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  1. Is anyone from Vermont EAC? ANy news? And we got one more baby boy in our family
  2. I traveled within 90 days before GC expired and in NY it didn't work through kiosk and I had to stay in long line to officer. They asked me for extention letter ( I took it with me just in case). So better take it even if your GC is still valid
  3. I wonder if offices are closed for public, will cases go faster till interview stage, or will ppl who don't need interview got their cards faster. hm....🤔
  4. I am the same, SO I made 1 check for Form processing (1 form), and 1 check for 3 biometrics. they already ate my money )
  5. Oh wow got my extencion letter today, check processed today as well, got case number yessterday. case was delivered on Monday
  6. I used one full pack of paper ~500 pages still not sure that I have sent everything
  7. mine was delivered yesterday, I just wonder if they read application first and if it is ok cash check?
  8. Is it common now to have interview if you hade passed on ealready?
  9. I will, I hope others will share their solutions. OH my... I just read instructions to I-450 and they also have that requirment, I've just ignored it last time and left ampty spaces. Anyway, thank you all for advises I will print missing statements and info I gave them before just in case
  10. 1040 and w2 can I add anything after print? I just didnt know that, in russia if you do it the document is not acceptable any more
  11. Im not worry about taxes 2017 because I did not have anything when I came to tax adviser, no ssn, no GK, Just russian passport, he said that I cant file anything. I am more worry about filing form, this stupid requirements with N/A just kills me, I just cant fill it followinf instructions, and without that form I cant file anything
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