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  1. Good point! The EAD and DHS authorization didn't link in my head. I think I saw some people had another wording on their SS cards that literally said they are not allowed to work, nothing about the DHS authorization. I'm not sure what visa they were on when they got their first SS card but I'd assume those would be the ones who would need to go get that wording changed/removed anyway. I double checked the SS card information and it says to make sure that your employer uses the exact name and SS number for you as shown on your SS card since the SS office records everyone's earnings based on that information - that's what I was referring to by saying they get information from employers and it could be a red flag if you're earning money but their system says you shouldn't. But I guess it would apply only to those whose SS card says "cannot work at all" instead of can work with DHS author.
  2. Depends. If you marked on the EAD form that you want to request a new ssn card automatically then you should just get it in the mail without going to the ss office. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to inform SS office about change in your legal status or name change etc., it's all stated on the paper that came with the initial SS card. With EAD, you should make sure your SS card has the wording restricting work removed. My understanding is that the employers inform SS office that you're working because it's counted towards your social securiy/retirement whatever they call it later. So if you didn't get the work restriction removed from the SS card and then started working, SSA basically still has in the system that you're not supposed to work since you didn't change it then it'll be a red flag for them and they may take further steps. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong
  3. Oh ok. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and hope they'll find it! It's just weird because technically if our medical exams were not ok, we would never get K1 visa. I assumed that's why they give us only a copy of the vaccinations DS3025 and not copies of the whole thing. Also the instructions require only DS3025 and not everything. So confusing...
  4. Everyone gets only the sealed envelope for the port of entry and then you should get a copy of DS3025 for yourself as a proof that you have all the vaccinations done. If you have the vaccination record = DS3025 form and it's marked on there that the applicant completed vaccination requirements then you should give them a copy of that and should be fine (at least that is my understanding). Rules here:
  5. It depends. Basically, K1 don't need to do I-693 here in the US, as long as their medical in their home country was complete. So did he get all the mandatory vaccinations back home already? Does he have a copy of DS3025 from his medical? It should show on there. E.g. my medical was complete with all the vaccinations back home, so I just had to submit the sealed embassy envelope at the port of entry. I have a copy of DS3025 for my own reference and I included a copy of it in the AOS package just in case but it is not necessary as they should get the same thing and more in the sealed envelope. No need to do anything else. I already had my interview and no one asked about it. Edit: official istructions:
  6. I think it's usually about 1-2 months away. Mine was scheduled on May 15th (it's when the status changed online), interview was on June 24th
  7. If his phone never rang, I'd try to make sure they have a correct number on his file. Also, next time he calls tell them about this issue so maybe they can come up with another solution if this happens again. Or give them also your number so they have 2 options to try. It's weird, I personally never had an issue. I had a call back from tier2 multiple times. Even one time I was on the phone with someone else and they just called in that moment, I was so mad at myself cause I thought I'd have to go through a tier1 and the wait again but luckily they tried to call me again a few minutes later
  8. Hey guys, I noticed a few people getting their GC interview sooner than they expected. I got mine in 4 months instead of 7-8 as was listed on USCIS website. A December filer I know in a different state was expecting interview around November from USCIS estimates. She just got scheduled for August! I saw a few more people mentioning it on VJ as well. So fingers crossed that your wait for GC interview will be also much shorter than they're stating on the website 🤞. That way hopefully a lot of EAD/AP can get cancelled and people in the slower offices can get theirs sooner. Hang in there! One more thought on EAD/AP times, here on VJ I noticed, there is no way of indicating that you got your GC first and therefore your EAD/AP was cancelled. I personally deleted all the information from the EAD/AP section so it doesn't look like I filed and never go my EAD/AP but I'm sure not every person is that diligent
  9. Yes, it should be just a notice saying you're approved. The actual GC comes in a bigger envelope with red stripes, it'll be mailed as a priority mail and you'll get a tracking number for it from your case status. Inside, it's more like a packet with some information about your rights and your GC and then a letter with attached GC
  10. Did you call them and ask if they received your biometrics ok? If tier 1 can't see and just tells you that you're still within normal processing times, ask to speak with tier 2. For me and a few people after they called and asked, status actually changed a few days later. Maybe it was a coincidence but it never hurts to try. Also, which website are you looking at your case on? The "myUSCIS" website never changed status for me. Only the "case status online" tracker semi worked
  11. My interview was 6/24, status changed to card being produced 6/25, notice came 6/28, GC came 7/1. Not sure though if it's the same for everyone
  12. You're welcome and thank you! I think 401k beneficiary is valuable too because it shows an asset that has both of you on it. The mail addressed to him may seem silly and not that significant but the officer took all of it from us and you never know, it may help. Definitely doesn't hurt anything. Also, our officer asked about car ownership/insurance in both names, which we didn't have. And he said when it comes to the evidence, it's better to see something from the whole period of marriage and not just one month prior to the interview. That people just grab bills from their counter that month instead of collecting it the whole time. So if you do the conversations or any bills/statements, try to bring one from each month or every other month to show consistency I guess. He didn't say it's bad to have something just from one month, but it makes their decision easier I think. Otherwise, don't worry. We had lots of stuff and I felt so nervous and worried that we don't have enough anyway. I think it's normal! I saw some people bringing much less to the interview and they got approved without any problem. Edit: Just saw your interview is today, good luck!
  13. Hi, we had similar items like you. In addition to that, we had each other as beneficiaries on our life insurances, his 401K. We're planning a "proper wedding" next year as well so we had contracts with some vendors we already booked, contract from our save the dates photo session. If you have utility, phone or internet bills with both of your names, you can bring those. If you have renter's insurance with both names, you can bring that. Also, you can bring any mail addressed to him with your address on it showing he really lives there (I brought a mail from SS office, USPS, macys and some other stores I ordered from.) In addition to photos, I made screenshots of any facebook/instagram posts where his family tagged me or us with comments, text messages with his mom/sister - I personally think that shows much more than just photos. If you have also dental/vision insurance, bring those. Pretty much anything you can think of. I think you will be fine but if you have/can get more stuff, it's always better to bring it and not need it than the other way. Good luck!
  14. Call 1-800-375-5283, then 1, 1, 1, then enter your case number (starts with 672 probably). After you listen to information about your case, press 3. There is no voice prompt to press 3, it is a hidden option to talk to officer
  15. No, I got my green card first so there was no need for EAD
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