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  1. That notice date reflects when you were issued the first letter. In other words, this new extension of 24 months began when they accepted your paperwork back in April/May and not Nov.
  2. Yeah but SRC doesn't count given how fast that center are haha 😉. Congrats to you SRC people, of course.
  3. Wow, congrats!! That was pretty fast and cannot say I am not jealous lol. Very happy that one of us April 2021 filers got approved!
  4. Which service center? Probably Texas (SRC) as they're fast. Most others are in for a long wait 😭
  5. I too received the extension letter a few days ago. I will be applying for citizenship as soon as the window opens with the hope of getting both petitions approved at the same/similar time. Good luck everyone!
  6. Are you IR1/CR1? If yes, then it's normal. Basically, they are waiving biometric requirement for those who already had their biometric done previously (most likely during AoS). If you didn't have to do that yet, they will make you do it soon, that's all. Nothing's wrong.
  7. Kid is US citizen? I believe You should mention but mark 'not applying' in the form.
  8. Hey, sorry to hear. It sucks to not have it in had despite the process moving forward. Hope you get it this time. If you haven't already, please sign up for USPS informed delivery so you see what mail you are going to receive. Hopefully there was no typo in your address either.
  9. That's bizarre... SRC was supposed to be on top of things! Hang in there my friend, maybe yours got under a big pile in a shuffle.
  10. Marriage certificate: we included. A lot of people do not but we thought why take the risk. We also included US spouse's passport copy; I believe this is standard/required? Not sure, good to throw it in regardless imo.
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