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  1. Hi there, 


    How did everything go with your K1 Visa Petition? Have you submitted? 


    Hoping all went well - 

  2. Hey, I feel you, it's hard to wait. But, hopefully he will get his visa soon. Keep us posted please.
  3. Hey Everyone, Quick question on proofing bona fide relationship... I got married with my wife a while ago. We are both from Afghanistan. I am in the US and got green card. She is in Afghanistan. I'm planning on applying for CR1 spouse visa. I was wondering if not having pictures of our actual nikkah would cause any red flag? I got pictures of our wedding, but I'm missing on the nikkah part! I got our marriage certificate too. Would not having pictures of the actual nikkah cause a problem ? Thank you.
  4. Can you please give us an update on what happened ? Did he get his visa ?
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