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  1. I sent my documents to Chicago lockbox. I did send in all documents they asked for with my I485 form, so nothing was technically missing from the application packet as a whole since I sent all forms and documents as a single big packet. But I made the wrong assumption that one copy each of my documents was enough for the whole packet. Probably did not cross my mind where they in fact ask supporting documents for each form. In other words, treat every form as standalone and attach your documents with each form and you will be fine.
  2. It should work if you send in the documents mentioned in one of the posts above. I adjusted from J1 but got RFIE for basically the same reason. In addition to the documents above (minus #6 and #7 as they weren't applicable to me), I also included recent I94, letter from employer, and 6 month pay stubs. See my signature for timeline. Good luck!
  3. It really is. And the current situation is probably making it worse.
  4. Joint: bank accounts, credit cards, loans for auto/home/etc, bills, financial transactions (investments, purchases, etc).
  5. Consider adding her to your house/apt rental agreement or add yourself to hers if not already done so. Circumstances happen but this way you'll at the very least have some evidence of co-habitation on paper. If you two see each other frequently, then you could technically declare one of your addresses as 'home base'. Also, save evidence of travel that proves you were seeing each other frequently. But as said above, living together is going to be the strongest evidence. As for income, include yours and that should do it. I adjusted from J1 and my wife didn't work (was student) at the time of AoS so only used my income. We used my job contract, additional letter from employer, pay stubs, tax transcripts, bank statements and had no issues. Good luck!
  6. Originals and copies of everything you sent them plus anything new between then and now.
  7. Do you have close friends or family members nearby who can teach in place of you? Otherwise, there's no option but for you to be patient with her. 😁 I've taught my immigrant friends and they too were scared in the beginning. What helped was: 1) practicing in a nearly empty parking lot until they were comfortable with left, right, stop, speed, look in the mirror for a good second or two while they are still driving (hence an empty lot haha), etc. and 2) not being too strict once I took them to residential areas. I learned that me being too strict or impatient only makes them more nervous and freaks them out which is no good. When left on their own with occasional feedback and positive comments when do something nicely (for eg. turning perfectly on a corner), they did way better.
  8. My wife (fiance at the time) lived in state B for work while I was in state A. I put her in the rental contract and we showed her plane tickets coming 'home' to state A. She did however moved to state A several months before our interview as her work in state B was done. As for your first question, sure it depends on the state DMV rules but I don't think they really care much if you don't get a new license. I lived in state C for nearly 2 years but maintained my state A license mainly because I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my license. I probably broke the DMV rules in state C but they clearly didn't come after me.
  9. I got RFIE but experienced no additional delays. Took exactly 12 months.
  10. Yes, all in one envelope. Send based on whichever postal service you use. It says so RIGHT THERE bud. I recommend paying with check as credit card transactions sometimes seem to get blocked/denied depending on the card company.
  11. You are overthinking. Just print the last 3-6 month transactions and you're good. No calculations or extra documents needed.
  12. Checklist serves the purpose of guiding you. Just include a cover letter that lists documents you've attached with which forms.
  13. If you have $$, then driving school is definitely the way to go as they do this for a living. However, if the student does not learn within normal time frame, cost can rack up quickly. I had a family friend who paid quite a bit to learn basic driving skills (he was a slow learner, as I found out later) but wasn't making much progress. So, being the nice person I am, I offered him some lessons twice a weekend for maybe 2 months? He did much better and was able to enter, stay, and exit the freeway easily. I also taught 3-4 other friends how to drive.... not sure where I am going with this but I do recommend some lessons on the side (you and her) so she practices what she learns. High school and business building lots, residential areas during weekdays, state highways further north, etc are best places to drive without much interference. Get her a fairly inexpensive beater car (3-4K toyotas, hondas) that she can drive for at least 1-2 years then upgrade later.
  14. Congrats! I got the notice only 2 days later but the uscis website updated within a couple of hours of us being approved on the interview day. We got the card in hand in exactly 7 days.
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