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  1. Yes I did but besides adding email and text message notifications I don’t see any other things I can do to see the status of my case. it just says that it is under review... again, I will be just waiting as everybody else’s did
  2. Do you really think so? I just checked USCIS.com and this is what it shows!! it is ridiculous that after waiting 23mo they now giving you 14more as minimum...
  3. Yes, totally. was just wondering if people in here got in the same situation and their processing time. It’s the second transfer I received...
  4. Just received a letter from DHS my case has been transferred to California Service Center. I really do not understand what is going on. Any idea?
  5. Hopefully. I applied for Naturalization only one year ago and it seems that down in Miami timing is a little bit longer for N-400 interview
  6. So so so different in Miami people are normally waiting up to 24months for the interview for their naturalization let see how it will go!! Good luck for you!!
  7. Off topic a friend of mine today did his naturalization ceremony here in Miami. He applied for It 23months ago. He got his Permanent green card under Obama administration Let all keep waiting. As for today my status has not changed AT ALL.
  8. What do you mean with this? how and where did you find the delay in months? I sent ROA 8/31/17 and N-400 on 9/11/18 i think we all need a miracle since the waiting is getting ridiculous
  9. I am still waiting on both ROA and Naturalization. On 4/23 I have submitted change of address. On 4/30 changed of address confirmation Today 5/25 I received letter in mail box My case is in Missouri at NBC
  10. I have applied for N400 following the time because I was told it would make things quick. Another lawyer told me that doing such a thing was wrong because it slow the Permanent green card process (a friend of mine *we received temporary green card 2days apart* got the permanent GC delivered by mail way long time ago -January2019- and he did not submitted N400. We both live in Miami, FL (I thought it was the slowest office in the country but I can tell someone else is waiting as well). I have submitted ROC in August 2017. Applied for N400 September 2018. I have been waiting since. I have really no clues of what it is going to happen and how long it will take. A M E N !
  11. This is what I just got. I am the one applying and not my wife. I really believe she is not meaning 2015 because if not it will be takingfotever for real...
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