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  1. My two year residency card was delivered today. Happy that the first phase of this AoS journey has come to an end! Good luck to all others on this thread too!! I will definitely be hanging around here for a while as I am sure I'll need more guidance from this site in the coming years.
  2. USPS informed delivery! Free to sign up but may take 1-2 days before you see what mails are coming to you.
  3. Hey, congrats! We got on spot approval also on the 11th and the card arrived at St. Paul USPS this morning. Tracking says it will be delivered tomorrow. So, about a week.
  4. Have you spoken with your international student office? Go with what they say as they are the ones managing your legal presence.
  5. Travel - no. Volunteer - maybe, depending on how long you were there and if you consider that 'living'. Study abroad - yes.
  6. You are counted in part 3 so for part 5, Q1 is 1, leave Q3 blank to avoid double count.
  7. EAD is processed separately than AoS (I-485) so there's usually no connection between the two. Several people get their greencards before the EAD if the former gets processed quicker.
  8. Thank you! And I agree: better to be over-prepared and take more evidence than not. We too had frontloaded our applications yet printed pretty much everything we had sent so that we would be ready to produce any document, old or new. We took with us any new documents we had acquired in the past year (name changes, new passports and licenses, new tax transcripts with joint return, joint bank accounts, etc etc) and took two binders - one with copies and one with original. Our IO did not ask for anything but we probably got lucky to have such a short, easy interview!
  9. Thank you.😊 MSP office is slow but has nice people working there!
  10. Guys, we got on spot approval today!! No written proof was given, just verbal. my.uscis.gov is still stuck at interview was scheduled whereas egov.uscis.gov says new card is being produced. Our appointment was in the afternoon. We got there about 40 minutes earlier and parked in their underground garage - costs $18 btw. We went through security (you can bring water but no food I believe) and checked in at the front. They have a nice and large waiting area facing west. We got called in 5 min after our appointment time by what appeared to be a stern dude. We followed him to an office where we were sworn in first. He asked my wife (USC petitioner) her name, birth day & place, address, who she lives with (she said elmers, my husband - & he laughed), my name, my birth day & place, if I had any immigration proceedings against me (she said no), if she works now & where, and if we have any kids (we said no). Then he asked me my name and bunch of questions from I-485 like if I was in a communist party or if I'd do terrorism here or if I've voted or have claimed to be US citizen, etc. As he was asking these questions, he himself knew how dumb the questions were so all in all, he turned out to be a chill dude. Then he asked my wife what was our story - she explained how we met for barely a minute and that was it! He did not go through our 7 lb binder full of documents and did not ask to see any updated information. He said he was approving our case and that the card should be mailed within 2 weeks from some facility in TN. The whole "interview" lasted maybe 6-7 min. Our IO dude told us that they do not provide printed proof anymore unless they either need more time or they deny the case. We prepared a lot and I was a bit nervous/stressed tbh but we were relieved when he said "I am clicking yes on your case" and he did right in front of us. Overall, it was a great experience for us and we were glad to have been assigned to this nice IO. In our experience, he and everyone else we encountered in that building, were very nice and just doing their jobs. You all will be fine. Good luck to everyone!!
  11. yeah, was just about to write the same. they've come this far, why not wait a few more months for the EAD and work legally!? they could even expedite EAD processing under financial hardships.
  12. Means your interview scheduling notice is just around the corner! We got ours in exactly 11 months from PD so hang in there!
  13. We got our letter in 6 days: notification on Wednesday and letter on Monday. I guess up to 2 weeks is normal but you'll want to talk to a Tier 2 USCIS rep ASAP so it's not lost or mis-delivered!!
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