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  1. It’s been a week. USCIS have not updated my status Online but I have letter stating I passed my interview, what are my options?
  2. I dont think there are lot people left on this thread, I am just putting word out here. I had my combo interview. It was simple interview. and looks like it is done deal. Officer can not approve the case on system, but he gave me letter stating that I passed interview. Does anyone know how long does it take to get Oath ceremony letter?
  3. Thanks for info. I agree, I will go with my wife even though notice mentioned only n-400 interview.
  4. Congrats. Two questions 1) did ur appointment letter mention about combo interviews? 2) did u go to interview with ur spouse?
  5. Looks like your interview will be soon. What’s you local USCIS office? I live in LA and I want to estimate my time.
  6. sorry, I have no idea, I suggest you can open a request/ticket if your case is outside of normal processing period.
  7. Did u applied for n-400? I think, when we applied for n-400 while I-751 is pending. n-400 takes priority over i751, so both cases will be adjusted s are time.
  8. Seems like there are not enough people left for this thread. Here is my update, My USCIS account estimated completion date changed to 11 months. 11 month was an estimation when I filed N-400 application.
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