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  1. I responded to USCIS request for evidence for your form I-751. USCIS received it and they begun working on my case again. How long is it gonna take now??
  2. How long did it take you to get the interview after you submit the paper for the waiver? I am about to submit the full package. Thanms you for sharing your experience
  3. I just received the letter form immigration that I have to submit more proofs and I have to apply for the waiver since I got my divorce finalized last week. I’m preparing all the paperwork, affidavit, picture etc
  4. Did you apply for Naturalization yet? Do you have 18mo extension paperwork? Did you travel outside the country lately? thank you 🤞🏻
  5. Yes that would help. I have been told that from the lawyer. she was very active on social media, I was less and even more low profile lately. I just think that is very invasive but yes at this point the more the better.
  6. True. Well there is a big gap age between my wife and I, so maybe that is the reason. I actually stopped thinking why it went this way... I’m just going with the flow!
  7. I submitted 196 pages for I-751 and 184 for N-400.. just checked! more than 100 pictures. AmEx statements, Bank statements, health insurance, car insurance, flight tickets, hotels booking etc yes I understand the change on the immigration system but 24months it is really a LOOOONG TIME! on my I-751 I remember I have also sent affidavits from friends about our marriage. i just don’t understand how come people pass the first interview, they send over to a of docs and they insisting on requested more proofs. for Florida people.. I applied in the Miami Dade County Immigration office.. some people I know more to Naples (west coast of Florida) and in less than 6months they applied to N-400 and they have already their passport in their pocket.. C R A Z Y
  8. It is just weird that they ask for more evidences since we sent 200 pages of evidences on 8/17, 200 more updated on 8/18 and now they want more. It is probably there is a divorce in between! But seriously 24 months it is just a long time
  9. No we did not but we will when we will be answering to this letter. I will see the lawyer next week and we will prepare the paperwork requested...
  10. Yeah sorry we filed tax together all the way since we have been married. We did not but anything together besides a car. Health insurance together, bank account together and credit card together. And yes I applied for N-400 on 8/18 and we filed divorce on 7/19. I know I will have to wait one more year to re-apply for citizenship but with the current timing it is sort of ok.
  11. I just received the hard copy of it. The paper says that "you have not established eligibility to have the conditions on your residence removed." They requested more evidences also due to the fact we are pending divorce (wife filed divorce on 7/27). I submitted a lot of pictures, power bills, flight tickets, hotel reservations, health insurance cards, c/c bills, bank statements, car insurance, rent contract and more on 8/31/17. On 8/31/2018 when I applied for N-400I submitted the same docs above updated. I will speak with my lawyer and once I will have the package ready I will share the situation. I have a deadline of 11/8 to answer them
  12. Morning folks! Just received an update for my status.. they are requested more evidences now! I have time to answer before 8/28. Still waiting the material mail in mailbox thou! Keep you posted!
  13. Yes I did but besides adding email and text message notifications I don’t see any other things I can do to see the status of my case. it just says that it is under review... again, I will be just waiting as everybody else’s did
  14. Do you really think so? I just checked USCIS.com and this is what it shows!! it is ridiculous that after waiting 23mo they now giving you 14more as minimum...
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