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  1. Obviously it's case by case. Seattle is #7 but in the past few months, Seattle has been processing N400s at neck breaking speed.
  2. Guys and gals, we are in top 10 slowest cities for N400 processing. This is based on the last quarter (April -June 2022) data:
  3. USCIS published the data for last quarter (April 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022) here. I summarized the data for the worst 25 cities:
  4. That's all you apply now, not N-600.
  5. That sucks, sorry to hear. They must have misplaced your file so hopefully they find it and schedule another interview soon.
  6. Damn congrats. No such luck for me... maybe I need to be calling WHILE opening the app and refreshing it?? 🤣🤣
  7. I am sorry to hear that. My case has also been in active review but yeah, that means nothing. Hopefully you get a combo interview and that'll be the end of it. 🤞
  8. Hey man, any update on your case -- I751 or N400? I know you and I had the same date for RoC so got curious where you at with your process. I am stuck at N400 now.
  9. Time to lawyer up, unless your spouse is willing to support you and help you finish this process before you go your own ways. What city are you applying at?
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