of US citizenship". If not US born petitioner and a citizen/LPR, then submit Driver license under " Proof of Domicile" and submit US passport or Green card under " Proof of US citizenship.
  5. You can even email at askNVC@state.gov and Nvcresearch@state. gov. And write " Please Update my Case" and share all your details which I mentioned you above. For me, They email me back after 2 days saying that they just received my case ( which sounds wierd because whenever I have called them, they always have said that they have received my case a way back). But the email says that USCIS has recently sent my case to NVC. So they will soon send me case creation email. And after the second day of that email response, I got Welcome Letter. So keep calling twice in a week. Email them at every possible emails. And be patient. I know , the feeling that all getting welcome letter and you are stuck. But this is how immigration works. You can't predict. Hope Allah makes easy for all of us. Ameen
  6. Do what they say... And they will reply to your email. Don't worry. And yes, they said exactly to me this.
  7. Oh. That's great. Congratulations. What was the additional document you added?
  8. Does NVC review as per country preference?
  9. It took 80 days from Case approval at USCIS to get my Welcome letter/ case creation email. But that email to NVCINQUIRY@state.gov really helps for me. In just 3 days of email, I got my Welcome letter. It would have been good if I would have email them earlier. Hope you get it soon. InshaAllah.
  10. Same thing has happened with me when my case was sent to NVC. Every other I use to call NVc and they give the same answer, " my case is under further administrative processing". I was so frustrated as everyone was getting case creation email whose has same case date as mine. So I did 3 things 1. Keep calling NVC twice in a week. (But that doesn't work for me... . but still call for your satisfaction) 2. Fill that AskNVC form and write about it. 3. Email to NVC at this address: NVCINQUIRY@state.gov. .. and this really works for me. When you email please send all your details like : a) USCIS case receipt number b) petioner and beneficiary date of birth c)name of petioner and beneficiary and remember write " Attention: Supervisor" in Subject Third option works for me.. so you should try all options. good luck
  11. Let us know too what they said. And congratulations for your DQ.
  12. Yes. I know that.. but the second emails says that they will work on your interview with US embassy. So was confused.
  13. So US embassy in Brazil is working on visa interview? I thought all US embassies are closed due to coronavirus.
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